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Chumba Casino

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Contributors: SlotsFan Staff

Chumba Casino is an absolute titan in the sweepstakes casino world and has been almost since the day it opened its doors back in 2017.

These days Chumba is home to over a million players, and it’s easy to see why. Simply put, Chumba offers some of the most fun slots you’ll find online.

Chumba pioneered many of the concepts now common in social casinos such as video game-like graphics, great gameplay and exceptional cash prizes. There’s a reason Chumba is considered America’s #1 social casino.

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Slots Available Outstanding
Support Outstanding
Payments Great
Bonuses Great
Ease of Use Great
Mobile Experience Great

What we like:

  • Industry-leading platform
  • Exclusive games you won’t find anywhere else
  • Huge community with tons of social media incentives

What we don’t like:

  • No search bar for finding slots
  • Return to Player (RTP) percentage not always listed

Latest Chumba Casino Bonuses

Bonus CodeNone – sign up here
Free Gold Coins (Signup)2,000,000
Free Sweepstake Coins (Signup)2
Daily Bonus200,000 GC +1 Sweepstakes Coin
GC Purchase$25 for 15,000,000 Gold Coins & 50 Sweeps Coins
Other PromosFree GC top up when low
No-cost giveaway contests via Facebook
50% off on some coin packages

Our Experience @ Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is a little like a Toyota Corolla. It might not be the flashiest car out there but it will get you where you want to go. And Toyota sells millions of them every year.

As one of the pioneers of the sweepstakes casino model, Chumba Casino has streamlined the process and made it easy for all kinds of slots lovers. Chumba might not have all the games and sometimes the software feels a little clunky but it’s one of the most reliable Sweeps Casinos out there.

Chumba is a good baseline for what you’ll get on a sweeps casino.

Sign up Process

It’s extremely easy to sign up for Chumba Casino.

You have two options for creating a Chumba Casino account: You can use an existing Facebook account to log on or use email.

We picked the email option. You’ll have to create a new password for Chumba and agree to the terms of service. The entire process took a matter of minutes (if not seconds).

Keep in mind that Chumba (and all sweeps casinos) only allow one account per person. So make sure you’ll have access to your email or Facebook account going forward.

Ease of Use

It’s clear that Chumba has been doing this awhile as the software is easy to navigate.

The Chumba home page lists a number of popular games. The top navigation bars lets players select between slots, bingo, jackpot, slingo, scratch cards, instant win and table games.

Meanwhile the top right offers a button for buying coins and a drop down for all your account information including banking info, account activity and more.

One downside of Chumba is that there’s no search bar for easily finding specific games. It might not sound that important but when you are navigating between hundreds of games it can be a nice feature.

We did encounter some occasional bugginess/slowdown when playing on Chumba. Your mileage may vary but its not uncommon for online casino software to hit some rough patches.

Buying GC & Free Sweepstake Coins

Buying gold coins is a relatively straightforward process on Chumba Casino but you may encounter a few bumps along the way.

We attempted to use a Visa card to buy gold coins on Chumba but the provider rejected the transaction every time. Eventually we gave up on Visa and tried Mastercard and it worked the first time. The entire process took us five minutes.

It was a bit annoying but no big deal in the end. You could rotate through a few different cards before finding one that works. Alternatively, you could contact support and see if they can do anything to help your card get accepted.

Chumba accepts a huge amount of payment options including credit cards, debit cards, direct banking transfers and standalone payment processors.

Here’s a complete list of the payment options:

  • Credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)
  • Bank accounts (Chase, Wells Fargo, Trustly, Capital One and more)
  • Payment processors (Skrill)

How much do gold coins cost on Chumba? That’s going to vary considerably because every player gets unique offers. That said, here are some of the offers that were available in our shop:

Price (USD)Gold CoinsSweeps Coins (Provided Free)

Slots Available

Chumba Casino had 182 different slots on tap at the time of review.

That’s a decent amount of slots but these days there are several sweeps casinos that have hundreds of slots.

Many of Chumba’s games are developed in-house, which means you won’t find them anywhere else. That’s a bit of a double-edged sword as Chumba is also missing some popular third-party games like Sweet Bonanza or Sugar Rush.

That said Chumba has some amazing jackpot games with games like Western Gold and Aztec Quest offering grand prizes in the millions.

Some of our favorites on Chumba include Brian Christopher’s Pop N Pays More, Cascading Beats and Frankie’s Holiday, which are all exclusive to the platform.

For third-party games we really like Fireshot’s Really Reely Rich and Relax Gaming’s Money Train 3.

Other Casino Style Games Available

There are seven categories of games available on Chumba including slots, bingo, Slingo, scratchcards, instant win and table games.

Slots are certainly the main attraction but there are some other other fun games to play on Chumba. Here are three of our favorite categories on Chumba


Chumba offers an impressive number of Slingo games. For anyone that isn’t acquainted with Slingo it uses elements of slots and bingo to create a surprisingly compelling game. It’s certainly a little more exciting than bingo.

Instant Win

You can think of instant-win style games as turbo-charged slots or scratchcards. You won’t have to dedicate hours cranking a slot machine to win (or lose) big. It’s important to understand that variance is high with these style of games so you should carefully manage your bankroll and only risk what you are willing to lose.


Scratchcards are virtual versions of the same cards found in gas stations or convenience stores. The only difference is this time you don’t need to worry about finding a quarter to scratch yourself a big win. We particularly like the proprietary Chumba Coins scratchcard.

The Casino App (Mobile)

There are couple different ways to play Chumba on mobile. There’s the Chumba Lite standalone app available for download on iOS and Android but it features a limited number of games and no way to redeem gold coins for cash prizes.

Instead we prefer to just log into the Chumba website from your mobile browser. From there, you’ll have access to your account and all your favorite games.

Mobile vs Desktop Experience 

Desktop always presents a superior option for playing slots (especially considering the exceptional graphics these days) but mobile still represents a surprisingly seamless way to play.

The mobile browser client has access to all the same games but it can be more challenging to see what’s going on in a complicated slot or Blackjack table with the smaller screen.


Chumba Casino is limited to a single option for support: email.

The email support team is theoretically available 24/7, but it’s a shame that live chat or phone support isn’t an option.

We struggled with initially buying Gold Coins on Chumba so we decided to test out the response time of the support team. It took less than a day for Chumba support staffer to respond but it would take a few more days to sort out our issue.

In the end the team helped clear up any issues but it was still disappointing it took a few days to get resolution.

Redeeming Sweeps Coins

It’s possible to redeem Sweeps Coins for cash prizes or gift cards on Chumba but be prepared for a little extra work.

First off, you’ll need to verify your identity and your account. You’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Physical Address
  • Photo ID (Passport, driver’s license or state ID)
  • Webcam identity verification

Next, you’ll have to link up a bank account. This can be done manually by entering your bank account information line by line or automatically by logging into your bank using Yodlee.

Finally you’ll have to provide a document that proves your address. This can be a utility bill or bank statement.

It took us roughly four days to complete verification so we recommend you start the process well before you plan on making a redemption.

The minimum for cash redemption prizes on Chumba is $100. Alternatively you can redeem Sweeps Coins for gift cards to vendors like Nike, Best Buy, Starbucks, eBay and more.

Final Thoughts

Chumba Casino is the standard when it comes to sweepstakes casinos.

It may not have as many games as some of its younger competitors, but it’s got over a decade of experience in the space. It’s stood the test of time and proven a reliable way to play fun games for potential cash prizes.

It’s also one of the most social sweepstakes casinos with a huge community of players. The Chumba subreddit alone has over 8,400 members who frequently post their big wins or tips for using the software.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to pay a single dime to play any of Chumba’s 150 games and you’ll even receive coins just for loggin in each day.

Chumba Casino is easy to recommend as a first choice for anyone new to social casinos.