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Vegas Matt Scores $36k Touchdown On Super Bowl Slots

The Kansas Chiefs weren’t the only winners over Super Bowl weekend as Vegas Matt struck a $36,000 payday on a Super Bowl-themed slot machine.

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Vegas Matt turned one $40 spin into a massive $36,000 handpay on the NFL-themed Super Bowl Link machine last week. To celebrate the Super Bowl taking place in Las Vegas on February 11, Vegas Matt published a video of his play on the Super Bowl Link machine the day before the big game. This thrilling win gave Matt and his crew plenty of reason to celebrate before the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers even took the field.

Vegas Matt Forgot to Bet on the Chiefs After His Last Super Bowl Link Video

The Super Bowl Link machine is an NFL-themed game that debuted in casinos across Las Vegas in 2023. The game allows you to choose any of the NFL’s 32 teams before you play, and the graphics and colors on the slot change based on the team you select. For example, when you select Kansas City, the machine has a team-colored red border and the symbols of players, helmets and championship rings all display the Chiefs logo.

Back on January 12, Vegas Matt uploaded a session on this machine with the theme of determining what team would win the Super Bowl. He selected each of the top contenders in the NFL playoffs and would spin with that selected team until a bonus was activated. The team that yielded the largest profit is the one that he would bet on to win the Super Bowl.

Vegas Matt’s biggest profit on the machine came with Kansas City as his selected team. The hold-and-spin bonus on a $30 was worth $2,706, netting the Chiefs a profit of $2,187 which proved to be the highest out of any of the selected teams. A future bet on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl at that point in the season was paying 10-to-1, but Vegas Matt unfortunately forgot to place the bet.

The Massive Super Bowl Link Bonus Win Helped Ease the Pain

In his most recent video playing the Super Bowl Link machine on the Saturday before the Super Bowl, Vegas Matt opened the video bemoaning the fact that he hadn’t bet the Chiefs at 10/1 as originally planned. His new plan was to play the game again using only the two teams remaining, the Chiefs and the 49ers, and to bet on the winner this time around.

Vegas Matt alternated turns between playing the machine with the Chiefs’ theme and the 49ers theme. Neither had much success in what he dubbed the first half and the second half, so he decided to send the game to overtime and give each team one more chance to generate some bonus wins. With San Francisco selected, the fateful spin came at the 21-minute mark of the video.

Collecting six or more footballs on a spin activates the game’s hold-and-spin bonus feature. These balls can include progressive jackpots and amounts of anywhere from 1X to 100X your wager. While betting $40 per spin, Vegas Matt activated the hold-and-spin bonus with a total of eight balls; five $4,000 balls and three Minor Jackpot balls.

The Minor Jackpot was also worth $4,000, meaning that this screen was worth an amazing $32,000. One more $4,000 ball was collected before the bonus came to an end, leaving the grand total at $36,000 on a $40 spin.

A 900X Spin Is a Jackpot Slot Players Dream Of

It’s common to see big wins and handpays on high-stakes slot channels, but those are often relative to the stakes being wagered. A $6,000 win on a $100 spin for example would translate to a $60 spin for those off us slot players playing a dollar a spin.

This 900X win is amazing at any stakes. A slots fan betting $2 per spin getting this bonus runout would receive a $1,800 handpay. That type of massive payoff is what we are all hoping for when playing our favorite slots.

Vegas Matt wound up betting $5,000 on San Francisco to win the Super Bowl as a result of the 49ers winning the mini-game. That sports bet didn’t work out as the Chiefs won the Super Bowl 25-22 in overtime, but the net result of playing the Super Bowl Link machine a second time still proved to be a winning decision.

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