Rack Up Free Coins with Sweepstakes Casino’s Daily Log-in Bonus

Did you know sweepstakes casinos offer significant incentives to players just for logging in each day? Here’s a complete guide to earning free sweeps coins (which can be redeemed for cash prizes) with the daily log-in bonus.
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Sweepstakes casinos offer considerable advantages their real-world counterparts with generally better odds, more accessibility and sign-up offers. But the best-kept secret of sweeps casinos might be the daily log-in bonus.

It’s possible for players to rack up thousands of gold coins for free just for logging in each day. In addition most sweepstake’s casinos also give away a small amount of sweeps coins (also known as SC) each day. Sweeps coins can be redeemed for cash prizes.

It’s worth paying attention to the daily bonus as you can accrue a considerable amount of coins that can be played and potentially redeemed for cash prizes.

What Are Daily Login Bonuses?

Daily login bonuses are free coins offered to players just for logging on to sweeps casinos each day.

Sweeps casino want players engaged on their platforms so they offer considerable rewards in the hopes that players will keep coming back for more. Pretty much every sweeps casino offers a free amount of gold coins daily but sometimes those gold coins also come with an amount of sweeps coins (which can potentially be redeemed for cash prizes).

Off all the promotions that sweeps casinos run, daily login bonuses are likely the easiest to unlock.

How Much Can I Earn?

Gold coins are valued differently on each site so the range of daily free gold coins is massive. Some sweeps sites give away thousands of coins each day while others might give away double digits.

It’s a different story for sweeps coins, however, as they have a 1:1 conversion rate with USD. Therefore it’s a little easier to provide a range for the free sweeps coins you might earn.

Generally daily log-in bonuses will award anywhere from .10 SC up to 1.50 SC each day. Those numbers can change slightly based on log-in streaking or your VIP status.

That might not seem like a lot but consider that logging into a sweeps site every day for a month could award 30+ SC. That’s a ton of free spins.

What Sweeps Site Offers the Best Daily Log-in Bonus?

This changes frequently but currently Chumba Casino and Fortune Coins are near the top. They both provide 1 SC just for logging in each day. Fortune Coins can even be bumped up to 1.37 SC per day if you log-in for seven days consecutively.

The daily log-in bonus isn’t everything, however, and we suggest checking out our sweeps casino reviews to get a complete picture of each platform.

Here’s a look at how all the sweeps casinos compare when it comes to daily login bonuses (all sweeps coins variants have been converted to 1 SC = $1):

Daily Log-in Bonus (GC)Daily Log-in Bonus (SC)Daily Lottery WheelNotes
Chumba Casino200,000 GC1 SCNoOne of the biggest flat-rate daily log-in bonuses
Pulsz2,000 GC0.30 SCNoVIP program, Golden keys unlock exclusive games
WOW Vegas1,500 GC0.30 SCNoEarn up to 5 SC daily with WOW Vegas VIP program
McLuck1,500 GC0.20 SCNoLoyalty program, referral program, log-in streak rewards
Fortune Coins300,000 GC1 SCNoDaily bonus can be increased up to 1.37 SC per day with login streak
Luckyland Slots400 GC0.30 SC10 free spins on sign-up, loyalty program
Fundrize00YesWin up to 400 SC in Daily Fundrize Wheel
Crown Coins21,400 GC0.40 SCNoDaily bonus amounts based on 7-day consecutive login streak
High 5 Casino10 GC0.40 SCNoPeriodic free spins on certain games. 15 free diamonds daily
SweepSlots1500 GC0.10 SCYesUp to 5 SC in Lucky Spin, available every 5 hours

Will I Earn Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins?

You’ll earn both typically. Most sweeps sites give a combo pack of Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins.

There are some sites that alternate, however, and give away Gold Coins on certain days and Sweeps Coins on other days.

It’s important to note that Gold Coins are valued differently on each site so you might end up with hundreds of thousands of Gold Coins on one site while you’ll have less than 1000 on another. Regardless you should be able to get a lot of gameplay for the amount they give you.

What Are the Different Kinds of Daily Bonuses?

Daily log-in bonuses vary considerably between sites.

Some sites offer better bonuses if you log-in every day for a week straight. Other sites offer lottery wheel-type mechanisms to give away coins. Here’s a look at the basic ways that sweeps casinos reward players for logging regularly.

Standard Login Reward

The standard daily log-in bonus provides an amount of Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins just for logging in every 24 hours. 

Lottery Wheel

Some sweeps sites use a popular Wheel of Fortune-style wheel to reward players. Land on the right wedge and you could win up to 5 SC in some cases. Lottery wheels have more volatility (you miss out on free SC many days) but you can sometimes play them every five hours instead of waiting 24 hours each time.

Log-in Streaks

A daily bonus log-in streak requires the player to log in for a consecutive number of days to earn the biggest prize. For instance you might earn only a small amount of free SC during the early stages of a log-in streak but you might earn up to 1.5 SC on the final day.

Where Do I Find the Daily Login Bonus?

Finding the daily log-in bonus can be a significant challenge on some sweeps casinos.

It fluctuates from site to site but here’s a look at the most common places you’ll find the daily log-in bonus:

Pop-up Window

This is arguably the easiest daily bonus to find as you’ll be inundated with a pop-up window the minute you log-in. You’ll just have to click accept to grab your bonus.

The Daily Bonus pop-up screen on Pulsz Casino.

Coin Store

Many sweeps sites put their daily log-in bonus in the coin store. When you click “Buy Coins” you’ll generally find a side tab that offers free coins for your daily log-in.

The daily bonus is located in the coin store on Fortune Coins. Note there are other promotional ways to collect free coins in the Fortune Coins store.

Rewards or Promotions

Most sweeps sites have a rewards tab where there’s a plethora of different rewards or offers for players. It’s a common location for the daily log-in bonus.

The daily bonus is somewhat challenging to find on WOW Vegas. You have to navigate to the promotions tab and then find the daily bonus.


Some sweeps sites have an inbox where they send you personal updates and offers. This is another common location for the daily log-in bonus.

The High 5 Casino inbox includes a number of different rewards including Game Coins, Sweeps Coins and Diamonds.

Is it Possible to Get Bigger Daily Login Rewards?

Yes. Many sweeps sites offer VIP or loyalty program where it’s possible to unlock tiers such as silver, gold or platinum.

One common perk of VIP status is bigger daily login bonuses. Some of the other perks for VIP status include better deals on coins, free spins and improved support. It’s also possible to receive bigger daily login rewards from logging in on consecutive days (as mentioned above).

What Are Other Ways to Earn Free Coins?

There are various ways to earn free coins on sweeps casinos.

On most sites you’ll receive free coins just for creating an account thanks to no-deposit sign-up bonuses.

Sweeps sites also run a variety of promotional events for free coins. Quite often you’ll receive free coins for engaging with the sites through social media or signing up for an email newsletter.

Perhaps the most unusual way of collecting free coins is by requesting them through the mail. Remember that sweeps casinos are sweepstakes contests at the end of the day and, by law, no purchase is necessary to win prizes.

That means you can hand-write a letter to each sweeps entity and potentially earn a small amount of coins.

Can I Redeem My Sweeps Coins for Cash Prizes Right Away?

No. Every sweeps casino requires that sweeps coins be played once before they are redeemed.

Fortunately playing sweeps coins is fairly easy so it’s not hard to meet the requirement. Slots are probably the fastest way to play your coins. Basically you’ll want to pick a high RTP (96% or higher) slot and hopefully score some jackpots along the way.

Some sweeps site also offer alternative games like blackjack or baccarrat and those games count towards your redemption requirement as well.

Perhaps the more challenging aspect of redeeming free sweeps coins cash prizes is the minimum redemption. Most sweeps casinos have a floor for redemptions. It varies from 50 SC to 100 SC but that’s a significant hurdle for low-stakes players. There are some sweeps casinos that offer gift card redemptions for sites like Amazon or Nike. Minimum gift card redemptions tend to be significantly lower, usually around 10 SC.

What Are the Best Strategies for Maximizing Daily Login Bonuses?

One word: Volume.

Signing up for numerous sweeps sites costs nothing and generally only takes a few minutes. Once you have an account it only takes a matter of seconds to snag the daily bonus.

You might earn 30 SC for logging into one site for a month but 10 sites could earn you well over 100 SC every month.

It’s also worth paying attention to any other promotions each site is offering. You’ll sometimes get bonuses just for signing up for social media alerts. You might also get free spins just for logging in on certain days. Every promotion is just another opportunity to build your slots bankroll.


Collecting daily log-in bonuses is one of the single-best ways to play sweeps casinos for free and potentially score some significant cash prizes.

Daily log-in rewards are also extremely easy to acquire so make sure you aren’t missing out on tons of extra value simply by ignoring certain sections of your favorite sweepstakes casino.

Also, remember to have fun. Modern slots are extremely engaging and fun to play. Thanks to the sweepstakes model it’s possible to get hours of slot play without spending a dime.

Author: Arthur Crowson
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