Profile: Mister Mike Slots

Michael DeArmey, more affectionately dubbed “Mr. Mike Slots”, sprung onto the YouTube scene out of nowhere in 2021. He’s a bit late to the party, but he’s been hard at work making up for lost time. In just under three years, he’s posted 1,227 videos and earned 77,000+ YouTube subscribers. 

Overall, Mister Mike’s slots channel is soaring up the ranks with 43.5 million views and counting. He’s been playing high-limit slots for a long time, but he only got around to recording his wins & losses very recently. However, he stands out from his peers with a focus on responsible gaming. 

Imparting sage advice on his audience, Mike has an important message – “when it is no longer fun, STOP!” Whether he wins a jackpot or goes home broke, his positive attitude never wavers. 

Mister Mike Slots Quick Facts

  • Even though Mister Mike Slots has lived most of his life in Los Angeles, he was born and raised in Nevada. According to Michael, he was born just a few minutes after his mother had won the jackpot prize on a slot machine.
  • Mister Mike loves traveling back to Las Vegas and playing jackpot slots. He frequently bets between $100 and $300 per spin on progressive machines like Golden Century, Golden Goddess, and Buffalo Lightning Link.
  • Mike graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a degree in Communications & Theatre Arts, and he (successfully) tried his luck on Broadway. He landed roles in plays like “The Heidi Chronicles”, “The Pirates of Penzanes” & “The Indian Wants the Bronx”.
  • When he’s not busy recording his priciest expeditions in Las Vegas, Mike enjoys skiing on the slopes in Colorado. He’s also a self-proclaimed health and fitness enthusiast.
  • Mister Mike was inspired to start recording his slots gameplay after onlookers implored him to do so. His videos are designed to show the reality of playing high-limit slots. Win, lose or draw, Mike isn’t afraid to showcase his best and worst days alongside each other.

Where to Find Mister Mike Slots

Channel Highlights 


On September 10th 2023, Mister Mike Slots took home a staggering $42,738.50 jackpot prize from the Buffalo Chief Platinum machine. More than a half-hour of losing turned around in the blink of an eye when he turned his final $40 spin into nearly $43,000. 

At the time of its recording, Mister Mike’s largest-ever jackpot win happened to be the largest jackpot win posted on YouTube. With more than 17,000+ likes and 1.25+ million views, it’s clear that Mister Mike enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that most players could only dream of. 

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of publishing, Mister Mike Slots ranks 20 out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. To see where Mister Mike Slots ranks now, check out the latest version of the SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings.

Schedule: New Videos 

Mister Mike Slots posts new videos every single day at 6 PM PST – his uploads are predictable in much the same way as death and taxes. He also goes live on YouTube once in a while, but there’s no schedule on that front. In the meantime, be sure to check out 1,228+ existing videos! 

Origin Story

Mr. Mike has been a frequent flier in Vegas’ busiest high-limit rooms for decades, but he started recording his slots gameplay in 2021 after onlookers kept asking him to do so. He’s shown the good, the bad and the ugly side of playing for keeps. Plus, he’s never afraid to record his losses. 

He’s uploaded 1,228+ videos, which show everything from losing streaks to life-changing wins. With a single purpose in mind, Mike’s authenticity has earned him a massive subscriber count. It also helps that he burns anywhere from $50 – $450 per spin on Vegas’ biggest progressives. 

Relatable memes, exciting gameplay, real-life commentary, and a tireless work ethic have paid dividends for Mister Mike Slots. He’s climbing up the YouTube ranks with 43.5+ million views! 

If he keeps doing what he’s doing, we expect his channel to grow exponentially during the next few years. 

Mister Mike Slots’ Largest Ever Wins, Recorded on YouTube 

September 10th, 2023: $42,738.50 on Buffalo Chief Platinum 

November 28th, 2021: $40,001.93 on Dancing Drums 

November 26th, 2023: $25,012.05 on Golden Century 

Community and Giveaways 

Mister Mike’s loyal community is growing by the day – in addition to boasting 77.1k+ subscribers on YouTube, he’s also earned 28,000+ Facebook followers. He uploads new and exciting videos religiously! Plus, he always makes it a point to reward his followers with live, weekly giveaways. 

He dishes out Gold Coins (GC) and bonus spins as he plays social casino games with McLuck and Pulsz. He’s not handing out fat stacks of cash, but it’s possible to win real prizes with most social casinos if you get lucky enough. If you miss him on YouTube, be sure to check Facebook! 

Oh, yeah – we almost forgot to mention that his mailing address is listed in his YouTube bio. If you’re an old-school player, feel free to send a letter with your questions and encouragement.