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Gamblin’ Granny proves that retirement doesn’t have to be boring. Instead, she’s making the most of her golden years by spending all that Social Security money at the casino. In this profile, we’ll look at Beth Packer and Dice, her unnamed but loving husband.
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Gamblin Granny and Dice might not be the first older couple to grace Vegas with their presence, but they’re certainly among the most notable. They fight against the notion that older people are technologically illiterate with three active socials and a massive library of carefully edited videos.

All jokes aside, the married couple running the Gamblin’ Granny YouTube channel is living their best life one day at a time. After joining YouTube in November 2019, they quickly skyrocketed to mainstream fame. As of now, they have 9.57k subscribers and 892k views across 697 videos. 

Before we highlight their largest jackpot handpays, we’ll be diving deeper into the sort of content Gamblin’ Granny likes to post. But first, let’s take a look at five fun facts about Gamblin’ Granny. 

Gamblin’ Granny Quick Facts

  • Granny and Dice hail from Central Illinois, but you’ll usually find them ambling around on the Las Vegas strip. In addition to visiting their favorite casinos and showing off their slot play, they don’t shy away from reviewing hotel rooms and restaurants.
  • Every Friday night, Granny and Dice go live on YouTube. They aren’t always making it to the casino, but we can be sure they have fun together no matter where they are. Granny likes scratching off lottery tickets while Dice jams out on the guitar (her words, not ours!).
  • Even though Gamblin’ Granny and Dice rose to mainstream fame with nothing but slot play, they’re expanding their horizons to film tabletop games in the near future. If you’ve never seen Dice or Granny huddling around the blackjack table, that’s about to change.
  • Gamblin’ Granny and Dice have a signature catchphrase – “Let’s go get that money!” If you want to support the couple’s next casino expedition, purchase Granny Gear on her merch store. They sell branded tote bags, hoodies, shirts, cute coffee mugs, and more! 
  • Gamblin’ Granny promotes her channel better than competitors half her age, and we’re giving them props where it’s due. For as little as $2.99/month, you’ll become a channel member and gain access to members-only live streams. There are two pricier tiers, too.

Where to Find Gamblin’ Granny

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: Epic Win My Biggest Jackpot On YouTube $4 Max Bet 4X91 Free Games [Buffalo Diamond]

Gamblin’ Granny’s most popular video was posted on April 28, 2021. Since then, they’ve received 30,015+ views and counting. While this doesn’t stand true now, at the time, Granny got her biggest-ever jackpot on camera. She and Dice were playing Buffalo Diamond for $4 a spin. 

This 18-minute roller coaster of a video kicks off with Granny perched at the slot that would soon spit back well over three grand. She starts her journey to the jackpot with $142.71, and their first handful of spins were rather uneventful, barring a $16 win. 

Granny shaves her bankroll down to $133.51 before unlocking her first bonus round of the night, and one spin of the wheel grants her 45 free spins with a 4x win multiplier attached to each one. At this point, she’s primed to win without spending any of her own hard-earned pension money. 

Better still, she picked up another 26 free games in the process. By the time she’s 33 free spins into her surprisingly profitable bonus, Granny is $342.80 in the green. Five spins later, Dice can be quoted as exclaiming “woahhhhh” after a string of Buffalo heads and prairie sunsets appear. 

First a 2x multiplier, then a 3x multiplier, and finally another 2x multiplier give Gamblin’ Granny a 12x total win multiplier on top of a massive jackpot. By the time it’s all said and done, they took home a very respectable $3,817.20. Best of all, Granny and Dice only spent $40 in real money. 

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, Gamblin’ Granny ranks 79th out of more than 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve gained 1,340 subscribers over the past six months. You can see where Gamblin’ Granny and Dice rank now.

Schedule: New Videos 

Gamblin’ Granny doesn’t stick to a consistent posting schedule, and not all of the channel’s clips are solely about slot play. Occasionally, they’ll venture out of their comfort zone and upload a hotel review. They even created a video that explains the best slots to play on a budget

Nonetheless, Gamblin’ Granny posts new content five or six times a month. Most of the time, they’ll upload something once a week. However, they go live every Friday. Finally, they will update socials whenever they post something new and exciting on YouTube. 

Origin Story 

Granny and Dice couldn’t have expected to break into the mainstream when they launched their YouTube channel in November 2019. A few months later, they posted their first video of Granny pulling up to Vegas in a limousine on March 3, 2020. They accrued a respectable 1,619+ views.

Their next few videos spanned across the map, ranging from an El Cortez hotel room review to a breakfast recap on their second day in Las Vegas. They immediately gained fans with a blend of high-quality content, relatable commentary, and video after video of exciting bonuses & wins.

During their first year on the platform, they began averaging 1k to 2k views per upload. This all changed when they posted their most popular video in April 2021, and it was all uphill from there. From that point forward, they received more recognition than they were used to. This inspired the couple to make the most of their opportunity and create merch.  

Granny and Dice navigated their rise to success with ease, and they’re reaping the rewards of their hard work every day. While they’re not quite as popular as they used to be, we’re guessing they’ll reach 10,000+ subscribers well before the year is up. 

Gamblin’ Granny’s Largest Jackpot Wins, Recorded on YouTube

Gamblin’ Granny won her first Grand Jackpot this year, but she’s hit some pretty amazing wins since they launched their channel in 2021. Here, we’ve highlighted and contextualized Granny’s most impressive jackpot wins to date. Hold onto your hats, because things are about to get wild. 

March 6, 2024: $13,005.89 on Big Hot Flamin’ Pots (The El Cortez, Downtown Las Vegas) 

Gamblin’ Granny was trying out a brand-new slot at El Cortez Casino in downtown Las Vegas when she got fifteen dumplings and filled all five pots during the bonus game. Granny & Dice were betting just $3.52 per spin when the $13,005.89 jackpot came hurtling out of the hot pot. 

April 28, 2021: $3,817.20 on Buffalo Diamond (The Ameristar, Kansas City) 

Gamblin Granny’s second-largest jackpot doubles as the channel’s most popular video to date, and we’ve gone into more detail about what happened up above. Here’s a summary: They won $3,200 during a bonus round, and their lucky backup spins gave the couple a total of $3,817.20. 

April 6, 2024: $3,239.48 on Corrida De Toros Lightning Link (The Ameristar, St. Charles) 

Last but not least, Granny and Dice found themselves at the Ameristar Casino in St. Charles, Missouri, when a rather uncommon slot game spit back $3,239.48. They won 3 jackpots that night, bringing home the $1,818.48 Major Jackpot, the $470 Minor, and the $200 Mini Bonus. 

Community and Giveaways 

Gamblin’ Granny and Dice understand that financial incentives get the fans worked up, and they leverage giveaways frequently. Usually, they’ll reserve prizes for channel members, so it could pay dividends to spend $2.99/month. Then, watch their live streams for a chance to win. 

They last gave away $200 on one of their regular “Pickin’ and Scratchin” live-streams on April 5, 2024. If you want to be among the first to find out when their next giveaway is coming down the pipeline, their Facebook page is a gold mine of helpful information. 

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