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Vegas Matt Smashes $130K Win on Regal Riches

High-stakes slots streamer Vegas Matt put in another epic session over the last week that saw him net an astounding $135,000 profit. Here’s a look at how it all went down.

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Vegas Matt spent over an hour gambling on a high-stakes Regal Riches machine this week at Resorts World and finished this incredible session up over $130,000. 

The massive win came just a couple of weeks after Vegas Matt spent over an hour on the same game playing at even higher stakes at the Cosmopolitan, and coincidentally he finished that session down over $130,000.

Vegas Matt has one of the fastest growing slots channels on YouTube. His sense of humor, love for gambling, banter with his son EJ and high-stakes play have all led to him building up almost 200,000 subscribers on YouTube in less than a year on the platform. 

But while Vegas Matt always plays at high stakes, these two Regal Riches videos were played at far higher stakes than normal.

How Regal Riches Works

Regal Riches is a slot played on five reels with four symbols on each reel, displaying 20 symbols in total on the board. This slot has three different free game bonus types available: the Minor with purple wild diamonds, the Major with green wild diamonds and the Mega with yellow wild diamonds. All of these bonuses award 10 free games with a displayed number of wilds guaranteed during those ten games.

Wild diamonds are stamped onto the board prior to each spin. If the same symbol is stamped twice, it becomes a 2x wild, three times it becomes a 3x, and so on. During regular play, random diamonds of different colors appear on Reel 5, and those add to the total number of guaranteed wilds on their corresponding bonus.

What makes this slot so appealing is it’s potential for absolutely massive line hits during the bonus. With so many guaranteed wilds distributed at random, at least one free spin during the bonus is bound to be loaded with a board full of wilds and multipliers.

Vegas Matt Lost Over $130,000 On Regal Riches Earlier This Month

After enjoying success across multiple videos betting $150 a spin on Regal Riches, Vegas Matt decided to up the ante when he found a high-limit version of the slot at the Cosmopolitan. In a YouTube video aptly named The Most Insane Gambling Video On The Internet!, Vegas Matt spent over an hour playing Regal Riches at $1,125 per spin.

To put into perspective how crazy this was, Vegas Matt didn’t hit anything on his first 18 spins. This wouldn’t be too noteworthy on a normal slot at normal bet sizes, but at this bet size, it meant that Vegas Matt was down $20,250 just two minutes into the video. Vegas Matt finished this session down over $130,000 despite winning a remarkable $167,250 on the final bonus game of the video.

And Then He Won the Same Amount Two Weeks Later

Perhaps in response to that viral video that has over 800,000 views to date, Resorts World added Regal Riches to its high limit room. Vegas Matt opened his new video on Wednesday stating that this version of the machine went up to $1,875 per spin, but that he wouldn’t be playing that high, instead sarcastically stating they’d be playing the “very conservative” amount of $750 per spin until they hit a bonus.

Vegas Matt hit the Minor bonus and won $27,500 to climb out of an early hole into a loss of only $5,000. He decided to ditch the original plan of stopping after a bonus and played on after that.

This proved to be a great decision. After collecting multiple wins in the $15,000 to $25,000 range, Vegas Matt re-triggered the Minor bonus again and won $76,900. About 20 minutes later, he hit the Major bonus for a $123,950 win.

One more $55,700 Minor bonus capped off a video that lasted just under an hour and a half and earned Vegas Matt a profit of roughly $135 thousand. With amazing six-figure swings like these, it’s easy to see why Vegas Matt is one of our highest ranked slots content creators.

Author: Dave Consolazio
Dave has been writing about slots for just about as long as he's been playing them. He’s an accomplished writer who has written countless articles on slots, poker, and sports betting for various publications over the past 15 years.
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