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Spotlight: Pompsie Slots on the Rise

Pompsie Slots didn’t always have a huge audience on YouTube, but he’s been on quite the run lately. He’s earned a whopping 62,000 subscribers over the past 6 months, and he isn’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon. Let’s discuss how Pompsie rose to new heights.

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Christopher Pomparelli, the man better known as Pompsie Slots on YouTube, has been earning more attention at the casino recently. Chris and his wife Greta have gone from running a smaller platform to becoming the ninth most popular channel on YouTube. 

Their popularity has skyrocketed exponentially since Pompsie posted his first video in 2022. The channel boasts 219,000+ subscribers and 150 million+ views across 1,276 videos and counting. 

Pompsie and Greta post new videos every single day, and her appearance is the channel’s best addition yet. While Pompsie Slots was able to organize a sizable fanbase on his own, Greta was the secret ingredient for next-level growth. 

From burning his last $100 at the Aliante to buying slot bonuses for an hour straight, Pompsie knows how to rile up his viewers with exciting thumbnails. The channel has experienced tremendous growth over the last six months and currently sits 9th overall on our YouTube Streamer Rankings.

We’ll be taking a closer look at how Pompsie Slots and Greta went from zero to hero in just a little over two years. 

Pompsie and Greta Part With $10,000 Per Month In Slot Losses 

Pompsie Slots has only had one profitable month on camera since launching his channel over two years ago. In September of 2023, Pompsie Slots won a $10,000 jackpot and Greta won a $6,000 jackpot in the high-limit room. On average, Greta estimates that the pair loses $10,000 per month playing slots. It all depends on whether the pair decides to visit the high-limit room. They talked about it on the Don’t Sweat it podcast, which you can view above.

Pompsie and Greta generated most of their income through Facebook and other socials at the beginning of their journey to mainstream success, but they now earn the bulk of their cash from working with advertisers on YouTube. You can support Pompsie by following him on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter (X). He also runs a merchandise store and lists his PayPal page.

Pompsie Slots Is Open About His Personal Circumstances

Pompsie Slots grew up in New Jersey, but his wife Greta lived her entire life in Italy until she graduated high school. At the age of 19, she joined a year-long foreign exchange program with a family in New Jersey and did the job of a live-in nanny to pay for her room and board.  

Pompsie Slots was working as a freelance video editor for big-name influencers when he decided to start his own travel channel in honor of Casey Neistat, who he proclaims is his “favorite YouTuber ever” on the Don’t Sweat It podcast. 

Greta bumped into Pompsie Slots on Tinder of all places. They hit it off and made a bold move to Sin City after Greta locked down a job opportunity in Las Vegas. As you might expect, things fell into place with the now-married pair just a few miles away from a popular casino at all times. 

They found a hidden gold mine almost by accident when Pompsie realized that his viewers want to see him gamble. He posted a proper slot video to his Facebook account on a whim, and it got more views than most of his videos. That’s the story of how Pompsie turned into Pompsie Slots. 

Pompsie Slots Has A Second, Travel-Focused YouTube Channel   

Pompsie launched his first channel way back in 2009, but it’s been more of a side project than a full-time hustle ever since his gaming channel shattered glass ceilings. His channel has 185,000 subscribers and 221 videos documenting Pompsie’s experience with various hotels, resorts and casinos in the Las Vegas area. He also plays blackjack and other casino games on this channel. 

Traveling To 100 Countries To Gamble

Pompsie Slots and Greta have visited Canada, Mexico, Belize, Australia, and New Zealand to play casino games. They’re planning to visit one hundred different countries for the purpose of visiting the casino and exploring new scenery. They post a monthly video in a different country each time, so there’s a lot of slot content yet to be seen from other locations around the world. 

Pompsie and Greta Have Endorsed A Free Social Casino App 

The power couple behind Pompsie Slots has endorsed a free casino app for iOS and Android. It is called “Gold Fish Casino Slots” and you can download it on Google Play or the App Store. It’s a fun app but there is no support for winning cash prizes.

Pompsie Slots and company climbed their way to the top of the charts with a strategic mixture of approachability, charisma, and calculated risk-taking. This husband-and-wife duo is unstoppable inside and outside the casino! If you want to learn more, read our in-depth Pompsie profile story. 

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