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BC Slots GRAND JACKPOT (All 15 Balls Drop)

Chalk up another legendary jackpot spin for Brian Christopher. The ultra-popular slots streamer hit a $12,000+ grand jackpot on the Prosperity Link machine. The session didn’t get off to the best start but BC Slots stuck with it and found a huge payday.

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Brian Christopher scored a Grand Jackpot worth over $10,000 on stream and in incredibly rare fashion. It was on a new version of IGT’s Prosperity Link game and, for the first time we’ve seen, all 15 balls dropped at once to fill the entire screen and trigger the jackpot.

Christopher opened his live stream on YouTube at Yaamava’ Resort & Casino on Thursday night telling his loyal Rudies that he was “hunting for some jackpots,” and he found this one right before the one-hour mark.

Remarkably, this wasn’t even Christopher’s first five-figure jackpot win during a live stream of the week. Christopher won an SC 10,159.08 jackpot on the Really Reely Rich slot at Chumba Casino during his Monday night live stream on his Brian Christopher Online (@bconline) YouTube channel. 

These two big wins highlighted an exciting week for the BC Slots star.

Thursday Night’s BC Slots Live Stream Started Off Slow

Brian Christopher’s hunt for jackpots on Thursday night didn’t get off to a strong start. Christopher opened the stream with an up-and-down session on Wheel of Fortune Diamond’s Deluxe, eventually cashing out $795 of the $1,000 he had deposited.

He lost that $795 on Top Dollar Grand, and then went on to lose $1,000 on Tarzan Palace of Diamonds and another $1,000 on the popular new Frankenstein slot. The cold streak would soon come to an end however as Christopher made his way over to a Prosperity Link Dian Shi Cheng Jin slot machine.

This is a new machine in the popular Prosperity Link style. These slots have a hold-and-win bonus that is triggered when six or more balls displaying cash values all land on the screen at once. When they do, those balls stay in place, and players get three respins to add more balls to the screen. Each ball that lands on the screen awards an additional three respins.

One Amazing Spin Turned the Stream Around

After losing another $1,000 on the Dian Shi Cheng Jin machine, Christopher said “let’s go try her sister machine next door.” The Prosperity Link Ri Jin Dou Jin machine adjacent to the one he had just played was Christopher’s next stop, and it proved to be a great one.

Just over one minute after he started playing the machine, at the 56:35 mark of the BC Slots live stream, Christopher did the unthinkable and collected all 15 balls to fill the screen in a single spin. What made the moment even more amazing was that he had accidentally double-clicked the spin button to skip the animation of the balls landing, causing them all to appear on the screen instantly.

“Guys, did I just frigging rapid-fire the damn Grand?” He had. Both Christopher and the live chat started going crazy in celebration. For filling the screen, Christopher was awarded the machine’s $10,220.32 grand jackpot. And as a cherry on top, one of the balls that landed was the Minor Jackpot, tacking on an additional $1,000 to the total prize.

And That Was Just The Beginning Of The Bonus

Most of the hold-and-win bonus games like Prosperity Link and Dragon Link only have one game board, so filling up the entire screen with 15 balls is the best possible result and the end of the bonus. But on this particular machine, there are up to four 3×5 boards that can be unlocked to collect more balls on.

In addition to automatically awarding the Grand Jackpot, the BC Slots rapid-fire 15 ball drop also unlocked two more screens before the bonus respins even began. None of the balls on those additional screens wound up being worth more than $80, but Christopher obviously wasn’t complaining.

When all of the balls and jackpots collected in the bonus were tallied up, Brian Christopher was the happy recipient of a $12,340.32 hand pay.

This Was One To Remember

Slot players and fans of slot streamers know how difficult it can be to get the six balls necessary to activate the bonus. And even after doing so, collecting all 15 balls and the Grand Jackpot that comes with it is extremely rare. Accomplishing all of that with all 15 balls dropping at once was an incredible event to capture on film, and on a live stream no less.

Brian Christopher’s 15 ball drop Grand Jackpot win should stand the test of time as a highlight on the BC Slots YouTube channel for years to come. For more exciting and memorable stories like this one, visit for daily news and features.

Author: Dave Consolazio
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