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Reel Twinning Slots proves that two is better than one when it comes to slots on YouTube. It might be impossible to tell these twin sisters apart, but they stand out from their competition with video after video of impossibly lucky jackpot handpays from Vegas’ most popular progressives.
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Reel Twinning Slots’ primary claim to fame might be their strikingly similar appearances, but this twin couple goes hard at the casino. They’ve hit grand jackpot after grand jackpot on the lowest wagers imaginable. We’re willing to bet that neither sister would have the same luck on her own!

After starting their slot channel in January 2021, they quickly rose to mainstream success as the only twin sister slot players on YouTube. Fast forwarding three years, they’ve earned 1.8 million views across 320 videos. As of today, 8.44k+ subscribers are keeping up with their every move. 

Before we dive into the sort of content they post and highlight their biggest handpays, let’s take a closer look at some quick facts about Reel Twinning Slots. 

Quick Facts About Reel Twinning Slots 

  • The Reel Twinning Slots are so popular that a Twitter account has been made in their honor. Of course, this astrology-centered account is a complete scam, but it’s amusing. We’re guessing that their real Facebook (The Page Twins) was this person’s inspiration.
  • Reel Twinning Slots has teamed up with Live Play Mobile to bring the Vegas experience to your smartphone for free. You can find their app on iOS and Android by searching “Live Play” on the App Store or Google Play.
  • The Page twins aren’t exactly running away from their newfound fame on YouTube, and you can book them for a personal event by emailing
  • Although Reel Twinning Slots isn’t the most popular YouTube channel we’ve featured so far, they’ve made connections in high places over the past three years. They’re personal friends with @SlotDropMarc, @EverithingSlots, @CasinoKelly, and @SlottybyNature.
  • The Page Twins largely keep their joint personal information under wraps, but we know they call themselves “Twinners” or “twin winners.” Given the size and frequency of their jackpot handpays, we think they’ve more than earned the right to use this catchphrase.

Where to Find Reel Twinning Slots Online 

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: MASSIVE WIN!!! 🥁DANCING DRUMS EXPLOSION 🥁 (5 Bonuses)

Reel Twinning Slots’ most popular video was uploaded to YouTube on June 9, 2021. Since then, it’s received 166,426 views and counting. Over the course of 23 minutes, the Page twins took us through five lucky bonuses ramping up to one massive handpay on Dancing Drums: Explosion

The couple found themselves at the Valley View Casino & Hotel when they loaded $200 in the machine and started betting $2.88 per spin on the $0.01 bet denomination. After a few unlucky spins, they bumped their wagers up to $5.88 per spin. This brought the multiplier from 3x to 6x.

However, they quickly backed down to $2.88 per spin and burned through about $50 in credits when they landed their first win of the night, giving them an extra $144 to work with. Halfway through the video, they got even luckier and won $403.50 as coins spanned over the screen. 

We won’t spoil the entirety of the video, but the Page twins wrapped up their session with a very respectable profit. They walked through the door with $200 and cashed out $1,400.21, resulting in a $1,200 total win. Crazier still, they unlocked most of their lucky bonuses while betting $2.88.

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, Reel Twinning Slots ranks 85th out of more than 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve held a consistent number of subscribers over the past 6 months. To see where Reel Twinning Slots ranks now, click here.

Schedule: New Videos 

The Reel Twinning Slots have been taking an extended hiatus from the casino, and their last YouTube video was posted on July 31, 2023 at the time of writing. Unfortunately, they haven’t been very active on socials, either. Their TikTok page has been stagnant since July 16, 2023. 

Similarly, their Facebook page last shows a status update from July 23, 2023. When they decide to come back and reclaim their seat atop the throne, Facebook followers will be the first to know. 

Origin Story 

Not much information is known about the Reel Twinning Slots outside their casino expeditions, but we do know they’ve had a YouTube account since April of 2012. While they wouldn’t launch their soon-to-be successful slot channel for another nine years, they took some notes. 

They kept their focus on big wins, huge bonuses, and unbelievable jackpot handpays from the jump. Their first-ever video, published on January 3, 2021, showed the couple hitting a massive jackpot on Dollar Chief. They brought home a whopping $2,865 handpay from a single $10 spin. 

Reel Twinning Slots began averaging 1k – 2k views per video rather quickly, which is definitely decent progress for an influencer couple that entered the YouTube slots industry at perhaps its most saturated point. Even in the face of competition, they carved a niche for their sisterhood. 

Out of nowhere, their most popular video blew up on YouTube, leaving them with 166k+ views and a newfound level of mainstream fame. They broke the Internet a few times after that, but it never got as far as 100k+ views. However, getting 8k – 10k views was fairly common for them. 

Unfortunately, over the past year, their popularity has petered out along with their dedication to posting new content. Although we understand the need for an extended sabbatical from Vegas, we’d like to see them come back & take the spot they’ve rightfully earned over the past 3 years. 

Reel Twinning Slots’ Biggest Jackpot Wins Recorded on YouTube

The Reel Twinning Slots’ frequent wins make once-in-a-lifetime sessions seem like just another day at the office for this incredibly lucky twin couple. We’ve done the research to highlight their three largest-ever jackpot handpays with added context about how they happened in real-time. 

January 7, 2021: $18,502.52 on Huff N’ Puff (Harrah’s Resort Southern California) 

Reel Twinning Slots brought home a staggering $18,502.52 jackpot handpay on the Huff N’ Puff slot machine after they completely filled up a 3 x 5 grid with fifteen orbs during the bonus round. The fact that they got it with two spins worth $1.50 each is equally as impressive as the jackpot. 

January 4, 2022: $9,382.08 on Mighty Cash (Soboba Casino & Resort) 

Reel Twinning Slots locked down yet another insane Grand Jackpot prize on Mighty Cash after a 19-minute session that didn’t look to be particularly lucky. However, they turned the tables on a dime after one lucky spin of the bonus wheel granted them $9,382.08 in free-and-clear prizes.

October 26, 2021: $3,395 on Buffalo Gold (Soboba Casino & Resort) 

Buffalo Gold has always been a “go-to slot” for the Page twins, but they couldn’t have expected to win their biggest jackpot handpay on the game that night. Compounded by a 3x win multiplier, seven buffalo symbols hurtled across the screen and left the pair $3,395 richer on a $6.00 bet. 

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through tens of posts on the Reel Twinning Slots’ YouTube “Community” page and taking a peek at their socials, we didn’t find evidence of them ever hosting a giveaway. It was only after we found their old Facebook that we saw their 2021 Back 2 School Giveaway.  

Even though we haven’t heard any rumors of the Page twins returning to their roots, it’s nice to see them giving to the community for a good cause instead of shelling out money randomly.

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