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Mr. Hand Pay Hits His Biggest Jackpot Ever

Mr. Hand pulled off one of his biggest jackpots ever on Buffalo Link. The bombastic live streamer went on a wild session where he was betting $500 a spin before finally landing a jackpot prize worth nearly six figures.

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Mr. Hand Pay wins almost $95,000 in the biggest jackpot of his life.

Mr. Hand Pay’s super high-stakes session on a Buffalo Link machine last week was capped off by an incredible handpay win of $94,925. 

In a video posted to the Mr. Hand Pay Youtube channel, Jason Boehlke (Mr. Hand Pay) shared footage from the incredible session at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida along with some commentary about the experience. Boehlke was betting $500 per spin and had dug himself into a huge hole before his luck finally turned around.

Mr. Hand Pay Digs Six-Figure Hole On Buffalo Link

Boehlke started the roughly hour-long session betting $250 per spin, but quickly switched over to $500 per spin within the first five minutes. This Buffalo Link machine was on his radar due to the high progressive jackpots available and a must-hit feature that he was determined to unlock.

At $500 per spin, the money comes and goes quickly. Mr. Hand Pay scored an $11,500 handpay on a hold-and-spin feature at around the 10-minute mark of the session, and at the 29-minute mark he hit another hold-and-spin bonus worth $39,500. 

Despite these big wins and a handful of smaller ones along the way, Boehlke’s chase for the must-hit feature was proving to be a costly one as he was down over $100,000 when it finally hit at the 55-minute mark.

The Must-Hit Feature Proved To Be Worth The Wait

When the must-hit feature was finally triggered, Boehlke knew it would need to be a big one to help him dig out of the massive hole he was in. The slot awarded him eight free games, and it looked like a disaster in the making with the first six spins all producing zero line pays. Fortunately, things started to turn around when the seventh and eighth spin each retriggered the bonus for an additional ten spins in total.

After producing no paying combos during the first 11 spins of the bonus, the machine finally delivered a $6,400 line pay on the 12th spin. And then on the 14th spin, Boehlke scored the biggest individual line pay of his life with two buffaloes on the first reel, two more on the second, a 2x multiplier on the third, two more buffaloes on the fourth and three on the fifth.

One payline of five buffaloes at these stakes was worth $1500. This combination had 24 different five buffalo paylines on it, and they were all multiplied by 2x. At $3000 per line with 24 lines, this single spin was worth $72,000. The bonus eventually wrapped up with a grand total of $94,925.

Mr. Hand Pay Had an Encore the Next Day

Mr. Hand Pay revealed in the video that he decided to take one more shot on this machine the next day. He deposited $5,000 and got right back to it with $500 spins again.

This time around, Boehlke hit big right out of the gate. Just a few spins in, he hit a hold-and-spin feature that paid out $20,500. And then on the very next spin after his handpay break, he triggered a free-spin bonus that generated another $42,145 jackpot. So after starting off this two-day session down six figures, Mr. Hand Pay actually managed to turn things around and book a profit.

Boehlke spoke candidly about the experience at the end of his video, talking about how stressed he was during the downswing that he was losing all of this money without producing any good content for the channel. He was glad that things worked out in the end and that he was able to put on an entertaining show for his viewers.

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