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Brettski might be significantly younger than some of his peers, but he knows how to market himself as a carefree manchild with a proclivity for playing slots in Vegas’ most popular casinos. If you love high-stakes betting in all its forms, Brettski’s videos are right up your alley.
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Brettski is the kind of dude you’d just as soon expect to see attending a fraternity party on a weekday as you would expect to see him gambling with ordinary people’s paychecks at the casino. He loses more often than he wins, but he always has fun when he enjoys a night out. 

Since joining YouTube in 2014, he’s been hard at work posting exciting content to YouTube. At the time of writing, he’s published 393 videos and received 59.6+ million views. He also boasts 175k+ subscribers on YouTube alone, and that’s not to mention his huge fan base over at Kick. 

In this profile story, we’ll be taking a closer look at what Brettski has been up to lately. We’ll also highlight his biggest slot wins at the casino, discuss the kind of content he normally creates, and summarize his rise to fame.

Quick Facts About Brettski 

  • Brettski has partnered up with to give users that sign up with his affiliate code the ability to claim rakeback.
  • Brett isn’t known for making sensible decisions, but his spirit and personality are nothing if not infectious. He includes plenty of entertaining commentary alongside his slots wins. He makes “degen gambler” content that’s designed for people who like to play for keeps.
  • Our experts did some digging to find out more about Brett Stern’s personal life. He went to the Isenberg School of Management (UMass Amherst) and got a BA in management. From 2005 – 2011, he packed and delivered turkeys to families who couldn’t afford them.  
  • In a past life, Brett worked in sales for a number of years before transitioning to making gambling content and spending his days loitering in Sin City’s most popular casinos. He was the VP of Sales for Custom Supply Kits from 2017 until 2020, and he did more jobs.
  • Brett Stern is very popular: he has a following of more than 400,00 people across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. He creates videos about everything from slots to poker, and he recently made an appearance on Season 4 of a TV show called No Gamble, No Future.

Where to Find Brettski Online

Channel Highlights 


Brettski’s most popular video was uploaded to YouTube on January 13, 2024. Since then, he’s earned close to a million views at the time of writing. The title gives it away: Brett bears witness to millions of dollars in slot spins. As he puts it in the beginning of the video, “$5,000 every time he touches both buttons.” He starts off by stating that he has $200,000 to spend on two Dragon Link slots. 

He and his best friend were playing Dragon Link for $2,500/spin. Each man started his session with $20,000 in credits. However, Brett does make it clear that none of the money being used is actually his. It belongs to his very wealthy friends (Brett’s words, not ours) in the high-limit room. 

In this 19-minute long video, Brett and his boys spend a staggering amount of money hunting for an even crazier Grand Jackpot. They win a meager $35,000 prize around the 3-minute mark. Both machines are unforgiving, leading Brett to comment that they’re dealing with a big drought. 

The pair reloads each machine numerous times before receiving anything worth mentioning, but Brett comes through with a $25,000 win eventually. These numbers are impressive by anyone’s metrics, but when you’re betting $2,500 per spin, winning just $25,000 isn’t considered amazing. 

By the halfway point of this video, Brett hops on the camera to say that his friend lost $400,000. Finally, their luck changes for the better at the 12-minute mark when they trigger a bonus game. They start the round off with $40,000 in winnings from four of the dragon balls they just earned. 

They take advantage of their free spins and win another $15,000 across four more dragon balls. The pair also triggers a Mini Bonus, which is worth $22,000 based on the stakes they’re playing. In total, Brett and his friend collect 13 of the 15 symbols needed to win the seven-figure Grand. 

They walk away from their bonus round with $90,000, which takes the sting away at least a little bit. The remainder of the video shows Brett losing money hand over fist as he continues feeding the machine $2,500 per spin. Eventually, he collected four balls to earn a respectable $145,000. 

This kicks off the pair’s final bonus round, where they collect 11 out of the 15 symbols necessary to earn the Grand Jackpot prize of $1 million. In total, Brett took home $202,750 from the bonus. 

Finally, Brett collected five golden coin symbols and seven Buddha symbols to squeeze another $62,000 out of the machine on his final spin. In total, Brettski won $262,750 on the Dragon Cash slot

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, Brettski ranks 11th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. He burst out of the gate with 152,000+ new subscribers since October of 2023.

Schedule: New Videos 

In his YouTube bio, Brett reveals that he goes live gambling on Kick every Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday at 9 PM EST. He also posts a YouTube Short or vlog seven days a week, generally anywhere between 11 AM and 8 PM. Finally, he posts YouTube updates on his Facebook page.

Brett’s TikTok is where you’ll find all his biggest wins condensed into highlight reels, but he posts personal pics & vids on his Instagram page much less often than either Facebook or YouTube.  

Origin Story 

Brett Stern, better known as Brettski on YouTube and other social media, hails from Norton, MA. He started posting YouTube videos in June 2023, but he’s had his channel reserved since 2014. 

His oldest YouTube videos received tens of thousands of views straightaway, leading our team to believe that his existing online presence has played a major role in providing the foundation for his current degree of popularity. Almost immediately, he started averaging between 90k and 100k views per upload. He kept that progress up for a few months before reaching new heights. 

Fast-forwarding to spring 2024, Brett is averaging between 200k and 400k views per upload. He receives more viewers than many of his less popular peers combined. In a short time, Brett built a loyal following by posting authentic, high-risk footage of him & his friends having fun in Vegas. 

He’s never afraid to post footage of himself losing tens of thousands of dollars in the span of an hour, but his biggest wins are even more exciting. Beyond producing slots videos, Brett loves poker. On High Roll Poker it says he played his first competitive session on December 13, 2023. 

With an average big blind bet of $200 across three noted games, he’s lost $6,270 at the tables. 

Biggest Wins 

Brettski is right up there with @TheBigJackpot and @NGSlot when it comes to playing for keeps at the casino. Over the past year, he’s collected some pretty insane handpays while throwing his life savings at Vegas’ most popular progressives. Let’s take a look at his three largest-ever wins.  

January 13, 2024: $262,750 on Dragon Cash (Casino Unknown, Las Vegas) 

Brett and a friend were playing two twin Dragon Cash slot machines and betting $2,500 a spin. Things didn’t appear to be going well at first, but their luck quickly changed when he earned a cool $90k and a separate $145k in back-to-back spins. They lost $400,000 and won $262,750. 

December 21, 2023: $71,500 on Triple Double Bonus Poker (Resorts World Las Vegas) 

Brett’s second-largest jackpot win was filmed on a slot that doubles as a video poker machine. He was playing Triple Double Bonus Poker on a machine with a $100 bet denomination. Things appeared bleak until they won tens of thousands of dollars in around twelve consecutive hands. 

June 29, 2023: $18,375.64 on VIP Blackjack 8 – Emerald (SpinBit Casino) 

Brett was playing slots online and streaming the action at SpinBit Casino for all his subscribers to watch. He won a respectable $10,000, but this put him up against the winnings cap. He fled to the nearest VIP blackjack table, played $1k hands, and used that money to win $18,375.64.  

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through 50+ posts on Brett’s Facebook page, it’s plain to see that he doesn’t host giveaways or meet-and-greets. However, he lets fans buy pieces of his poker action through

Finally, Brett encourages potential collaborators to send him an email with their business ideas.

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