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Watch Jackpot Joe Score a “Life-Changing” $140k Jackpot on Huff N More Puff

We’ve seen some massive jackpots on Huff N More Puff over the years, but it will be hard to beat the six-figure monster that Jackpot Joe pulled down at Aria over the last week.

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Slots influencer Jackpot Joe made history this week by hitting one of the biggest grand jackpots on Huff N More Puff ever recorded on YouTube.

Joe was amid a fairly lackluster session on Huff N More Puff at Aria in Las Vegas when – out of nowhere – he hit a jaw-dropping grand jackpot worth $140,763.33. The number was inflated because of an extra-hefty progressive.

It’s believed to be the biggest Grand Jackpot on Huff N More Puff ever captured on film and easily surpasses Joe’s previous biggest win of $25,000.

Watch Jackpot Joe’s “Oh My God” Moment

It appeared Jackpot Joe was heading for a significant loss before reeling off an all-time score in his most recent video. You can skip right to the action around the 51:50 of the video above. Joe gave up earlier in the session but decided to return to the machine later that night.

The video resumes with Joe hitting 6 free games while betting $15 a spin. He unlocks a number of different houses including, most importantly, two brick houses.

When the wolf blows down the brick houses it turns out that a grand jackpot worth $140,763 is hiding behind one of them. Joe understandably exclaims, “Oh my god!” and wanders around the casino in disbelief of his good fortune.

One of the first comments on the video is from none other than Mr Handpay himself who wrote:

“Aren’t you glad you finally listened to me???? Always play the machine with the larger progressives! Congrats! I’m so happy for you!”

Jackpot Joe’s Bad Start on Huff N More Puff

It’s worth noting that Jackpot Joe wasn’t even in Vegas strictly to gamble. He was actually celebrating his daughter’s 21st birthday by taking her to the Speed Vegas track.

Of course Jackpot Joe was going to get in some slots action while he was there and good friend Mr. Handpay convinced him to try his hand at popular slot Huff N More Puff. It proved to be incredibly good advice.

The session didn’t get off to the best start, as Joe dusted $1,000 in less than 10 minutes playing Huff N More Puff. From there, he wandered to several different machines before eventually making his way back to Huff N More Puff.

Once again, Huff N Puff wasn’t kind to Joe as he dropped another $1,000 doing $50 bets. Finally, after losing another thousand on Huff N Puff, Joe gave up around the 51-minute mark. He said he might be back later and give it another shot. It proved to be one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

To learn more be sure to check out the Jackpot Joe interview we just posted this week. You can also see where Jackpot Joe ranks in our Slots Streamer Rankings.

Author: Arthur Crowson
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