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Unleashed Slots doesn’t discriminate, recording only his most exciting encounters with online slots and brick-and-mortar reels. He has also been the recipient of quite a few unleashed, six-figure jackpots. Here, we’ll take a closer look at what Unleashed Slots has been up to lately.
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Unleashed Slots might run a fledgling YouTube channel with just 8.62k+ subscribers, but he’s hit some jackpot wins that outshine those of his more popular peers. They’re neatly categorized in two action-packed playlists, accounting for 36 of the 207 slot videos uploaded to his YT channel. 

Even though Unleashed Slots isn’t the most well-known gaming influencer on YouTube, he has what it takes to rumble with the likes of Scott “Raja” Richter and his ilk. In this profile story, we’ll be taking a closer look at the man with enough luck to max out progressive after progressive. 

Quick Facts About Unleashed Slots 

  • The Unleashed Slots YouTube channel is owned and operated by a man named Gary. He’s been playing high-limit slots in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and other popular casinos around the country for more than two decades. He usually wagers $1 to $100 per spin.
  • Gary’s private Facebook group, which is affectionately titled “Unleashed Slots,” offers a respectable 1.5k+ members free knowledge of all the tips and tricks he learned over the years. In addition to watching Gary’s clips, members can post their own winning videos.
  • Gary claims to be a “MASTER” at hitting Lucky Last Chance Jackpots on slot machines with the Dragon Cash emblem. Given his mind-boggling wins of $187,498, $146,426 & $94,200, we’re taking him at his word. Plus, he’s unleashing his winning strategies soon.
  • As Unleashed Slots works on creating and promoting more of his own merchandise, it’s an opportune time to announce the release of his Series #1 Promotional Poker Chip for $7.49. This chip is branded with the channel’s logo, and you can get it from his website.
  • When Unleashed Slots isn’t busy visiting his favorite brick-and-mortar casinos or editing YouTube videos for his latest upload, you’ll find him playing real money slots online with BetMGM. Most of his existing BetMGM content is underneath the “Live” tab on YouTube. 

Where To Find Unleashed Slots Online 

Channel Highlights 


Unleashed Slots’ most popular video was released on March 13, 2023. At the time of writing, he has earned 34.3k+ views. In this 4-minute roller coaster of a video, Gary spends his time playing Dragon Cash at the Hard Rock Casino for $250 per spin. He starts with nearly $5,000 in credits. 

As the video begins, Gary finds himself in the middle of a bonus round on Dragon Cash. He fills 10 of the 15 required bonus balls to win the Grand Jackpot. He wins a cool $5,250 to double his bankroll, but the video quickly cuts to Gary in the middle of another bonus round with $815 left. 

He initially seems to have better luck this time around, collecting 12 out of the 15 bonus symbols he would need to win the million-dollar grand. However, he only wins $4,250 to demonstrate that more isn’t always better. Finally, he was able to “unleash” Dragon Cash on his 3rd bonus round.

The camera quickly cuts to a much more exciting bonus round, which earns him $31,000 to end the video. Gary collects 11 of the 15 bonus balls, one of which is worth an impressive $12,500. 

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, Unleashed Slots ranks 84th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve earned 100+ new subscribers on YouTube since October 2023.

Schedule: New Videos 

UnleashedSlots doesn’t post on YouTube very often, and his latest video (at the time of writing) was uploaded to YouTube in January 2024. Luckily, his Facebook group is currently active. You can also watch the condensed version of his biggest wins on Unleashed Slots’ TikTok account

Unfortunately, Gary’s 3-month hiatus from attending to his YouTube channel indicates that he’s taken a step back from posting new content. We hope to see him get back on the grind soon. 

Origin Story 

Even though Unleashed Slots launched his YouTube channel in September 2012, it would be a full decade before he posted his first YouTube video. His oldest upload dates back to January of 2022, where he filmed himself enjoying the Adventures of Doubloon Island slot with DraftKings. 

Even though he received just 163 views at the time, this didn’t stop him from continuing to post new content. He got into a groove of uploading two or three videos per week for a couple years, and he started off averaging just 500 views per video. Over time, he slowly grew more popular. 

He soon began to receive 1,000+ views on each video routinely, and he shattered expectations when he uploaded what would soon become his most popular video to date in March 2023. He eventually petered out in terms of visibility, but he’s ascending to success with each new video. 

As of January 2024, which was the last time he uploaded a new video, Gary was receiving 500 to 1,000 views per upload on a regular basis. Once he comes back to reclaim his title, we have high hopes that he’ll break the five-figure barrier and total 10k+ subscribers by the end of 2024.

Unleashed Slots’ Largest Jackpot Wins, Recorded on YouTube 

Unleashed Slots has gotten lucky beyond his wildest dreams time and time again, taking home prizes that most of us couldn’t imagine. In this section, we’ve explained the context surrounding his three largest-ever jackpot wins. Fun fact: Gary hit two six-figure jackpots at BetMGM Online! 

December 7, 2022: $187,498 on MGM Grand Millions (BetMGM Online) 

Unleashed Slots couldn’t have expected to bring home nearly $200,000 when he logged onto BetMGM and started playing the MGM Grand Millions jackpot machine for $40 per spin. Out of nowhere, Gary unlocked a bonus spin and promptly earned the “Colossal Cash” prize of $187k.

November 21, 2022: $146,426 on Divine Fortune (BetMGM Online)

In yet another stroke of unbelievable luck, Unleashed Slots was trying his luck at BetMGM just a month before he took the casino for $187,498. He was playing Divine Fortune for $40/spin when he unlocked the bonus round and filled the grid with 15 Pegasus-themed symbols to win $146k.

October 31, 2022: $94,200 on Dragon Cash (Hard Rock Casino, Atlantic City)

Last but certainly not least, our team wanted to include a jackpot win that Gary had earned at a real-life casino. He was playing Dragon Cash in the high-limit room at the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City for a staggering $1,000/spin. Luckily, the bonus round rewarded him with $94,000

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through Unleashed Slots’ Facebook page, TikTok account, and YouTube page, we concluded that Gary doesn’t host any giveaways. However, if he changes his mind at any point later on, those who visit his website and follow him on Facebook will be the first to know!

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