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Jackpot Judo doesn’t have a black belt, but he’s mastered the art of slots gameplay in a few short months. Since May of 2023, he’s already surpassed his peers in terms of popularity. Winning strategies, bankroll management, and “hot slot reviews” are Judo’s bread and butter.
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Jackpot Judo burst onto the scene in May of 2023, and he’s climbed the YouTube rankings at a rapid pace. With an excellent online presence and high production value to match, it seems he’s cracked the code to achieve mainstream popularity and success in no time flat. 

He’s accumulated 65.5k+ subscribers and earned 6.9+ million views on YouTube at the time of writing. Even though he’s created numerous guides that detail winning strategies for players on a budget, he doesn’t seem to be one of them: he usually bets between $100 – $200 per spin

Although he needs no introduction, let’s take a closer look at Jackpot Judo’s influencer status. 

Quick Facts About Jackpot Judo 

  • Jackpot Judo’s first-ever video made quite a splash: he filmed himself getting two huge, consecutive jackpots on a Dragon Link slot machine from a $250 max bet. He took home over $30,000 and cemented his place in the slots industry with 66,000+ views off the bat. 
  • Jackpot Judo is no stranger to raking in the cash. Long before he launched his channel in May 2023, he made over $1 million from investing in a relatively unknown crypto coin called DeHub in September 2021. He compared it to gambling in a much different way.
  • The universe has a funny sense of humor. Jackpot Judo stated that if his Pinball bonus went above $10,000, he’d get a tattoo of the Pinball slot machine logo. The first pinball that dropped scored $10,000, and he stayed true to his word after uploading this video
  • Jackpot Judo has lived many lifetimes. His parents were married in the Coast Guard, and he was born in the Oakland Naval Hospital. In addition to relocating on a routine basis during childhood, he’s lived & worked in 14 countries, including the Middle East.
  • In his “Story Time! Get to Know Me Better!” video, Jackpot Judo revealed sage words of advice he received from his father growing up: “You never know what tomorrow is going to bring.” For this reason, Jackpot Judo always keeps a positive & upbeat attitude. 

Where to Watch

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: How to pick the best Jackpot odds Slot Machine and hitting 2 Jackpots live under 20 min to prove it!

Jackpot Judo’s most popular video was uploaded to YouTube in July 2023, and it’s received 2+ million views at the time of writing. That’s no surprise – after all, who wouldn’t want to improve their chances of hitting a jackpot? 

He details his strategy for finding slots with a reduced house advantage. In his words, a handful of games “give you the best overall odds of walking out a winner.” These are the games that the casino “doesn’t make much money from.” 

We won’t spoil the clip, but he says that slot machines with higher minimum bet denominations give you better winning chances than penny slots. 

He proves his point in ten spins with a $2,300 jackpot on Double Diamond playing $20 a spin. 

After more than a few $100 kickbacks, he gets lucky once again with another $2,000 jackpot. 

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of writing, Jackpot Judo ranks 29th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. To see where Jackpot Judo ranks now, check out the latest version of the SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings

Schedule: New Videos

Unlike many slots influencers, Jackpot Judo doesn’t need to post content on the daily in order to stay relevant. He gets away with posting videos once per week, and he’s uploaded a grand total of 90 videos at the time of publishing. He normally posts videos between 10 AM and 4 PM EST. 

Sometimes, he’ll break the ice between weekly videos by live-streaming and posting the footage from his latest casino adventures. His TikTok is subject to much the same posting schedule, but it only contains the highlight reels you might expect to see from a high roller like Jackpot Judo. 

As it stands, his private Jackpot Judo Family Facebook group receives the most daily attention. 

Origin Story

From the little information that’s available online about Jackpot Judo and his family, it seems as though his channel came out of left field. Nobody had eyes on him before May 2023, but Judo’s rapid rise to Internet fame began with a video that showcased unbelievable luck at the casino. 

He then released his first jackpot strategy video to great fanfare in June 2023. So far, it’s gotten 336k+ views and counting. Then again, he did film himself winning $36,000 in 36 minutes. Next on the list, he put $300 in the Double Diamond Deluxe slot machine with a $100 denomination. 

706k+ viewers saw him go on an epic jackpot run, winning $12,000+ and taking home $10,000. Since the fall of 2023, he’s averaged between 40k and 50k views per video with the occasional upload receiving 100k+, 300k+, or even 400k+ views in short order. 

If he keeps up his current posting schedule, it looks as if his mega-successful slots channel will continue growing exponentially. He proved that quality content beats time spent in the industry. 

Jackpot Judo’s Biggest Wins

August 13th, 2023: $44,000+ on Cleopatra II (L’auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles

January 4th, 2024: $35,080 on Cleopatra II (Las Vegas) 

June 2nd, 2023: $35,000+ on Dragon Cash (Caesars Pompano Beach) 

Community and Giveaways 

While Judo Jackpot’s mainstream popularity on social media is nothing short of astounding, his biggest claim to fame is that he always makes his community feel included. He hosts frequent group pulls in Las Vegas, and he recently gave $1,000 in cold, hard cash to a lucky subscriber. 

Still, all of that pales in comparison to Judo Jackpot’s upcoming Judoball raffle – the winner will be drawn on May 2nd, 2024. The Judoball “Grand Prize” includes a round-trip flight to and from Vegas alongside luxurious hotel stays, fine dining, free transportation, and $1,000 in cash to use at the slot machines with the man of the hour. Needless to say, he’s offering a pretty sweet deal. 

Each ticket costs $10, but viewers with deep pockets can buy as many as they want in favor of influencing the odds. 

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