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Simon Cleath, better known as “It’s A Slot Machine” on YouTube, is far from the typical slot influencer you’d expect to see on YouTube. Aside from raking in the cash hand over fist, she gets very vulnerable about the struggles of dealing with Apraxia of Speech to her loyal fan base.
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Simon Cleath is a woman of many talents, and she’s applied her unique intellect to the gambling industry on YouTube. She invites her fans to an experience filled with fun, slot play, and exciting wins. When she’s not cranking Dragon Link and Buffalo Gold, she’s busy editing her next video.

She uploaded her first casino adventure to the platform in October 2017 and never looked back. Nearly seven years later, she’s amassed 6.73k+ subscribers and earned 874.2k+ views across 881 videos and counting. Let’s take a look at the woman making it happen in spite of the odds.  

First, we’ll explore some fun facts about It’s A Slot Machine. 

Quick Facts About It’s A Slot Machine 

  • Simon Cleath is very open about her personal struggles, one of which is dealing with the speech impediment caused by apraxia. This is a rare, lifelong disorder that poses many problems in her day-to-day life. However, she has learned to speak with sheer willpower.
  • Simon goes by the name “Tessa McEvoy,” though it’s not clear if she changed her name legally. Regardless, she became a published author in 2022 when she released a journal detailing her battle with depression. You can support Simon and buy the paperback here.
  • When she isn’t stepping into her element as “It’s A Slot Machine” on YouTube, you’ll find Simon tending to her punny Facebook account: “Simon Says It’s Possible: My Life With Apraxia of Speech.” Here, she details her journey with apraxia using hand-drawn photos.
  • Simon runs a Patreon that doubles as her personal diary. You can join for free to get an inside look at the marvelous mind of It’s A Slot Machine, but her cheapest membership option will only set you back $3/month. At the top end, Rockstars will pledge $50/month.
  • Simon currently lives in the United States, but she was adopted from Yangzhou, China. An affluent family decided to “jump on the bandwagon” and adopt her because it was a trend in October 2000. She also says that her story doesn’t end in rainbows or sunshine. 

Where to Find It’s A Slot Machine Online

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: ➡️First Look👊Huff n Even More Puff🐷ALL FEATURES & BONUS WINS | New Slot Machines 2023 G2E Vegas

Simon Cleath’s most popular video was uploaded to YouTube on October 12, 2023. It has since received 28.1k+ views at the time of writing. Though her magnum opus is just over four minutes long, this action-packed session on Huff N’ Even More Puff had us hanging onto the edge of our seats. She didn’t get any humongous jackpot prizes, but she managed to unlock all the features.

After visiting the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, she was among the first influencers to give this game a whirl before it got released to the public. The video kicks off with her betting $8/spin and seeing where $202.35 will take her. She’s vocally excited about every bonus round she hits.

She quickly whittles her bankroll down to $138.35 before the video cuts to another screen where she has $875.14 in available credits. At this point, she’s also upped her bets from $8 to $12 per spin. A wolf’s tail flickers across the screen, indicating that Simon just unlocked a random game. 

The wolf then blows down each piggy’s house to reveal six hardhat symbols. This translates to 6 free games, which eventually end with a bonus round. He huffs and puffs once more, destroying the straw houses to reveal a Minor Jackpot of $100. Still, her luck is far from over at G2E 2023. 

The screen eventually pans to the Super Mega Hat Feature, resulting in a total win of $1,002.14 before Simon’s camera battery unexpectedly dies. Anticipating her viewers’ reaction, she did us the favor of including jeers from the audience as a sound effect. 

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, It’s A Slot Machine ranks 92nd out of more than 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve gained 610 subscribers since October 2023. To see where It’s A Slot Machine ranks now, read the latest version here.

Schedule: New Videos

If anything, Simon posts very sporadically on YouTube. Some weeks are better than others, and she’s much more active on her personal Facebook/Instagram/Twitter pages. For Simon, gaming is simply a side hustle. Her true focus lies on helping people overcome the difficulties of apraxia.

Nonetheless, she uploads new content anywhere from once a week to once a month. She also updates her Facebook page and other socials whenever she gets around to visiting the casino. 

Origin Story 

Simon Cleath probably didn’t have “popular slot influencer” on her bingo card for 2024, but fate has a funny way of working things out. After joining YouTube back in October 2017, she posted her first slot video one day later. She put a twist on what might happen if slots were able to talk! 

She differentiates herself from a sea of cookie-cutter YouTubers with a unique sense of humor, as indicated by her April Fool’s video with the ominous thumbnail “Quitting YouTube.” She was kidding around with her audience, but you’d never guess from the video title! 

Simon also believes that disabilities shouldn’t stop you from living your life, and she’s a walking testament to that. Despite dealing with apraxia and struggling with the realities of her autism diagnosis, she keeps a smile on her face through it all. If hope had a name, it would be Simon. 

Though she spends the vast majority of her time speaking with other apraxia sufferers, she also makes it a point to upload new content occasionally. She sticks with the winning recipe of exciting slot gameplay mixed with authentic commentary, which is a miracle in and of itself. 

Simon wasn’t just satisfied with teaching herself to speak fluent English – instead, she smiles in the face of her disease every time she turns on the camera. 

It’s A Slot Machine’s Biggest Jackpot Wins Recorded on YouTube

If you’re wondering just how lucky Simon Cleath can be, It’s A Slot Machine won $37,527 in two days at the G2E Expo. Prior to receiving this life-changing payout from Dragon Spin Cross Link and Abracadabra, her largest jackpot win was $2,400 – still an impressive sum, but it’s no $37k. 

October 20, 2023: $26,850.10 on Dragon Spin Cross Link (Casino Unknown) 

Simon stumbled across Dragon Spin Cross Link on a fantastic day, and the reels couldn’t have been any hotter. After winning an impressive jackpot handpay worth $2,594.88, she came back for seconds and won $25,000 during a bonus round. That 30x multiplier made all the difference!

October 19, 2023: $10,677.04 on Abracadabra (The Venetian, Las Vegas) 

It’s A Slot Machine decided to play Abracadabra the day before shattering the expectations of everyone in attendance at G2E. While she was betting $40 a spin when she won $26,000 and some change, she took home $10,677 from a $5 wager after collecting fifteen bonus symbols.

August 3, 2023: $2,460 on Thor Thunder (Casino Unknown) 

Last but certainly not least, Simon earned what she called a “life-changing jackpot” of $2,460 on Thor Thunder. She was betting $37.50 a spin, but she invoked the power of Thor’s hammer on her final bonus game. Even though sixteen spins didn’t do much, it all came through at the end. 

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through 50+ posts on Simon’s YouTube “Community” page, we saw that she has run giveaways in the past. Unfortunately, her most recent giveaway took place two years ago at the time of writing. If she changes her mind, her YouTube subscribers will be the first to find out! 

While she doesn’t do meet-and-greets, she’s extraordinarily interactive with her fans on socials. 

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