There’s more than meets the eye to Rob & Pat Slots. This dynamic husband-and-wife duo keeps the premise of their channel very simple – they travel to different casinos, enjoy slots, and record the outcome. However, a deep dive into their channel reveals all facets of their lives.
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Rob&Pat Slots have been on YouTube since October 2010, and they qualify as one of the few original slot influencer couples still going strong. They first began recording their casino trips in March 2017. They’ve slowly but surely inched their way to mainstream success over the years. 

At the time of writing, Rob&Pat Slots have received 985,223+ views and counting across 425 videos. They’ve also earned 2.71k subscribers on YouTube, but they keep the Facebook circle tight with 160 followers. Even though they’re not super well-known, they’re worth subscribing to.

In this profile story, we’ll take a look at who they are and what they’ve been up to lately. But first, let’s get the ball rolling with five fun facts you might not have anticipated about Rob&Pat Slots. 

Quick Facts About ROB&PAT SLOTS 

  • In a past life, Rob was a musical artist. His oldest music videos from thirteen years ago have gotten a few thousand views. He’s released several stage-ready songs like Sugar Momma, Pretty Gurl Swagger, and Living Like A King under the pen name C.I.Z.
  • Speaking of musical tastes, Rob & Pat Slots have a single playlist called “Work Out” on their YouTube channel. We’re guessing Rob put this one together, and it shows the sort of music he enjoys listening to. He threw in all the classics from AC/DC and Metallica.
  • Rob & Pat Slots are from San Antonio, Texas, but they never stay in one place too long. They’ve earned impressive jackpot handpays at tens of popular casinos around the country. From Excalibur to Kickapoo, there aren’t many venues they haven’t visited.
  • Even though Rob and Pat have been posting slots content for seven years and counting, their YT channel has only begun to reach its full potential. It might have taken them five years to get off the ground, but Rob & Pat are on the upswing with new clips every week.
  • Rob and Pat celebrated their tenth anniversary in October 2023 in Las Vegas. They took an adorable picture locked in each other’s embrace at the Hoover Dam. We’re willing to bet they visited the nearest casino and played some slots to celebrate afterwards. 

Where to Find ROB&PAT SLOTS

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: *** IT WORKED *****QUICK HITS BIG WIN MAX BET 3.00

Rob&Pat Slots uploaded their most popular video to YouTube over six years ago on Apr. 9, 2018. At the time of writing, it’s received 60,697 views and counting. They state in the video that they “started off small then did max bets later on.” The video title tells the rest of the story. 

In this 8-minute roller coaster of an upload, they started off playing Quick Hits on the minimum wager of $0.48 per spin on the $0.01 bet denomination. At the bottom of their screen, there’s a five-by-five bingo grid. This becomes important when Rob gets five-in-a-row on his second spin. 

He’s immediately rocketed into a “Pick Until You Match” bonus round, where he gets seven free games with a 2x win multiplier added on. During one of the free spins, he connects five “seven” symbols and two “Wild Jackpot” symbols on a few different paylines for an impressive $54 win. 

At this point, they up the stakes to $3.00 (300 credits) per spin in hopes of winning even more. For the next 5 minutes, they can’t stop winning as they secure even more free games with the same 2x win multiplier applied. 

The video ends with them winning $160.80, but the pair had a final trick up their sleeves. While they didn’t get all the footage on camera, they were able to record the aftermath of a huge win. Rob and Pat got seven “Quick Hit” symbols on the screen, which paid out $392.21 in jackpots. 

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, ROB&PAT SLOTS ranks 112th out of more than 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve maintained their audience with 30+ new subscribers over the past 6 months.

Schedule: New Videos 

Rob & Pat Slots have eased up on the gas pedal, but they haven’t stopped the car. As of right now, they upload new content twice a month. They usually post videos between 10 AM and 5 PM EST, so make sure you check back frequently and subscribe to get their post notifications.

Origin Story 

Rob’s music career didn’t take off the way he might have liked, but he hit the jackpot when he met his wife Patty in Las Vegas of all places. They’d been hitting up the casino for well over a decade by the time they decided to start posting videos about their slot wins (and their losses). 

While some of the oldest videos on their slots channel are music videos produced by C.I.Z., they switched lanes in March 2017 with their first video about a bonus they received on the 1,000,000 Degrees game at Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino. 

They decided to broaden their horizons and get away from San Antonio for a little while, trying new slots at new casinos around the country. By the time one year had passed, Rob & Pat Slots were getting anywhere between 10k and 20k views per upload. This upswing in popularity was the predictor of their most popular video, which broke the Internet with 60k+ views in April 2018. 

Unfortunately, their popularity has died down significantly over the past 6 years. Fast-forwarding to 2024, they’re averaging just a few hundred views per video. Then again, when life gets in the way, gambling isn’t always a top priority. Through it all, they still have a small but loyal fanbase. 

ROB&PAT SLOTS’ Biggest Wins

We dug through hundreds of videos to find Rob & Pat Slots’ three largest handpays on YouTube (and the first one is a doozy). In this section, we’ve added some context to their most impressive jackpot wins. First up is their semi-lucky break at the Winstar World Casino in Thackerville, OK. 

January 11, 2023: $44,441.11 on Piggy Bankin’ (Winstar World Casino, Oklahoma)

Rob & Pat have bumped into some decent luck at the casino, but helping someone get a $44k Grand Jackpot with their “magic finger,” as the elated winner described it, has to be the biggest tease in the history of Las Vegas. Nonetheless, he was kind enough to share some of the loot. 

February 25, 2022: $1,243.14 on Loteria: Lock It Link (Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino) 

Rob & Pat Slots were playing the Loteria: Lock It Link slot game at Kickapoo Lucky Eagle when they unexpectedly won the Major Jackpot on a $2.50 spin. They were betting 50 credits at a clip when the bejeweled Major symbol appeared on the screen, leaving the couple $1,243.17 richer. 

February 15, 2020: $1,015.05 on Fire Link: Glacier Gold (Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino) 

After playing Fu Dao Le and winning $100 on a $2.08 bonus, Rob and Pat kept the momentum going as they switched games and hit their biggest handpay to date on Fire Link: Glacier Gold. They got two Minor Jackpot symbols on top of several bonus orbs, giving them a $1,015.74 win. 

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through Rob & Pat’s Facebook account and YouTube “Community” page, we saw that they don’t host meet-and-greets or giveaways. If they ever change their mind, Facebook followers and YouTube subscribers will be the first to hear about it. They also encourage fans to send them feedback, questions, and greetings by firing off an email to

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