Profile: Slotsboom

Slotsboom is a relatively unknown content creator, at least in comparison to most of his peers. That said, he’s been grinding away to produce original slots videos for his viewers since 2008. He enjoyed more initial success with 1,039+ videos & 36.8M+ views to show for his hard work.

He currently has 53.4k subscribers on YouTube, but he could really benefit from building up his other socials. For example, his personal IG page has 114 followers and his Twitter has gone all but extinct. If we’re taking a glass half-full perspective, this only adds to Slotsboom’s relatability. 

Beyond his art-inspired YouTube thumbnails, Slotsboom plays everything from jackpot slots to classic three-reel machines. As such, at least some of his content should appeal to everyone.

Quick Facts About Slotsboom 

  • Slotsboom embarks on most of his casino adventures in South California: his favorites are San Manuel, Soboba, Pechanga, Pala, Morongo, Spa Palm Springs, Spotlight 29, Fantasy Springs, and Agua Caliente. At the same time, he often travels to Las Vegas.
  • As he states in his YouTube bio, Slotsboom is also a “fan of live play and bonuses.” Most of Slotsboom’s videos feature him playing a staggering number of free games before he ends the session. He’s happy to show his wins, but he’s not afraid to record his losses.
  • Slotsboom has a merch shop on Teespring. He sells everything from baseball caps and fanny packs to phone cases and coffee mugs. Of course, you’ll also have your choice of numerous assorted tees. If you’re feeling chilly, check out his (singular) pull-over hoodie.
  • Slotsboom has a secondary slots channel – you can find all the videos that didn’t make it to his main channel (and quite a few that did) @MoolahSlots. His channel has just 2.09k subscribers, and he runs an alternative Facebook page to announce his latest uploads.
  • There is very, very little personal information available about Slotsboom online. His place of residence is unknown, and we couldn’t even find his real name after combing through several of his socials. It’s clear that he keeps his personal & professional lives separate. 

Where to Watch 

Channel Highlights


For a slots channel that’s comparatively smaller-than-average, Slotsboom’s most popular video has earned a staggering 2.1+ million views! It was published in August of 2019, and it starts off with his drive to the Morongo before switching gears to show his experience with China Shores.

He starts his journey to massive jackpots with $200, and he initially wagers $2.25 per spin. At the 3-minute mark, Slotsboom earns 512 free spins: this keeps him busy for another half-hour. In total, he spent $5.87 of his own money. He ends up winning $4,325.50 on the casino’s dime. 

Beating the house in any capacity is rare, but earning that many free spins in a row is practically unheard of.

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of this publishing, Slotsboom ranks 34th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. To see where Slotsboom ranks now, check out the latest version of the SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings. He’s slowly gaining traction with 400 subscribers since October.

Schedule: New Videos 

Slotsboom doesn’t adhere to a consistent posting schedule, which works against his popularity if we’re honest. He uploads a new video on his main channel once every three days or so, and there’s no specific time at which he posts. His alternate slots channel gets even less attention.

He’ll sometimes announce a new YouTube video on his Facebook page, but we wouldn’t count on it. Unfortunately, he seems to have abandoned his Twitter (X) account back in July of 2020. 

Unlike many of his peers, he’s not active on TikTok. You’ll have to poke through YouTube Shorts if you’re looking for energized, 10-second clips that document his biggest jackpots at the casino. 

Origin Story

Not much is known about Slotsboom before he became a slots influencer, but he’s one of the few original YouTubers left in the game. He enjoyed a significant degree of success off the bat with his first video in 2008 – a 3-minute clip of him playing Wizard of Oz received 187k+ views. 

From there, he averaged between 50k to 75k views per video until 2013. At that point, his slots channel entered a decade-long period of declining popularity. 

Nowadays, he averages just 1.6k views per video – we could chalk this up to more competition, inconsistent uploads, or a mixture of both. Still, he’s back on the grind in 2024, and he’s aiming for the same degree of success he enjoyed initially. 

To that end, he’s more active on his primary slots channel than he’s been for a very long time. 

As he continues ramping up his content production and posting the same exciting videos that initially propelled him to mainstream success, we expect him to reclaim the industry’s throne. 

Slotsboom’s Largest Jackpot Wins, Recorded on YouTube 

October 17th, 2017: $29,000 on Golden Buffalo (San Manuel Casino) 

October 15th, 2012: $28,754 on Mythic Knights (Pechanga Casino) 

August 13th, 2012: $7,500 on Return of the Samurai (San Manuel Casino) 

Community and Giveaways 

Slotsboom could do more to update his socials, and the vast majority of his community is stuck on YouTube as a result. Additionally, after combing through his YouTube “Community” feed and all his (active) socials, we concluded that Slotsboom doesn’t do giveaways or meet-and-greets.

The only way to connect with him directly is via email, which he’s kind enough to list in his bio.