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The Respin: Mr. Handpay Breaks Records, Pompsie Slots Makes $100 Count

Leslie Slots hunts for bonuses on Dragon Link, Mr. Handpay does $360 spins during one of his livestreams at the Mohegan Sun, Cowboy Slots exposes the secret to winning must-hit jackpots, and Pompsie sees how long $100 can last in Las Vegas.

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Welcome to The Respin, where we discuss the five best slot-based videos that earned recognition on YouTube over the past week. We’ll be discussing the adventures of a variety of slots influencers this time around, so don’t move a muscle. 

1. Leslie Slots Aims For The Biggest Fireball Slot Win on Dragon Link

Leslie Slots played Dragon Link: Panda Magic for $5/spin. She started her journey to the jackpot with $100, which she lost within 3 minutes of sitting down to play the game. She added another $100 to the machine and manifested six free games shortly afterwards. 

This quickly turned into 12 free games, and at this point, Leslie was up $135.00. Unfortunately, she hit an unlucky streak and decided to cash out $100, effectively losing $100 during the session. 

This made her go back to her favorite Buddha slot game and have fun with some backup spins.  

2. Mr. Handpay Did $360 Spins During A Record-Breaking Stream at Mohegan Sun

Mr. Handpay’s gregarious personality shines through in every video he posts, but his Mohegan Sun livestream got the entire casino’s attention when he announced that he would be spending $100,000 with a hundred game vouchers worth $1,000 each. After the confetti and applause, he loaded $2,000 into Huff N’ Puff and started betting $180 a spin. Still, this was only the warm-up. 

He won $5,271 on a single wager before upping the stakes to $360 per spin. He won another $9,250 playing Wealth of the Dragon on a $400 max bet spin. We won’t spoil the entire video, but you don’t want to miss it. 

3. Cowboy Slots Explains How to Win “Must Hit” Progressive Jackpots

Cowboy Slots might be one of the only slot technicians that shows players how to win instead of protecting the casino’s trade secrets. Brantley drops wisdom that could improve your chances of winning a “must-hit” progressive jackpot game. These are cropping up at casinos left and right. 

He explains what “must-hit” games are and tells his viewers how to spot them at the casino. He also goes in-depth about the probability of winning and shows viewers how everything works. It isn’t long before he decides to prove his point, earning a profit of $761 as he demonstrates how to win at Mustang Money 2. He has loads of videos to share if you’re looking for slot strategies. 

4. Diana Evoni Won 136 Free Spins Alongside A Massive Handpay 

Diana Evoni was playing River Dragons at the Peppermill Casino in Reno, NV when she landed 136 free spins during the session. It took her 20 minutes to finish her magnificent bonus run and secure a massive handpay. 

She started off betting $5.28 per spin, and she lost $40 to the game before 64 free spins saved her bankroll. She got lucky as the bonus spins just kept coming. By the time she’d gone through 136 free spins, she cashed out a total of $2,233.20.   

5. Pompsie Slots Stretches a Benjamin Franklin in Las Vegas

Pompsie Slots only brought $100 to the casino for a 21-minute video. He brought $40 worth of free play, but we’ll pretend we didn’t hear him say that. He decided to go for the max bet of $6 per spin while he was using the free play credits. He also had no idea what the slot was called.

He dropped back to $1.50/spin as he began to use the $100 in his pocket. After a brief scare, he got back on track as he upped the bet size to $2.25/spin and began to win smaller amounts over time. They ended the session with $404.90. Leaving fourfold richer is a big victory at the casino!

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