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NG Slot Wins Over $22K On Buffalo Bonus

NG Slot, won a massive $22,647 jackpot on a Buffalo Gold Revolution machine this weekend. The bonus-triggering spin was on $22.50 bets and yielded a win of over 1000x.

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Narek Gharibyan, best known for his extremely popular YouTube channel NG Slot, won a massive $22,647 jackpot on a Buffalo Gold Revolution machine this weekend. 

What made the win particularly impressive was the fact that it came on Gharibyan’s secondary channel, @HavingFunWithNGSLOT, where he plays at much lower stakes compared to his main channel. The bonus-triggering spin was on $22.50 bets and yielded a win of over 1000x.

Long-time fans of Gharibyan and the NG Slot channel may know that the slot influencer has plenty of history with Buffalo machines in Las Vegas. On May 28, 2019, Gharibyan hit a $20,158 bonus on a $12 bet in what was at the time the biggest slot jackpot of his life. The Buffalo Gold Wonder 4 Jackpot video has over two million views and is one of the most popular videos of all time on the NG Slot channel.

NG Slot Frustrated By Slow Start

Gharibyan opened his jackpot winning video on Sunday by putting $1,000 in a Buffalo Gold Revolution machine and playing $22.50 a spin on a nickel denomination. After about three minutes, he started rapid-spinning, and his bankroll in the machine quickly dwindled down to $270. The NG Slot star decided to change things up by switching to $15 spins, but that didn’t work much better.

With the machine down to $227, Gharibyan switched back to $22.50 per spin. He stopped rapid-spinning and began to apologize to the audience at the 3:38 mark of the video. “Sorry guys, I couldn’t get anything nice,” Gharibyan started to say, but before he could finish the sentence, he had activated the bonus by collecting four gold coins.

Extra Free Spins Started Piling Up

In Buffalo Gold Revolution, triggering the bonus gives you wheel spins that can award credits, gold buffalo heads, or extra free spins. During the bonus on Buffalo Gold, collecting buffalo gold heads allows you to turn lower-paying symbols into buffaloes, creating the opportunity for larger payouts. Gharibyan’s bonus would start with 15 free spins and two gold buffalo heads collected.

Collecting two gold coins during the free spin bonus on a Buffalo machine awards an additional five free spins, and collecting three awards an additional eight. Gharibyan won five more spins on the fourth free spin of the bonus, and by his 17th free spin he was up to a total of 38 free spins thanks to multiple re-triggers.

Those Extra Spins Became Massive Line Hits

After making only $585 through his first 18 free spins, Gharibyan scored his first big line hit of the session on this Buffalo Gold Revolution machine. With three buffaloes on the first reel, two on the second, 2x multiplying wilds on the third and fourth, and two buffaloes on the fifth, this single spin contained 12 different combinations of five buffaloes and some smaller symbols for a whopping $4,392.

As the bonus progressed on the Having Fun With NG Slot channel, Gharibyan kept collecting more gold buffalo heads to unlock more buffalo symbols and more gold coins to unlock more spins. This led to almost every spin containing multiple winning combinations. He won another $4,320 on his 50th free spin and $2,256 on his 56th.

When the dust settled and the feature was over, slot fans of NG Slot had witnessed a bonus in which all 15 buffalo heads were collected, 63 free spins were completed, and a hand pay of $22,647 was won. If this epic bonus win has you ready to get in on the action yourself, consider heading over to Chumba Casino, where you can play buffalo-based sweeps slots like Stampede Fury and Stampede Fury 2 for real cash prizes.

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