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LadyLuckHQ is quite the prolific high roller, even by Sin City’s standards. Even though she came onto the scene later than many of her peers, her confidence and jaw-dropping jackpot wins have earned her a well-deserved following.
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Francine and Miran Maric have been familiar faces in Las Vegas for years, but they only started to film their incredible wins at the casino in February 2018. That’s when they launched their joint YouTube channel, opting to call it LadyLuckHQ in recognition of their once-in-a-lifetime jackpots.

Over the past six years, the power couple behind LadyLuckHQ skyrocketed in popularity. At the time of writing, they’ve earned 461k YouTube subscribers, published 2,980 videos, and received a staggering 307M+ views. We’ll dive into the couple’s biggest payouts, discuss their come-up, and discuss the sort of content they post on YouTube. Hint: it involves a lot of high-limit wagers. 

First, we’ve compiled some interesting facts about LadyLuckHQ that you might not have known.

LadyLuckHQ Quick Facts

  • Francine and Miran are married, and they do everything with each other. Even though LadyLuckHQ is the more popular channel of the two, her hubby runs a small blackjack channel @DudeLuck23. Usually, Francine makes an appearance in Miran’s Blackjack videos.
  • As one of the most viewed slots influencers on YouTube, LadyLuckHQ has built some connections in high places. Recently, she partnered up with “Gold Fish Slots” – a free, Android-based social casino app that has all the same games you’d find in Las Vegas.
  • If you want to contribute towards LadyLuckHQ’s next jackpot handpay, they run a shop with Teespring. The couple sells coffee mugs, women’s leggings, short and long-sleeve tees, face masks, socks, and sweaters branded with “Save the Day” and “Big Money.”
  • During the latter half of 2023, Francine Maric teamed up with Stephen Crystal of SCCG to brainstorm the launch of their own social casino in the near future. SCCG handles the paperwork, but Francine’s visionary thinking is sure to result in a groundbreaking casino.
  • It’s no secret that LadyLuckHQ has been the recipient of life-changing jackpot handpays over the years, but we couldn’t imagine just how much cash the couple had won until we counted it ourselves. They’ve won more than $1 million, and that’s including their losses!

Where to Find LadyLuckHQ 

Channel Highlights 


LadyLuckHQ’s most popular video was published on March 26th, 2018 just a month after they originally launched their YouTube channel. It’s earned 7.25+ million views (and counting) at the time of writing. Surprisingly enough, $18,000 hardly qualifies as a handpay for this power pair. 

Even so, it’s still a super-awesome jackpot win for anyone who doesn’t share Lady Luck’s luck. The video, which clocks in at 6 minutes and 46 seconds long, kicks off with Francine facing the camera towards Rio Dreams at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas. They start betting $30 per spin. 

On the screen, you can see that LadyLuckHQ begins her session with an uncharacteristically low $725 bankroll. Francine decided to roll the camera at the very start of a bonus round. The couple spent nothing to win $18,000+, which is just the cherry on top of this ice cream sundae. 

The first seven free games were disappointing, but the action picked up quickly when she won $3,500 on her eighth spin. Her ninth free spin connected five dancing girls across the screen, which resulted in another staggering $11,568 jackpot. With four free spins left, she was on fire. 

Francine’s eleventh spin granted her four more free games, and her twelfth spin tacked another $2,700 onto her final payout. Going against the stereotype that 13 is unlucky, she won four more free games on her thirteenth spin. Her final three spins didn’t live up to all the hype, but she won $340. This brought LadyLuckHQ’s total handpay up to $18,088, and they filmed the aftermath. 

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, LadyLuckHQ ranks 57th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve earned 1,700+ new subscribers since October 2023. To see where LadyLuckHQ ranks now, check out the latest version of the Slots Influencer Rankings

Schedule: New Videos

LadyLuckHQ posts new videos every day, and the couple goes live on YouTube at least once a week. They’ll sometimes post twice a day if they’ve been fortunate enough to hit a particularly lucky streak. Usually, LadyLuckHQ uploads new, exciting content between 5 PM and 11 PM EST. 

Her TikTok page enjoys the same degree of daily attention, as does her Instagram. If you enjoy following influencers’ day-to-day routine, the couple also posts Snap stories every hour or two. Finally, they update their Facebook page whenever they decide to post new videos on YouTube. 

Origin Story

In an informative Q&A video posted to the LadyLuckHQ slots channel in August 2022, Francine explains how (and why) the couple decided to join the ranks of countless Las Vegas influencers. Referencing her popularity, she stated, “I never in a million years thought it would be like this!”

Lovey-Dovey (Miran) and Francine used to live in Utah and routinely made the seven-hour drive to Las Vegas for the entirety of 2016. Even though they made the most of their time at the casino, they primarily took road trips for automotive conferences and other work-related matters. 

Miran came up with the idea to dub their channel “LadyLuckHQ”, and they originally started off by posting footage of their jackpot wins to Instagram. Much like scrapbooking, they wanted to look back and remember all the fun they had in Vegas. Then again, their IG account was public. 

Shortly after they launched a joint Instagram channel, commenters began encouraging the pair to launch a YouTube channel. Due to LadyLuckHQ’s amazing luck, people even went so far as to compare Francine & Marin to @TheBigJackpot (Scott Raja) – he’s Vegas’ biggest high roller!

And that’s how their channel was born in 2018! The couple initially posted one or two videos per week, and Francine learned how to edit her content on-the-fly. Over time, their gigantic jackpots and high production value gained attention from a massive audience – call it the snowball effect!

Six years in, LadyLuckHQ shows no signs of slowing down. As the year progresses, we expect Francine and Marin to break the coveted 500k subscriber mark. They also have 581k Facebook followers, 241.7k TikTok followers, and 197k Instagram followers at the time this was published. 

LadyLuckHQ’s Biggest Jackpot Wins, Recorded on YouTube

With the sheer size and number of jackpots they’ve won so far, LadyLuckHQ gives Raja Slots (@TheBigJackpot) a stiff run for his money. In fact, they’ve won multiple six-figure handpays. Interestingly enough, their two largest-ever jackpot wins came from two sweepstakes casinos. 

December 2023: $234,800 on Fire Blaze: Tundra Wolf (Chumba Casino) 

After filling up the entire screen with bonus symbols on Fire Blaze: Tundra Wolf, LadyLuckHQ won a staggering 234,800 SC (Sweeps Coins). For those unfamiliar with the term, SC can be exchanged for $1 each at Chumba Casino. Ergo, Francine got a huge check worth $234,800.  

January 2024: $210,087 on Hypernova 10k Ways (Lucky Land Slots)

LadyLuckHQ’s second-largest jackpot prize was spearheaded by Miran on the Hypernova 10k Ways machine at Lucky Land Slots. This social casino is easily downloadable from your phone. Because Miran landed the 2,000x bonus ball in SC mode, he brought in a whopping $210,087. 

October 4th, 2022: $128,836.18 on Piggy Bankin’ (The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas) 

Finally, the couple hit their third-largest jackpot ever at the Cosmopolitan in Sin City. They had already won $3,835.63 at the end of their session on Piggy Bankin’, but the camera pans to a cutscene where Francine excitedly says that she won the grand jackpot worth $125,000.55. 

Community and Giveaways 

LadyLuckHQ has hosted giveaways in the past, and Francine usually dishes out free spins as she live-streams her time with Chumba or Luckyland. Additionally, they frequently host meet & greet events that sell out quickly.

You can follow LadyLuckHQ on Eventbrite if you want to know when their next event is taking place, and be sure to tune in for their weekly YouTube live streams. You’ll have a chance to get free spins and play slots for fun at America’s leading sweepstakes casinos.

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