Top Casino Streamers in 2023 (All Platforms)

The slots streaming influencer space is a surprisingly vibrant community with a little bit of something for everyone. Learn more about some of the top streamers.
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Some of us are old enough to remember back in the day when playing at online casinos was an extremely solitary activity. Let’s just say we’ve come a long way.

Today, thanks to streaming services like Twitch and Youtube there are communities springing up on different platforms based around people sharing their live gambling sessions online. 

Don’t feel like playing yourself? Thanks to streaming, you can still get involved and keep up to date with the latest developments in online casino games, on a variety of platforms. 

Let’s check out the top casino streamers active in 2023. 

Streamers With the Most Followers

HandlePrimary PlatformFollowersFocusCountry
Roshtein@roshteinTwitch1.1 millionSlotsSweden
Brian Christopher Slots@bcslotsYouTube565kSlotsUSA
Trainwreckstv@trainwreckstvTwitch2.1 millionSlotsUSA
Classy Beef@classybeefTwitch267kSlots and Casino GamesMalta
CasinoDaddy@casinoDaddyTwitch / YouTube179kSlots, Table Games, PokerSweden

Individual Bios


Roshtein is an authentic OG. He started out back in 2016, when casino streaming was still finding its feet, and toiled away happily for years with a tiny audience. Between 2018 and 2019 something clicked with the community, and Roshtein went stratospheric. Today he has over a million followers on Twitch. 

Roshtein is all about online slots, and that has been his streaming focus since the beginning. His long career has seen some incredible moments, like winning $16 million on Wanted Dead or Alive. In more recent times he has run into some trouble with Twitch’s new stricter rules surrounding what kind of content can and cannot be streamed, but Roshtein and his trademark hat are far from done yet.

Brian Christopher Slots

Brian Christopher is one of the true pioneers of slot streaming on YouTube. He uploads daily videos to his channel, and goes live to his 565,000 strong community around three times a week. Brian advertises his streams as using “an entertainment budget”, preferring focus on the community and the love of the games and avoiding becoming a high stakes gambling platform. 

Brian’s close-knit community has grown steadily over the years, and today he even offers cruise trips around the Caribbean for his followers to connect with him in person. 


Another veteran of the industry, Trainwreckstv (real name Tyler) set up his Twitch channel back in 2015. Unlike the rest of the streamers on our list, he’s not an exclusive casino game streamer, instead preferring to combine slots with streaming video games like CoD and World of Warcraft. This has allowed him to cultivate a huge online following, with more than 2 million followers on Twitch. 

Like with Roshtein, Tyler had a bumpy road when Twitch banned offshore gambling sites and paused his regular slot streaming, before gearing up for a return in 2023. 

Classy Beef

Not all casino streamers are individuals. Step forward ClassyBeef, a group of six friends from Malta streaming a variety of casino content primarily on Twitch. ClassyBeef’s content is high energy and high positivity, and it’s been a big reason for the channel’s exponential growth in just a couple of short years. Their interest has begun to expand beyond casino content too, hosting a selection of brand ambassadors from the eGaming space.


CasinoDaddy is another collective, consisting of a group of young Swedish friends who call themselves “the bros”. Maybe the most impressive thing about CasinoDaddy is the sheer dedication: the bros stream for 14 hours a day, every single day. Although slots is the main focus they also dip into poker and table games from time to time too. CasinoDaddy has a strong presence on both Twitch and YouTube, the latter of which has racked up 60 million views. 

Platforms Casino Streamers Use in 2023


Twitch is the platform that is credited with changing the game as regards streaming online. 

Since its launch, Twitch has been focused on the world of video games and esports, providing people with a hub to share their gaming progress and connect around games. Streaming gambling content, from slots to poker, was a logical sideways step, and Twitch soon became the home of the top casino streamers in the late 2010s. Streamers like Roshtein steadily built up followers in the millions, and the industry flourished. 

However, everything changed in September 2022. Twitch announced that it was banning streaming slots, roulette and blackjack from sites that aren’t licensed and regulated in the US, along with sharing referral codes and exclusive offers. Predictably, this had a huge effect, with many of the most popular accounts suddenly found to be in breach of Twitch’s new rules.

It’s been a turbulent period for casino streamers on Twitch, but the ecosystem is adapting and new types of gambling content – which is permissible under Twitch’s new rules – is returning to the platform. 


YouTube is another huge platform for casino streaming. Compared with Twitch, YouTube feels less specialized and more accessible for the casual fan. Plenty of people who don’t consider themselves especially technologically advanced enjoy watching their favorite streamers on YouTube. 

YouTube has a diverse selection of gambling content too. As well as the traditional dual-window screen sharing format (where you see both the streamer on camera and their screen as they play), many streamers also share real life, POV style videos of themselves playing at real life casinos. 

Facebook / Instagram

Although not as developed as YouTube, both Facebook and Instagram provide alternative platforms for streaming casino content. One advantage both have is that the barrier to entry is low – anyone can hop on Facebook Live or Instagram Live with the click of a button. Plus, the platforms are first and foremost social media sites, which makes a lot of sense from a community building perspective.


DLive is a streaming platform in the same vein as Twitch. When Twitch introduced its stricter gambling laws, DLive jumped at the chance to position itself as a more libertarian alternative – including its tagline of “Your Stream, Your Rules”.

Many Twitch streamers who play on offshore sites migrated to DLive in late 2022. 


Kick is another new platform aiming to muscle in on some of the market space created by the upheaval at Twitch. The site began 2023 in its beta stage, and already hosts the likes of Roshtein and Trainwreck. Like DLive, Kick is advertising itself as creator-friendly, with lower levels of moderation compared with Twitch.

Despite its promising start, It’s still relatively early days for Kick and details about the site are thin on the ground. The early indications are that the platform is backed by

Author: Ciaran Breslin
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