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The Respin: Brian Christopher Breaks Bank, Vegas Matt’s Family Feud

Pompsie Slots’ lovely wife craves the slots every single day, Vegas Matt competes against his son at the casino in honor of Father’s Day, Brian Christopher lands a $27,000 hot streak, SC Slots relied on his intuition to win big bucks, and Stacey’s High-Limit Slots steps into a time machine as she plays three-reel slots. Here’s what happened last week on The Respin.

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Welcome to The Respin, an ongoing weekly feature that highlights the five best slot videos on YouTube every Friday. We do our homework to find lesser-known influencers in addition to the big names you’re used to hearing about. There were plenty of jackpots this week, so buckle up! 

1. Pompsie Slots’ Partner Craves Slots, Even When They Lose

Pompsie Slots and his wife Greta were on the Las Vegas strip playing Smokin’ Hot Stuff: Link. The pair was hunting for a grand jackpot prize of $11,570.38. They started their journey to the jackpot with $100, and they kicked things off betting $2.50 a spin on a $0.10 bet denomination. 

The first part of their session was marked with upswings and hopeful spins, but they lost their money ten minutes into the video. They moved over to the next machine and tested their luck with $5 spins. 

They briefly won back their $100, but they soon gave everything back to the casino. They also spoke about the reality of playing slot machines. You win some and you lose some, but either way, Greta is having fun. 

2. Vegas Matt Faces Down His Son At the Slots for Father’s Day

Vegas Matt decided to have a father-son gambling competition with his son, EJ, in celebration of Father’s Day. The person with the largest bonus wins would take home first prize. The loser had to make a donation to Big Brothers, Big Sisters when it was all said and done. 

They started the competition with $4,000 on Dragon Link: Golden Century, where they promptly began betting $50 a spin. EJ went first, and he soon hit a $1,300 win from his first bonus round. He’s not satisfied with this outcome, and he decides to keep playing in search of larger bonuses. 

We won’t spoil the entire video, but Vegas Matt shows his son who’s boss. In total, the pair won $6,000. Matt lost $1,400 in a single bet at the baccarat table, bringing their total down to $4,600. EJ decides to donate $4,000 to Big Brothers, Big Sisters to match the budget they started with. 

3. Brian Christopher Slots Gets A Fantastic $27,000 Bonus Run 

When Brian Christopher went live on June 13, 2024, he didn’t expect to end his stream $27,000 richer than he was an hour ago. That’s exactly what happened as he fired up the camera, took his seat at the million-dollar Dragon Link progressive slot, and started betting $25 per spin. 

He began the session with $3,000, but he lost all his cash on Dragon Link: Panda Magic before moving onto a high-limit Dollar Storm machine. Things get good around the 48-minute mark, at which point Brian lands a Super Grand Chance and wins $8,750 during a profitable bonus run. 

Brian played several more slot games before heading home, and he pocketed $27,000 in total. 

4. SC Slots Had A Very Good Feeling About Ultimate Fire Link 

SC Slots was playing Ultimate Fire Link at Harrah’s with his wife when he got a gut feeling that he was about to win big. His wife was skeptical at first, but she soon changed her tone after he won $270.37 during a bonus. The pair was betting $1.50 per spin, so $270 was a major profit!

They’d already managed to win around $250 on the slot from line hits. They cashed out $550.94 and came back for more a little bit later on. They end up spending $70 before SC Slots triggers another profitable bonus round, winning $217.31 in the process. A final bonus round gives them $161.70 to add to their bankroll, resulting in a good day at the casino for SC Slots and company. 

5. Stacey’s High-Limit Slots Takes It Back With Old-School Reels

Stacey played high-limit Triple Double Diamond and Top Dollar at the Bellagio. Both machines hearken back to a simpler time when gamblers pulled levers to play their favorite slots. Stacey brings her viewers into the past as she plays three-reel slot games with pricey spin minimums. 

She started off with Triple Double Diamond betting $10 per spin, and she’s going after a $40k jackpot sum. She doesn’t have much luck, which prompts her to move to Top Dollar. After she loses all her money, she decides to give the machine one last chance with $200. She ups her bets to $20 per spin for the finale. Unfortunately, she spent $1,000 and cashed out a mere $10. 

Ironically, once Stacey moves to a newer slot called “Checkered Flag” and starts spending $50 per spin, she wins a whopping $5,500 during the bonus. That’s one heck of a consolation prize!

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