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JJ Slot’s distinct commentary and exciting content style brings viewers with him to the casino, and he’s posting a new slot session every day. While there isn’t much of his personal information circulating online, we did the research and dove deep to see what he’s been up to.
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From the frequency and length of his in-depth YouTube videos, you’d imagine that JJ Slot made slots gambling into a full-time job. As he travels across Canada, he visits casino after casino to play his favorite progressive jackpot slots, old-school reels, and everything in between. 

He’s only been a part of the YouTube slots community since November 2022, but his channel is getting more popular by the day. At the time of writing, he’s accumulated 5.62k subscribers and achieved 2.23+ million views across 873 entertaining videos. Not bad for a newbie, am I right?

In this profile, we’ll take a look at the sort of content JJ Slot usually posts before highlighting his largest jackpot wins to date. But first, let’s have a peek at some fun facts surrounding JJ Slot. 

Quick Facts About JJ Slot 

  • Again, there isn’t much personal information (if any) about JJ Slot on the Internet. He is one of the only popular slot influencers who managed to make it to the top without any assistance from social media.
  • JJ Slot doesn’t keep his audience in the loop with status updates. His “Community” page on YouTube is barren, which is quite inconvenient. However, he makes it clear that he’s uploading one new slot session daily.
  • JJ Slot has been on the receiving end of some insane luck over the past year, and he’s earned all three of his largest-ever handpays at the Dakota Dunes Casino in Canada. If you ever need a break from Vegas, following in JJ Slot’s footsteps might be a good idea.

Where to Find JJ Slot Online

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: Golden Century So Much Doors!!

JJ Slot uploaded his most popular video to date on October 3, 2023. Since then, he’s received 97,497+ views and counting. In this 23-minute slot session, he plays the famed Dragon Link: Golden Century progressive jackpot machine at the Dakota Dunes Casino in CA. 

He starts off the video with some of that signature Canadian hospitality before explaining that he has $200 in the machine. He’s going for the Grand Jackpot, which (at the time) was $22,462.23. 

After selecting the $1 bet denomination, the session starts with JJ Slot spending $5.00 per spin. 

He spends $25 before getting $38 on a quick bonus, the first of many lucky wins that night. After losing and gaining back $50 a handful of times, JJ Slot halves his bets to spend $2.50 per spin. Eventually, he lands on a six-spin bonus with $52.72 of credits left in the game. 

On the sixth and final free spin, he wins a respectable $161.70 on a $3 bet. This puts him back in the game, and he claws his way to another $50 win before landing his first true bonus round. Although he only pockets $35.00 for his efforts, his smaller victory foreshadows what’s to come. 

Fast-forwarding a few minutes, JJ Slot is $321.24 in the green when he unlocks another (more profitable) bonus round. He collects 14 out of the 15 dragon orbs needed to win the Grand, and two Mini Bonuses are present on the screen. He promptly pockets a more impressive $285.00. |

By the time he decides to wrap it up, he will have $600.34, which represents a $400 profit.  

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, JJ Slot ranks 79th out of more than 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve gained 1,340 subscribers over the past six months.

Schedule: New Videos 

As we mentioned, JJ Slot uploads one new video every day. He usually posts clips between 2 PM and 7 PM EST if you want to be the first to watch his newest content. Unfortunately, since he doesn’t have any social media, he doesn’t notify his audience when he posts. 

Origin Story 

Not much is known about JJ Slot before he became one of Canada’s most prolific gamblers, but he didn’t shy away from hard work since launching his channel. He’s posted 873 videos in 543 days, and he shows no signs of stopping. Still, he had to hustle before reaching newfound fame. 

His first twenty videos got a few hundred views apiece, and he finally started averaging 1k – 2k views per upload at the very beginning of January 2023. It would take him 10 months to build a following and get noticed before he posted his most popular video to date on October 3, 2023.

This represented a turning point for his channel because he posted a similarly popular clip two days beforehand. As such, JJ Slot received well over 191k views within 48 hours. He rode this wave all the way to the bank until his popularity naturally petered out around December 2023. 

Still, he’s far from losing his slot influencer status. As it stands, JJ Slot receives anywhere from 2k – 4k views per video, and we anticipate that he’ll get 8,000 subscribers before the year is up. 

JJ Slot’s Biggest Wins

JJ Slot proved that the third time’s the charm with three juicy jackpot wins from the same casino. In this section, we’ll highlight his biggest progressive handpays and provide the context behind how they happened. Let’s kick things off with JJ Slot’s most impressive Grand Jackpot.  

July 30, 2023: $28,459.45 on Dragon Link: Panda Magic (Dakota Dunes Casino) 

JJ Slot was playing Dragon Link: Panda Magic for just $2.50/spin when he unlocked the bonus round that would result in a life-changing jackpot handpay. He collected fifteen orbs including a Minor and Mini Bonus, filling up the 5 x 3 grid and taking home the $28,339.45 Grand Jackpot

May 7, 2023: $3,613.49 on “Hold Onto Your Hat” (Dakota Dunes Casino) 

We’re willing to bet that JJ Slot was holding onto his hat when he earned a whopping $3,613.49 Major Jackpot out of nowhere. He was betting $3.60 per spin when one of the magical top hats transformed into an emerald, revealing that he’d won the Major. JJ Slot was happily blindsided. 

August 25, 2023: $2,567.50 on Dollar Storm (Dakota Dunes Casino) 

Last but certainly not least, JJ Slot was playing Dollar Storm at his local Canadian casino when he unlocked the “Super Grand Chance” symbol. He could have won the Grand if his luck was a little better, but he brought home a respectable $2,500 jackpot handpay as consolation. 

Community and Giveaways 

After checking JJ Slot’s YouTube “Community” page and seeing a blank screen, we can safely conclude that he doesn’t host any giveaways. We also checked his live-streams, which didn’t yield positive results. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any social media pages to poke through.

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