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Call Attendant Slots, an ode to the coveted “Call Attendant” message you get after you hit a jackpot, is taking over the YouTube slots industry one video at a time. They’re no strangers to the high-limit room, but they’re just as apt to review the newest penny slots in Vegas and AC.
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Call Attendant Slots manifested their way into winning five-figure jackpots on a regular basis the moment they picked their YouTube handle. If you’re unfamiliar with the whole kit and kaboodle, jackpot handpay winners always see a flashing “Call Attendant” message on the slot. 

They’ve lived up to their username since 2020, and they’re also calling attendance across social media. After launching their shared slots channel in December 2020, they quickly gained 33.7k+ subscribers and 15.8 million views – we say “quickly” because four years isn’t a long time at all.

In fact, Call Attendant Slots has surpassed our expectations in short order. They’ve earned more popularity than slot influencers who’ve been making videos for 10+ years. 

Quick Facts About Call Attendant Slots 

  • Not much is known about the couple behind Call Attendant Slots, and they’ve concealed their real names from the public eye. However, they’re allowing their subscribers to join the CAS Insider Family by subscribing to their free email newsletter.
  • The husband and wife running Call Attendant Slots has been busy off-camera, too. They recently launched a merch shop, where they sell branded tees, baseball caps, sweaters and other apparel. You’ll also find coffee mugs, adjustable aprons, tote bags, and more.
  • Call Attendant Slots goes by CAS Fam on Amazon, where they review makeup and skin care essentials. They’re verified with the platform, and if you click on their gallery, you’re redirected to a page with video testimonials that show their endorsed products in action
  • Call Attendant Slots might be one of the only influencers to have a LinkedIn account! If you’re into advertising or would like to see one of your products featured on their slots channel, they’d encourage you to get in touch using LinkedIn messages and/or email. 
  • Call Attendant Slots used to have a TikTok channel, but it was recently removed from the platform for unknown reasons. It’s linked down below just in case they ever get things up and running again. They were approaching 20k+ followers on TikTok when it happened. 

Where to Find Call Attendant Slots

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: Cool Winning Technique For Dancing Drums Slot | It Works For Dancing Drums Slot Machine!

Call Attendant Slots’ most popular video was published on May 30th, 2021. At the time of writing, it had earned 622k+ views. The video filmed fifteen minutes of exciting gameplay on the Dancing Drums slot machine, and it proved that their technique for hitting bonuses works. 

That’s not to say it works all the time, but they certainly enjoyed some luck in the making of this video. Her husband handles the commentary and recording here – he starts off the video with a $200 bankroll betting $8.80 per spin. He whittled his bankroll down to $163 before getting bonus spins. He selected the 5 x 5 (five reels, five free games) bonus and won $142 once it was done. 

He doesn’t discuss the winning technique in great detail, but the basic premise is that higher bet sizes lead to better chances of winning a bonus. For a penny slot, $8.80 (880 credits) is a fairly large wager. By the time he landed his next bonus, he’d gone from having $330 to having $81. 

The next bonus only won him $39.58, but we’ll save you the ups and downs. By the time the video was finished, he’d run his bankroll into the ground, leaving the casino empty-handed. It happens to the best of us!

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of writing, Call Attendant Slots ranks 48th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve received 3,100+ subscribers since October of 2023. Feel free to see where Call Attendant Slots ranks now.

Schedule: New Videos 

Call Attendant Slots doesn’t post on any sort of rigid or pre-defined schedule, but they’ve been uploading new content to their slots channel 1 – 3 times per week. If you want to be among the first people to watch their videos, you should check their channel between 10 AM – 4 PM EST. 

They’re a bit more active on their Facebook page, which has a staggering 99k+ followers. They update their homepage whenever they upload new stuff on YouTube. They also create content exclusively for Facebook. Before their TikTok was banned, they posted videos nearly every day. 

Origin Story

Call Attendant Slots joined the wave of influencers who decided to monetize their favorite side hustle during the pandemic. They started off with a bang after publishing their first video in Jan. 2021, which showed the couple winning hundreds of dollars on Twin Win to 18,138+ viewers. 

Emboldened by their initial wave of success, they continued uploading footage of their biggest wins to YouTube. They’ve published a staggering 1,470+ videos at the time of writing, and they all more or less ride on the same two principles – light-hearted commentary mixed with jackpots! 

They averaged between 2k and 6k views per upload throughout 2021, which is also when their most popular video was published. Still, their channel began taking off in the beginning of 2022. They’ve been getting a minimum of 5k+ views on most of their uploads for the past two years. 

As they continue climbing the ladder of our SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings, we’d expect the couple to enjoy continued popularity & tack on at least 5,000+ subscribers before the year is up. 

Biggest Wins

March 6th, 2022: $14,458.00 on Golden Buffalo (Las Vegas, Casino Unknown) 

December 28th, 2023: $10,943.95 on Huff N’ More Puff (Las Vegas, Casino Unknown) 

December 21st, 2023: $4,050 on Dragon Cash Panda Magic (Las Vegas, Casino Unknown) 

Community and Giveaways 

Call Attendant Slots’ community is spread across various social media channels. They have followers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn – it’s estimated that 145,000+ people subscribe to them in total. They’ve also hosted livestream giveaways in the recent past. 

Their last giveaway was streamed four months ago. The prizes are unknown, but Call Attendant Slots is likely gearing up for another awesome giveaway soon. 

You should sign up for their free email newsletter to learn more about their upcoming giveaways and events. They’ll send out all the event details there before posting them on their other social media channels.

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