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Dragon Train Slot Roars into Reno for World Debut

The Light & Wonder Dragon Train slots debuted last week at a special event in Reno, Nevada. It’s safe to say the numerous slots influencers invited to the event were impressed with the game.

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A new collection of Dragon Train slots made their world debut last week at the Peppermill Resort in Reno, Nevada. To celebrate the opening of the Peppermill’s new Light & Wonder Lounge, casino guests (including slots influencers like Vegas Matt and Ruby Slots) were invited to play some brand new slots for the first time that will soon be making their way to casinos in Las Vegas and around the world.

Dragon Train, in particular, is picking up steam as one of the early contenders for slot of the year.

The Dragon Train Slot Is Loaded With Features

Fans of popular hold-and-win style slots like Dragon Link will feel right at home playing Dragon Train machines. These slots are essentially just an upgraded version of those classic hold-and-win slots with some exciting new features.

There are two different bonus features available on these games:

  • A hold-and-win feature triggered when you collect six or more balls on a single spin
  • A free spin feature triggered when you collect three bonus symbols that awards six free spins

The hold-and-win feature lets you spin three times to collect more balls, resetting the spin counter back up to three each time you collect a new ball. The free spins feature has different themes depending on which variant of the machine you are on, with examples including sticky doors that always reveal the same symbol and cascading wilds.

Exciting New Twists

All of the features mentioned in the section above can be found on other hold-and-win slots in Las Vegas and at online casinos. So what makes the Dragon Train slots special? In addition to those tried and true features, the Dragon Train also has two awesome new ones:

  • Clustered Balls During Free Spins – While in the free spin bonus, collecting six balls to trigger the hold-and-win feature is much easier thanks to clustered balls. Clusters of 2-5 balls can land in one single symbol spot on the reels, leaving you with a lot more space on the rest of the board to collect more. If you do trigger the bonus with one of these clusters, the balls grow to full size on the reels before the hold-and-win spins begin.
  • Dragon Train – Hold-and-win balls on these slots include a DRAGON TRAIN symbol alongside the usual balls that have credits and jackpots on them. If you collect a Dragon Train ball, when the standard hold-and-win feature is over, you will be brought to a new screen that has eight spots for an extra hold-and-win game. This bonus-in-a-bonus has higher value balls, and collecting all eight will award you the game’s Fortune Jackpot.

VegasMatt and RubySlots Board the Dragon Train

Vegas Matt and RubySlots were among the crowd at the launch of the Peppermill’s new Light & Wonder Lounge. Both had some success on Dragon Train machines. Here’s a look at the videos they captured in their short time playing the game.

The New Dragon Train Slot Machines Are On Fire!

Vegas Matt got off to a hot start on Dragon Train winning over $2,000 in the first five minutes of play. He would go onto to win over $8,000 in a little over 30 minutes of action. Surprisingly Matt never hit the train bonus, which tends to be where a lot of the big wins on the game come from.

I Won BIG on the NEW Dragon Train Slot Machines!! (MUST SEE!)

Meanwhile Ruby Slots was playing for slightly lower stakes but managed to get the Dragon Train bonus going on two separate occasions. She nailed the early jackpot around the 3:00 mark if you want to see how the Dragon Train bonus feature works.

Look For Dragon Train Slots At Your Local Casino Soon

Light & Wonder has delivered a new game that is sure to be a hit on casino floors around the world. All of the features slots fans already love on hold-and-win games are still here, and they’ve been amplified with the potential of collecting clustered balls or triggering the Dragon Train.

It also wouldn’t be surprising to see some similar features in the months to come on online casino slots, which tend to follow popular trends in the industry. We’ll continue to keep you updated on all of the hottest new slots in person and online here at!

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