About SlotsFan

What We Are

SlotsFan exists for people who love playing and watching slots online. We love playing slots and we don’t skimp on the level of detail and accuracy in our content. 

SlotsFan writers have been playing and watching slots for years and we’re just as excited about the hottest streamers and games as you are.

Whether it’s the 100 Days of Play Promise we attach to every casino review, or the work it takes for our team to watch, track and report on the top slots creators, we’re excited to put in the time to provide an authentic and valuable resource for the slots community.

What We Do

Check SlotsFan for daily news articles:

  • Track creators in our weekly SlotsFan Creator Rankings with stats like followers, viewers, big wins, stakes, hours streamed and more.
  • Read in-depth news, channel highlights, and interviews about your favorite slots streamers and creators
  • Discover slots creators you haven’t seen before and join new communities with great contests and giveaways.

In addition to our tapped-in news and editorial content, SlotsFan offers highly accurate and useful guides on everything to do with online slots and slots content creators in the US and Canada.

Become a SlotsFan for:

  • Accurate, in-depth and honest reviews of online casinos that are legal where you live.
  • A robust section explaining sweepstakes casinos, the best kept secret to playing legal online slots in the US and Canada with the chance to redeem your wins for cash prizes.
  • The first guide to the world of slots content creators on YouTube, Twitch, Kick and more.
  • The first comprehensive online guide on how to become a slots streamer for fun or to make money.
  • No-nonsense resources for responsible gambling, in particular as it pertains to promoting slots on YouTube, Twitch and social media.

Our Guiding Principles:

  1. Ethical publishing & editorial standards
  2. 100 Days of Play Promise for Reviews
  3. Actively promote responsible gambling
  4. Be a positive member of the community

Publishing Standards

  • Provide accurate information with editorial integrity. 
  • Editorial is never influenced by our affiliate or business relationships.
  • We transparently and prominently display details of how we monetize the website.
  • Transparency and honesty in our reviewing process.

100 Days of Play Promise

Even though we’ve all played slots for many years, we don’t feel it’s enough when writing a review of a particular casino. Neither is signing up and spinning the reels for a few turns. You can do that on your own. 

That’s why we never base our reviews on one-time interactions. Glitches happen, and sometimes features don’t work as expected. In order to weed through these nuances and provide meaningful information and insights for our readers the absolute minimum time we play at a casino while reviewing it is 100 days.

We deposit, claim bonuses, test the games and software, verify our account and we always complete a real withdrawal.  

Most importantly, we report honestly on how it all goes. If we run into issues, we always investigate and work through it with the site’s customer support. That way, we can provide you with a solution in case you run into the same problem.

So if you see the 100 Days of Play badge on a review, you know we’ve spent a significant amount of time digging into the site. This holistic review process gives us a deeper understanding of what the casino is truly about so we can pass that on to you.

When brand new casinos open to the public, we will post our initial experiences but you won’t see the 100 Days of Play badge on a review until we’ve played it 

Promote Responsible Gambling

  • Casinos need to be licensed and regulated for inclusion.
  • Casinos must have a well defined and accessible self-exclusion process.

Have a Positive Impact

Our goal is to help grow the slots creator space in the US and Canada, while having a positive impact doing so.