Profile: Gamble With Peach

Peach McIntyre has her own story outside the realm of slots gambling! Pooling her Instagram, Facebook and alternate YouTube channels together, she’s got well over a million followers. Peach originally built a name for herself by keeping it real and discussing her career journey.

When she’s not busy stirring up drama or documenting her daily adventures, she enjoys playing and filming her favorite slot reels. She’s even launched a YouTube channel called “Gamble With Peach”, where she scrimps & saves every penny. 

Most of the time, she turns $0.50 into $500 or something even more impressive! 

Unlike influencers who play high-limit slots and chase big handpays, Peach takes a more relatable approach by playing on a budget. She calls herself a cheapskate gambler trying to win big, and she has plenty of evidence that her approach has paid off with lots of big win videos.

Peach created the “Gamble With Peach” channel on March 27th, 2021. In a little less than three years, she’s earned 60.6k+ YouTube subscribers and accrued 3.1k+ Facebook followers. It’s not clear if her existing popularity propelled Peach to new heights, but we’re strapped in for the ride!

Quick Facts About Gamble With Peach 

  • Peach McIntyre is far more than a cheapskate gambler. She’s a recognized influencer, online coach, YouTube mentor, and e-guide author. On her personal website, you can buy courses that spell out her secret strategies for success on Facebook and YouTube. 
  • Peach has a massive social media presence outside her dedicated slots channel. Her TikTok is the most popular with 666k+ followers. Her alternate YouTube channel has a whopping 526,000+ subscribers, and her Instagram page boasts 172,000+ followers.
  • Peach was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She has seven children with her husband Wood, who happens to have his own YouTube channel. He’s recorded himself cooking 81+ recipes for his family, and he believes in making delicious food without spending $$.
  • Aside from playing slots with little more than pocket change, Peach has a passion for helping others make money online. In her own purview, she grew up in an impoverished area. She went from getting food stamps to making six figures annually as a YouTuber.  
  • Peach is a published novelist, and she wrote a book called, “Get Out Your Feelings and Get This Money.” It’s the only book in a series known as McKenzie Carter’s Legendary Summer, and this 234-page romance story takes place in her hometown of Tampa, FL. 

Where to Watch Peach’s Content Online! 

Channel Highlights 


Gamble With Peach’s most popular video was uploaded to YouTube on April 3rd, 2021. Playing Loteria for the first time, Peach raised her Easter bankroll from the dead. She began an exciting, 35-minute session with $100 and left with $1k in profits, all the while betting just $0.50 per spin! 

She enjoyed a series of small wins at first, but the action picked up at the 18-minute mark with a $362.50 win after she hit three splashing mermaids. Three minutes later, she stacked 12 crowns & won $642 in the bonus round before playing her bankroll down to $700. 

Finally, Peach stacked another 11 crowns during the bonus game and secured another $295 in profits before calling it quits. 207k+ viewers watched her bring home a big bag (or a big bank). 

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of this publishing, Gamble With Peach ranks 30th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. To see where Gamble With Peach ranks now, check out the latest version of the SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings. She’s steadily earning around 300 subscribers per month.

Schedule: New Videos 

Peach is busy running two YouTube channels, a massive Instagram page, an even larger TikTok following, her personal merchandise shop and familial obligations. It’s a miracle she has enough time to post new videos at all, let alone 2 – 3 times per week. She’s also quite active on socials. 

She tends to upload new content between 4 PM and 9 PM EST, but her TikTok page receives a great deal more attention. She routinely updates fans with her personal thoughts and feelings. If you’re here to watch her play slots, she posts on Facebook whenever she uploads a new video. 

Origin Story

Peach McIntyre originally joined YouTube in 2019. Her main YouTube channel offers an inside look at her personal struggles with family, what it’s like to live in government-issued housing, and why she’ll never do a meet-and-greet. (Hint: she’d rather avoid the drama when possible).

Never missing an opportunity to monetize her favorite hobbies, Peach’s clever idea to create a gambling channel was a smashing success. She launched “Gamble With Peach” in 2021, and she’s accumulated 13.9+ million views on her slots gameplay videos in just shy of three years. 

Her oldest video was published on March 29th, 2021. She received 12k+ views off the bat. Her third upload became her most popular video with 207k+ views, and she’s broken the six-figure barrier several times since. She stands out from her peers by turning pennies into paychecks! 

However, she always takes time to outline her day-to-day routine on Instagram & TikTok. Being relatable, funny, and confident has earned her a niche audience and a tight-knit community of fans. Not many influencers are willing to serve their slots videos with a side order of personal drama. 

Biggest Wins

September 22nd, 2022: $10,020 on Treasures of Valhalla (Seminole Hard Rock Casino) 

November 28th, 2023: $4,600 on Quick Hits Platinum (Seminole Hard Rock Casino) 

August 3rd, 2022: $2,515 on Rakin’ Bacon (Seminole Hard Rock Casino)


Community and Giveaways 

We combed through 100+ posts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube before concluding that Gamble With Peach doesn’t host any giveaways. While she has a great deal of subscribers on YouTube and FB, most of Peach McIntyre’s followers connect with her on TikTok and Instagram.