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There are very few slots streaming channels as dynamic as Pompsie Slots. Christopher Pomparelli, better known as Pompsie, has gambled across the globe and created some of the most action-packed content you’ll find on YouTube.
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Chris Pomparelli takes a different approach to content creation than other slots influencers by keeping the focus exactly where it needs to be – if you’re interested in heart-racing gameplay and nothing but, you’ll wish you found the Pompsie Slots channel when it launched in 2022. 

He’s been running his main YouTube channel since 2009, but his slots-focused channel took off almost immediately. In two short years, he’s left his mark on the industry with a staggering 154k YouTube subscribers and 97.9 million views in total. 

He’s also earned 72.8k followers on Instagram so far, and his Facebook page boasts 201,000+ followers! His friendly demeanor and pinpoint focus on exciting slot gameplay put Pompsie in a league of his own. 

As he continues to gain popularity, we’d expect Pompsie Slots to soar above the competition! 

Quick Facts About Pompsie Slots:

  • The Pompsie Slots YouTube Channel has 154,000+ subscribers, 97.9 million views, and 994 videos to comb through. His main YouTube channel is even more popular, boasting 177,000
  • subscribers and featuring 219 long-form videos posted since January 20, 2009. 
  • Christopher Pomparelli, better known as Pompsie, doesn’t actually have a middle name!
  • Chris Pomparelli is currently traveling to 100 countries to gamble, and he’s vlogging all the action on his main YouTube channel! As of right now, Pompsie is living in Las Vegas.
  • Pompsie was unjustly banned from the Cosmopolitan Resort on the Las Vegas strip, and he made a video about his experience that garnered 300k views. That video earned him sudden fame, and he’s used his passion for filmmaking to become a full-time YouTuber.
  • Pompsie’s brand-new online store has three pieces of merch with more on the way. Buy the iconic Pompsie Beanie, Pompsie Mug, or the “Peace, Love & Pompsie” comfort tee

Where to Find Pompsie Slots:

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: My BIG WIN On This Zeus Power Link Slot Machine! 🤑🙌

Pompsie started off with $600 on the Zeus: Power Link slot machine and earned a voucher for $818. Alongside his wife Greta, he then tried his luck on the Neptune: Power Link machine and nearly doubled his money! Pompsie began with the same $600 and won a grand total of $1,130. 

Even though he didn’t bring home a gigantic payout, Pompsie’s fanbase rewarded 15 minutes of energetic gameplay with a whopping 2.6 million views!

SlotsFan Ranking

Pompsie might not be the most popular slots influencer – that title goes to Brian Christopher, who runs a slots YouTube channel with 629k+ subscribers. However, Pompsie carved out his niche with a renewed focus on non-stop gameplay and big slot wins straight from Sin City. 

Chris has been creating more traditional vlogs since 2009 on his main YouTube channel, but Pompsie Slots has been a smash hit since launching in 2022. His down-to-earth personality and relatable quirks make Pompsie the guy you’d want to have a beer with. That’s his allure! 

Schedule: New Videos 

Pompsie is hard at work uploading new videos to his Pompsie Slots channel every day. He sometimes uploads twice per day, and he’ll occasionally enjoy a day off around the holidays. 

There’s no consistent schedule, but he tends to post uploads between 4 PM – 10 PM EST. Just in case you’d like to get caught up, the Pompsie Slots channel features 994 of his older videos.  

His main YouTube channel receives a bit less attention nowadays, but Pompsie is documenting his global adventures once a month. He’s already vlogged his experiences in Mexico & Canada!

Origin Story

Pompsie joined YouTube on January 20, 2009. His first video, entitled “The Backyard Ice Rink,” shows us a more athletic side of Chris brushing up on his ice hockey skills. Having grown up in New Jersey before eventually moving to Vegas, he’s a long-time fan of the New York Rangers! 

Before skyrocketing into the spotlight for gambling fans across the country, Pompsie expressed his innate filmmaking skills with a captivating “deep dive” into the story behind Mac Miller’s final photo. Published on September 19th, 2018, Pompsie’s exclusive interview earned 1.3M views. 

His first dedicated slots video was published to the Pompsie Slots YouTube channel on June 18, 2022. He immediately went viral with 166k+ views on a $100 investment at the Aliante Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. From there, his channel continued to thrive on the same $100 investment.  

After a while, Pompsie got a bit more confident and started feeding thousands of dollars into his favorite slot machines. We’ve seen him lose it all, but his jackpot wins have likely been enough to offset the cost of doing business. 

If you’re here to live vicariously through Pompsie, his gameplay videos hit the spot every time. 

Pompsie Slots’ Biggest Wins

September 13, 2023: $10,000 on Top Dollar (Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa) 

March 16, 2023: $5,476.13 on Buffalo Gold Revolution (Buffalo Bill’s Casino) 

August 22, 2023: $5,000 on Wheel of Fortune (Palms Hotel & Casino)

Community and Giveaways

As we’ve emphasized time and time again, Pompsie’s approachable nature and down-to-earth personality have earned him a truly massive following since 2022. He has an email newsletter, and there’s a dedicated contact form on his Linktree. We’re also huge fans of Pompsie’s store
Although he doesn’t have a Patreon channel like many slots influencers, you can leave money in his “Tip Jar” through PayPal. He also doesn’t host traditional giveaways, but he’s dished out $1,000 in cash to a handful of lucky subscribers that found him walking on the Las Vegas Strip.

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