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The Respin: NG Slot Breaks (Another) Record, Cowboy Slots Reveals All

Vegas Matt goes crazy at the casino with $750 spins, NG Slot gets a record-breaking jackpot on Huff N’ More Puff, VegasLowRoller lands a surprising win at the Aliante, and Cowboy Slots exposes a simple winning secret on Top Dollar slots. Here’s what happened this week on The Respin.

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Did Vegas Matt ascend the throne in Regal Riches? How much did the win magnet NG Slot bring home this time around? What special prize did VegasLowRoller win, and what unlikely circumstances led to it? Which strategies does Cowboy Slots use to improve his odds on Top Dollar slots? 

Welcome to The Respin, where I highlight the five best slots-based videos posted on YouTube over the last week. We’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular videos from influencers who never seem to leave the casino.

1. Vegas Matt Goes Berserk With $750 Bets in Las Vegas

It’s not every day that you see Vegas Matt with $80,000 in cold, hard cash. But he wasn’t letting an opportunity to play Regal Riches pass him by: even though he lost $43,000 the last time he pressed the Spin button, he was determined to get it all back (and then some) in this 55-minute redemption video. He loads a $20,000 casino voucher in the machine and he’s off to the races. 

Unfortunately, he loses $80,000 within 45 minutes. He’s able to turn the tides at the last minute, unlocking ten bonus games with a hundred guaranteed wild symbols. He gets $13,900 on one spin, follows that up with a $16k jackpot, and brings it home with $15k in profits on a $95k win. 

2. NG Slot Breaks Yet Another Record Jackpot on Huff N’ More Puff 

At this point, NG Slot should be considered a jackpot magnet – every other day, he’s breaking another YouTube record with incredibly lofty spins. When you’re blowing hundreds of dollars at the tap of a button, the high-limit room returns proportionally large payouts more often than not. 

This time around, he’s betting $250/spin on the popular Huff N’ More Puff progressive game. A quick, $5,800 jackpot handpay is merely the appetizer before he loads another $50,000 in the machine. His confidence is rewarded with four minor bonus symbols, revealing a $55,375 win. 

3. You Won’t Believe How VegasLowRoller Won This At the Aliante 

VegasLowRoller decided to play “the fancy cats” with $100.00 for the first time in a while, but it took him another four reloads before he turned the tables in his favor. Having put $500 into the machine already, he wasn’t ready to abandon ship just yet. 

He first won the $100 Mini Jackpot with a red cat symbol during the bonus round. He followed it up with a golden cat symbol, unlocking a 2x multiplier on the Mini Bonus with his next spin. This adds another $200 to his bankroll, but he’s not done yet. Within five free spins, he wins $418.50. 

This foreshadows his next hot streak on Gold Fish Deluxe, where he wins $564 across a total of 35 free games. VegasLowRoller spent less than $50 before hitting this magnificent bonus run. 

4. Cowboy Slots Exposes A Simple Secret About Top Dollar Slots 

Cowboy Slots was excited to play Double Top Dollar, but he never goes in without a strategy to win big. In this 21-minute video, he shares a few pertinent tips and tricks that could improve his odds. He pulls up the rules on the slot screen, which actually reveal the best way to win money. 

When he changes the game from five to nine paylines, he explains that gambling more upfront can result in greater winnings. He puts his money where his mouth is and spends a few hundred dollars to prove his point. 

5. Pompsie Slots Loads More Than The Grand Into Rich Little Piggies

Pompsie Slots was chilling at the Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa & Casino when he decided to load more than the grand jackpot into Rich Little Piggies. Granted, the Grand was $754, but he said goodbye to $1,000. He was betting $7.50 a spin on a $0.10 bet denom, hoping for the best. 

It took him 20 minutes to blow $987 with a few ups and downs in between, eventually prompting Pompsie and his partner to switch machines when they only had a few hundred dollars left. This didn’t do much for their luck, but a 13-game bonus feature brought them back from $13 to a less disappointing $101 payout. Even when you’re working with plenty of money, slots can be brutal. 

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