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SlotDrop Marc is straightforward, easygoing, and relatable. He’s been playing slots in Vegas’ most popular casinos for years, but he only created his YouTube slot channel during the pandemic. If you like slots, SlotDrop Marc is a channel you’ll want to keep an eye on.
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Unlike many of his more popular peers, SlotDrop Marc doesn’t take himself too seriously. That’s why he isn’t afraid to post big losses, remind players about the reality of spending their cash at the casino, and warn his viewers to “take [their] money and run.” His honesty is quite refreshing.

He also coins himself as a “mediocre” content creator, but we don’t think he gives himself nearly enough credit. Similarly, there’s always a place for cheesy jokes in our hearts. Since November 2020, he’s uploaded 820 slot videos, received 1.5+ million views, and earned 8.86k subscribers.

Judging by his current trajectory, SlotDrop Marc is well on his way to earn 10,000 subscribers. In the interim, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the sort of content he uploads before highlighting his largest jackpot wins and discussing his rise to YouTube prominence. Let’s get started, shall we? 

Quick Facts About SlotDrop Marc 

  • Marc is based in Southern California, where he visits his local casinos as well as taking the occasional road trip 184 miles northeast to Vegas. He always keeps things light for honesty’s sake, and he doesn’t shy away from posting good and bad days at the slots.
  • If you want to support SlotDrop Marc’s next casino adventure, you can purchase merch directly through his website. He sells branded hoodies, unisex tees, joggers, a trucker’s hat, a dad hat, and even a mousepad with his trademark slots slogan – come on baby! 
  • SlotDrop Marc is one of the only slots influencers on YouTube with his very own contact form. If you visit his website and click the envelope symbol at the top-right corner of your screen, you’re redirected to a Contact Me page. He’s always happy to answer questions.
  • In the four years he’s spent building a presence online, Marc has made connections and formed friendships with other influencers. After scrolling through the Community section of his YouTube channel, we enjoyed a glimpse into his friendly rivalry with Casino Kelly.
  • With a bit of diving into Marc’s socials, we were able to discover that he’s taken sides in the ongoing D.C. vs. Marvel debate. We’re guessing he didn’t like Batman v. Superman very much, but he’s extra pumped for the summertime release of Deadpool & Wolverine. 

Where to Find SlotDrop Marc

Channel Highlights

Most Popular Video: I went crazy and played EVERY Ultimate Fire Link tonight and….

SlotDrop Marc’s most popular video was uploaded to YouTube on September 5th, 2022. Since then, it has received 31.1k+ views from subscribers and passersby alike. He filmed himself playing Ultimate Fire Link: China Street before going nuts (his words, not ours) and playing every single branded machine in the casino. He kicks things off with $500 and picks a 10c bet denomination. 

As he plugs in the numbers to change his bet size to $6.00/spin, we get to hear Marc’s dry wit in action – he briefly talks about everything from “free drinks” (trash left by other players) to screen tappers, who apparently broke the game he’s playing by hitting the screen with too much force. 

Once he gets over his mini-rant (well deserved, to be fair), the action picks up. He lowers his bet size down to $4 per spin after a series of unsuccessful wagers, and he whittles his bankroll back to $400 before switching slots. He promptly sits down at his next conquest, Ultimate Fire Link By the Bay. At least the screen is okay this time around, but only one speaker is producing sounds. 

Finally, a successful bonus round doubles his bankroll from $400 to $800 in short order. On the flip side, he ends up giving that $400 back to the casino before winning back $200 to lessen the sting. For the remainder of the video, he claws his way back to victory and cashes out $800.55

Even though SlotDrop Marc didn’t bring home any massive jackpot wins, his most popular video combines exciting gameplay with humorous commentary on full display. No wonder he’s likable!  

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, SlotDrop Marc ranks 83rd out of more than 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve earned 100+ new subscribers on YouTube since October of 2023. To see where SlotDrop Marc ranks now, read the latest version of the Slots Influencer Rankings

Schedule: New Videos 

SlotDrop Marc doesn’t stick to a specific schedule, but he usually uploads a new video once per week. He also goes live on YouTube a few times per month, so he posts an average of eight videos. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, he hasn’t posted anything on TikTok since March 4th, 2024. 

On the bright side, his website is the central hub for any and all updates: get your news straight from the horse’s mouth and watch all his latest YouTube slots videos directly on the homepage. 

Origin Story 

SlotDrop Marc was one of the many seasoned gamblers who decided to monetize their favorite pastime during the beginning of the COVID pandemic. He came out of left field when he posted his first video to YouTube on November 25, 2020 – he recorded himself on Dragon Link Panda. 

Even though he received just a few hundred views on his first eleven videos, this didn’t stop him from pursuing bigger things. Finally, Marc’s tireless work ethic and ambition paid dividends when he uploaded what would become his most popular video to date at the start of September 2022. 

The first two years were slow going, but Marc’s dry wit and seemingly endless luck at the slots created the “perfect storm” for his channel’s continued popularity. Even though he isn’t a whale that’s willing to spend a mortgage chasing losses, he related with an audience of casual players.

Sometimes, you don’t need to be a high roller to have success as a slots influencer on YouTube. At the beginning of 2023, Marc was routinely averaging between 1k – 2k views per upload. He’s grown even more popular over the past year, and he gets no less than 1k views on each video.

If he sticks with his current routine, he’s slated to break the “glass ceiling” as we head into 2025. 

SlotDrop Marc’s Largest Jackpot Wins, Recorded on YouTube

SlotDrop Marc isn’t risking bankruptcy in the high-limit room, but he’s added more than a few impressive notches to his belt over the past four years. Yaamava’ was the birthplace of Marc’s two biggest jackpot wins! For those interested, we added context to explain what’s happening. 

April 18, 2022: $13,308.84 on Cash Falls (Yaamava’ Resort & Casino) 

SlotDrop Marc landed his largest jackpot prize to date on the Cash Falls slot machine, and he was betting just 50 credits ($5.00) per spin when he unexpectedly unlocked the game’s bonus round. In addition to hitting the Mega Jackpot of $10,000.13, he won another $3,308.71 to boot. 

May 30, 2023: $12,831.18 on Superlock Nightlife (Yaamava’ Resort & Casino) 

SlotDrop Marc was clocking in for another uneventful day at the office when Superlock Nightlife took him by surprise in a stroke of sheer luck and generosity. He went from betting $6 to $12 to $18/spin, and his excitement was palpable as the “Call Attendant” banner flashed on the screen. 

March 12, 2024: $7,506.58 on Dollar Storm (Soboba Casino & Resort) 

Last but certainly not least, SlotDrop Marc found himself playing Dollar Storm at Soboba when he saw a “Major Jackpot” ball appear on the screen. This granted him a cool $6,956.58 in prize money, and he collected 13 out of 15 possible balls to earn $550 during the slot’s bonus round. 

Community and Giveaways 

Although SlotDrop Marc keeps the focus on being interactive with followers by way of polls and questionnaires, we couldn’t find any evidence that he’s ever hosted a giveaway or meet & greet on his socials. If he changes plans, be sure to visit his personal website for the newest updates.

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