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BOMBA Slots launched his blooming YouTube channel in September of 2020, but he’s made up for lost time ... Read more
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BOMBA Slots launched his blooming YouTube channel in September of 2020, but he’s made up for lost time by achieving a degree of success that’s usually reserved for influencers who started years before he did. John boasts 52.3k subscribers and 23.8 million views at the time of writing. 

That’s in no small part due to the tireless amount of work he’s undergone since throwing his hat in the ring. Over the past four years, he’s uploaded 1,285 videos – that’s one video per day (with the occasional double upload) since September 2020. He’s only grown more popular with time. 

His allure stems from his down-to-earth demeanor, relatable commentary, and realistic uploads. Unlike many of his peers, John aims to provide a clear picture of his wins & losses at the reels.

Quick Facts About BOMBA Slots 

  • BOMBA Slots is one of the only influencers hailing from Canada. He’s married, but his wife’s name is currently unknown. Both he and his wife migrated to Sin City after their channel blew up, and he frequently hosts YouTube live-streams in Las Vegas casinos.
  • BOMBA Slots isn’t just a fan of land-based casinos in Vegas. When he’s not busy on Sin City’s most popular machines, you’ll find him giving away free spins and Sweeps Coins. He’s partnered with Pulsz and McLuck to feature two excellent welcome offers. 
  • Aside from his first name being John, there’s very little information surrounding BOMBA Slots personal life. However, he has connections in high places: he’s been photographed with mega-popular slot influencers like @TheBigJackpot, @NGSlot, and @MrMikeSlots.
  • Like many of his peers, BOMBA Slots has a personal merchandise shop. If you want to show your support, he sells Christmas-themed sweaters and branded polo T-shirts. He pays homage to George Lucas’ beloved Star Wars franchise with “Slot Wars” apparel.
  • BOMBA Slots is no one-trick pony. When he’s not reviewing the latest slots and jackpot machines, he’ll don his apron and toque to review Vegas’ finest restaurants and five-star resorts. Stick around long enough and he’ll give you a POV of where he sleeps at night!

Where to Watch

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: BIG JACKPOT ON THE 3RD SPIN! Golden Century ~ Dragon Link up to $125 BETS Casino Slot Play HANDPAY!

BOMBA Slots’ most popular video was uploaded to YouTube on December 2nd, 2021. It’s since received 383k+ views. He ended up filming nearly 19 minutes of heart-pounding gameplay on the Golden Century Dragon Link slot, but he got a $2,550 jackpot on his third spin. At first, he started small with $25 bets before upping the ante to $125 per spin.

Unfortunately, as most players have done before, BOMBA Slots gave thousands of dollars back to the casino and left with a $300 win when it was all said and done. Still, it’s exhilarating to see him burn through his bankroll three times, only to get saved by two $1,500 and $1,050 jackpots.

At least he didn’t leave the casino pocketing less money than he came with. 

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of writing, BOMBA Slots ranks 35 out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. To see where BOMBA Slots ranks now, check the latest version of the SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings

Schedule: New Videos

BOMBA Slots posts a new video every single day. He tends to upload content between 10 AM – 4 PM EST. You’ll see all the latest updates mirrored onto his Facebook. On the flip side, his TikTok doesn’t get too much attention.

He also goes live on YouTube to record his gameplay with and every three to four days. There’s no set time frame during which he gives away free spins and Sweeps Coins, but viewers who comment and subscribe have a good chance of getting recognized on his livestream. 

Origin Story

BOMBA Slots came onto the YouTube slots scene out of nowhere, but it didn’t take him long to move up the charts and secure his place in the industry. He launched his channel at the height of the COVID pandemic in September of 2020, and his oldest slots video got just 2,961 views. 

Still, he didn’t give up hope – good things take time, but they didn’t take nearly as much time as we’d expect for a brand-new slots influencer facing serious competition. 

BOMBA Slots’ second jackpot video received an appreciable 21k+ views, and it wouldn’t be long before his vids were averaging between 15k and 25k views a piece. Nowadays, he does about the same numbers with the occasional smash-hit upload receiving 100k to 300k views. 

He’s stuck with the winning formula by showing the reality of entering the high-limit room. By not pulling any punches to record his biggest wins and losses, he’s earned the respect of his audience clip by clip.

BOMBA Slots’ Biggest Wins

November 9th, 2021: $104,352 on Cleopatra II (Wynn Las Vegas) 

September 28th, 2020: $12,577.28 on Peacock Princess Dragon Link (Las Vegas)

September 10th, 2023: $12,031.05 on Pillars of Cash Celestial Fortunes (Las Vegas) 

Community and Giveaways 

BOMBA Slots has a widespread community on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram & Facebook. He’s in the process of building his TikTok page, but he’s more than happy to field questions from his fans on live. Unsurprisingly, he generates tons of live-stream traffic with his frequent social casino giveaways. As a member of his channel, you can even choose the slots he plays. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any instances of BOMBA Slots giving away free cash. 

Finally, BOMBA Slots has a dedicated “Events” page on his website – that’s where he’ll post all his upcoming meet-and-greets, slots tournaments, and giveaways. Sign up with your name and email to receive push notifications when he finally gets things up and running!

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