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Cowboy Slots has quickly ascended the slots influencers rankings thanks to exceptionally entertaining content that's also educational. It's one of the greatest starting points for new slots players.
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If you want to learn more about how slot machines work and how to understand the odds of winning, Cowboy Slots is the channel for you. Brantley, who is a former slot machine technician, created the Cowboy Slots channel in February 2022. Cowboy Slots has amassed over 194,000 subscribers and over 23.6 million total views.

The understated but entertaining commentary, matched with his easy-to-understand explanations, makes Cowboy Slots the best channel for educating slot machine players and encouraging responsible gambling.

Cowboy Slots Quick Facts

  • The Cowboy Slots channel has amassed over 194,000 subscribers and over 23.6 million views, making it one of the leaders in slot and casino educators.
  • The channel is led by former casino employees, techs, and experts and backed by those currently and retired from the industry.
  • The Cowboy Slots store has a range of merchandise featuring the phrase ‘Rope That Jackpot’ such as t-shirts, poker chips, and a swag pack.
  • Cowboy Slots has been invited to speak at several slot machine conferences, including the Global Gaming Expo and the National Association of Gaming Suppliers. 

Where to Find Cowboy Slots:

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: How to Pick a Slot Machine 🎰 Tips from a tech! 🤠

In this video, Cowboy Slots discusses the 10 tips for picking a slot machine which gives you the best chance of winning. Cowboy Slots emphasizes that the slot machines are still random, however with the tips, there is an increased chance of winning.

Most Popular Live Stream: Ask a Slot Tech Live Q&A — Separating Truth from Fiction on Slot Machines

Covering the topic of separating the truth from fiction, this Cowboy Slots live stream, hosted by Brantley and Marc, has over 86000 views and answers questions from the audience about Slot Machines.

SlotsFan Ranking

Cowboy Slots has wrangled a considerable following in the short time since launching the channel in 2022. The channel continually ranks in the SlotsFan top 10 rankings thanks to Brantley’s entertaining and educational content. See how Cowboy Slots stands in our exclusive SlotsFan rankings.

Schedule: New Videos 

Although the Cowboy Slots channel doesn’t have a dedicated video schedule, you can expect roughly two videos per week.

Origin Story

Cowboy Slots is a popular YouTube channel for slot machine enthusiasts worldwide, especially if you want to find new tips and tricks and understand how slot machines work. The channel was created by Brantley, a former slot machine technician who has a deep understanding of slot machines and how they work.

Brantley started the channel in February 2022 to share his passion for slot machines, whilst also helping people improve their chances of winning. He has since amassed over 194,000 subscribers and a community of slot machine players and enthusiasts. 

Whilst sharing his knowledge of slot machines, Brantley shares the profitable opportunities views can utilize whilst playing. He is also known for a conservative betting strategy, which helps him manage his bankroll. Through sharing his knowledge, Cowboy Slots has been praised by other slot enthusiasts, who appreciate Brantley’s expertise and willingness to share his knowledge.

Cowboy Slots’ Biggest Wins

March 31st, 2023: My BIGGEST WIN EVER on Triple Jackpot! 😱 High Limit Slots at Aria Las Vegas ⭐️


October 11th 2022: Unleashing the Big Bucks 🤠 $200 High Limit Pinball Slot Machine Jackpots 🎰

Community and Giveaways

Cowboy Slots has gained a vibrant community of slot machine enthusiasts who interact with each other via YouTube and social media comments. They share tips, strategies and experiences, creating a shared passion for slot machines. 

For the Cowboy Slots community, on the Rope The Jackpot website, there is a chat forum to ask questions and discuss a range of topics. This includes casino gambling, slot machine ownership, tips and more. Additionally, there is a range of guides and resources to help pick and play on the slot machines.

On the Cowboy Slots’ website and channel, there has been a range of giveaways to win such prizes as merchandise and collectibles. With the winner announced live on stream, the first giveaway from Cowboy Slots had a prize of a $50 gift card in June 2022.

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