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NE Slots might have been born and raised in New England, but his channel has become a worldwide slots sensation. Things changed for the better in November 2023, and he’s been climbing the YouTube rankings at breakneck speed ever since. So, what sets his channel apart?
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NE Slots has been raking in the views since 2006 – for 18 years, he’s routinely enjoyed the kind of luck most players would be thrilled to experience just once in a lifetime. He’s gotten 31 million views, posted 2,673 videos, and accumulated 40.2k YouTube subscribers at the time of writing. 

He plays for keeps in Atlantic City’s high-limit room, but he’s won some of his biggest jackpots to date in Las Vegas. He’s also very active in the YouTube “Community” section, where he solicits feedback from his fans as to which progressive jackpot slots he should film himself playing next. 

With slots videos that cut right to the chase and a formidable archive of gigantic wins, NE Slots has firmly established his place as one of the original gambling influencers taking over YouTube. 

Quick Facts About NE Slots 

  • NE Slots has never had a whole lot of trouble drumming up views, but his nearly-instant acquisition of YouTube subscribers needs to be studied. He went from 2,500 subscribers to 39,600+ subscribers in a one-month period (from November 2023 to December 2023).
  • Sometimes, NE Slots will stop recording his session until he hits something worth filming because his video camera desperately needs an upgrade. According to him, the camera starts to overheat after 30-40 minutes of continuous recording with HD settings enabled.
  • After scouring the Internet for any trace of NE Slots across various popular social media channels, we’ve determined that YouTube is the only place where you’ll find his content. He doesn’t have a personal Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok account.
  • There’s a reason that NE Slots and TikTok don’t get along very well. Last year, a TikTok user named “ZigZagSlot” tried to plagiarize NE Slots original content as his own and got popular on TikTok as a result. Thankfully, TikTok banned the account for copyright theft.
  • Even though NE Slots began posting YouTube videos back in 2006, the oldest content available on his channel was filmed in 2012. It’s not known where he keeps the rest of his archived content, which likely contains some juicy wins and exciting slots footage. 

Where to Find NE Slots 


Channel Highlights

Most Popular Video: Super Ultra Mega Jackpot Handpay! The Voice Slot!

NE Slots’ most popular video was uploaded to YouTube on May 30th, 2018, when he earned nearly $13,000 in handpays in seven action-packed minutes. To make this jackpot win feel even more unforgettable, he cashed in with a jackpot machine that’s equally entertaining to watch and play.  

If you’re a fan of The Voice, you’ll be happy to know that NE Slots was selected for an audition. The video begins with him taking advantage of seven free spins on the Audition Free Spins Bonus. 

He immediately earns two more free spins to great fanfare – you’ll hear cheering from the virtual crowd alongside an excellent rendition of Counting Stars by One Direction. On his fifth free spin, NE Slots is lucky enough to get a 10x wild multiplier that carries through the rest of his audition. 

Eleven free spins into the clip, and he’s moving onto tryouts with an $868.75 win in his back pocket. Adam Levine chimes in with a few words of encouragement before NE SLOTS goes back to the drawing board for a second bonus round of twenty free spins on the Audition Free Spins Bonus. 

By the six-minute mark, he’s won $8,000 from a 30x multiplier that just keeps going. One minute later, he’s rolling in the dough with a total of $12,674 in jackpot prizes from a 24-spin win streak. 1.2 million viewers saw NE Slots’ unbelievable string of luck as he took first place on The Voice. 

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of writing, NE Slots ranks 43rd out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. He’s accumulated a staggering 37.5k+ subscribers on YouTube since October. Click here to see where NE Slots ranks now. 

Schedule: New Videos 

NE Slots doesn’t adhere to a specific posting schedule, but he tries to upload new content three or four times per week. He normally uploads YouTube videos between 11 AM and 6 PM (EST) if you want to be first in line for his new content. However, he hasn’t ever gone live on YouTube. 

Origin Story 

NE Slots isn’t new to the industry, and he launched his YouTube channel nearly two decades ago. His oldest available video showcased a wicked, $1,366 jackpot handpay on the Alice in Wonderland slot machine on April 1, 2012. NE Slots got off to a fantastic start with 14k views. 

From there, he averaged 1k – 2k views per upload for a number of years before getting some traction with mainstream audiences back in 2018. Out of nowhere, he came inches away from breaking the six-figure views barrier with a compilation video of handpays from Buffalo Gold

He went through another short lull in popularity before shattering his previous records with 183k views on another Buffalo Gold slot video. He averaged between 10k – 20k views per video until he solidified his place in the industry with 1.2M views on his largest jackpot win from The Voice.

On the tail end of what’s been a long and successful YouTube run, NE Slots is bringing back the fire that made his channel popular in the first place. From November to December 2023, 37.5k+ people subscribed to his channel. That’s a rarity in itself, which means that anything is possible. 

If he keeps up his current rate of progress, NE Slots will pose direct competition for some of the biggest names out there. 

Biggest Wins

May 30th, 2018: $12,674 on The Voice (MGM National Harbor) 

May 4th, 2021: $11,234.25 on Luxury Line (Las Vegas, Casino Unknown) 

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through NE Slots’ YouTube “Community” section, we determined he doesn’t host any giveaways. Although he’s quite interactive with his fans via questionnaires and replies to comments, he doesn’t have any other social media channels or online platforms to mention.

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