Profile: The Big Jackpot

The Big Jackpot lives and breathes Las Vegas. He’s a regular at Sin City’s most popular casinos, and he isn’t afraid to spend ridiculous amounts of money in pursuit of massive jackpot wins. His persistence paid off, and he’s recorded himself winning six-figure jackpot prizes more than once. 

From three-reel slots like Double Diamond to flashy progressive jackpot games like Dragon Link and Huff N’ More Puff, Scott Raja loves playing a variety of older and newer slots. His content is able to satisfy most casual gambling enthusiasts, and he’s growing more popular by the day. 

In this profile story, we’ll highlight The Big Jackpot’s biggest wins and discuss the kind of content he usually posts. We’ll also reveal some facts about Scott you may not have known. 

The Big Jackpot Quick Facts

  • As if he weren’t popular enough, The Big Jackpot has a secondary YouTube channel. It’s called @RajaSlots, and he posts more diverse content here. Since he launched in 2014, he’s earned 67.8k+ subscribers and posted 1,912+ slots videos with 20.7+ million views.
  • The Big Jackpot has a dedicated slots app where you can play free, virtual slots and win jackpots without spending any money. Enjoy a realistic experience with all the sights and sounds you’d expect to hear in Las Vegas. You can download his app for iOS & Android.
  • The Big Jackpot launched his YouTube channel on December 30, 2015. Since then, he’s earned 482k+ subscribers, posted a staggering 5,929+ videos, and received 229M views in total. He’s very interactive with his fans, and he’s always churning out exciting content.
  • The Big Jackpot likes to spend money, and he has a seemingly endless flow of cash in his back pocket. He’ll easily blow through $30,000 in a half-hour, and he makes wagers ranging from $75 to $5,000 per spin! In his words, he’s always chasing that big jackpot.
  • In a past life, Scott “Raja” Richter was a marketing specialist. He was once dubbed the “Email King” because he was sending out 100+ million spam emails daily. Even after he paid seven-figure lawsuits, he can afford to spend crazy amounts of cash at the casino. 

Where to Find The Big Jackpot Online 

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: $3,000 DRAGON LINK 🔥100 SPIN$ TO WIN!

The Big Jackpot’s most popular video was published on November 14, 2019. Since then, he’s earned 16k+ likes and 4+ million views at the time of writing. This roller coaster of a video is a really crazy scene, and it starts by showing the audience surrounding Scott as he plays slots. 

Dragon Link was on the menu for Scott that day. He started out with $910 in credit, and he was betting $30 per spin at the beginning. He whittled his bankroll down to just $664 before winning $1,320 on a bonus, where he collected 13 of the 15 symbols required to win the Grand Jackpot. 

The first minutes of this 20-minute video are uneventful, but Scott kicks things up a notch when he decides to put a second thousand dollar ticket in the machine. He continues betting $30 per spin and spends $2,000 without winning. Anyone else would have walked, but Scott continued. 

He decided to up the ante and wager $50 per spin, but he loses it all again. So, he puts another $300 in the machine and keeps the bet size at $50 per spin. Again, he loses the entirety of his bankroll and decides to move to Panda Magic in hopes of encountering a more forgiving game. 

Scott puts $1,000 in the machine and starts off aggressively, betting $50 per spin and quickly giving up his bankroll to the game. Finally, he wins a bonus round and collects 12 symbols to save the day. A “Major Jackpot” ball was in the mix, leaving Scott with a $2,070.05 win. That said, he isn’t finished yet, and he decides to drop another $1,000 in the machine with no luck.  

It’s no wonder Scott earned so many views. Anyone else exhibiting this kind of behavior would be considered “reckless,” but Scott Richter can afford to burn money like there’s no tomorrow. 

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, The Big Jackpot ranks 3rd out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve earned more than 19,000 new subscribers since October 2023. To see where The Big Jackpot ranks now, check the latest version of the Slots Influencer Rankings

Schedule: New Videos 

The Big Jackpot posts new videos of him chasing big wins in the high-limit room every day, and he updates his secondary YouTube channel with new content just as often. Usually, he uploads between 11 AM and 4 PM (EST) – however, he claims to update @RajaSlots on a weekly basis.  

He also goes live to stream his casino adventures in Las Vegas once or twice per week. Either way, he religiously updates his Facebook status whenever he posts new content on socials. If you want to skip past the long-form content and enjoy the highlight reels, check out his TikTok. 

No matter how you slice it, Scott feeds his subscribers with a never-ending stream of videos. 

Origin Story 

Scott wasn’t always known as The Big Jackpot – he originated his source of endless wealth as an email marketer, and he sent out more than 100 million spam emails per day. He was forced into paying a $7 million lawsuit from Microsoft, which led him to change his methods for good.

He eventually decided to become a casino influencer, and he launched his first slots channel in 2014. Contrary to what you might think, @RajaSlots was created before @TheBigJackpot. He built a following by recklessly losing money and winning huge sums of cash in the same breath.

Not everyone can afford to live like Scott Richter, so it’s nice to see the world through their eyes for a moment. He posted his first video and received a respectable 13k views. It would be a little while before he reached this level of success again, but things started taking off for him in 2018. 

He averaged 7k to 10k views per video with the occasional upload breaking the six-figure views mark. However, he became even more popular during the pandemic when he ramped up all the spending he was doing in Las Vegas. His most popular video was published at the end of 2019. 

Going into 2020 and 2021, Scott was getting clicks and views like nobody’s business. It was just commonplace for The Big Jackpot to average between 15k and 20k views per video. He’s been able to maintain this level of popularity for years on end: Scott shows no signs of slowing down. 

Fast-forwarding to 2024, Scott is still posting videos of his Vegas expeditions every single day. His tireless work ethic, endless bankroll, reckless behavior, and exciting commentary make for eye-catching uploads. Like George W. Bush, he’s the kind of guy you want to have a beer with. 

The Big Jackpot’s Largest Jackpot Wins, Posted on YouTube 

They don’t call him The Big Jackpot for no reason – Scott has won some of the largest prizes in Vegas history, and we did the research to find footage of his 3 biggest progressive jackpot wins.

January 1, 2024: $1,081,105.15 on Dragon Link: Autumn Moon (The Venetian, Las Vegas) 

The Big Jackpot’s largest jackpot is one of the biggest prizes ever paid out by Las Vegas. Scott was playing Dragon Link: Autumn Moon in the high-limit room on the Palazzo casino floor at the Venetian Resort. He was betting $250 per spin when he filled up the bonus screen and won big. 

July 10, 2015: $27,285 on Brazil (Ameristar Casino, Blackhawk, CO) 

Scott landed another impressive jackpot on the Brazil slot machine during a trip to the Ameristar Casino in Blackhawk, CO. He was betting $100 per spin at the time. It looked as if all hope was lost before Scott did the unthinkable and collected 6 butterfly symbols to win a staggering $27k. 

January 19, 2015: $21,400 on Red Rooster (The Bellagio, Las Vegas) 

Last but certainly not least, Scott’s third-largest jackpot win was recorded at the Bellagio on the Red Rooster slot machine. After winning ten free games, he added $21,400 to his bankroll. He won thousands of dollars with each spin. Prior to hitting a bonus, he was spending $50 a spin. 

Community and Giveaways 

After looking through 100+ posts on both of Scott’s YouTube channels and his Facebook page, it’s safe to say that The Big Jackpot doesn’t do giveaways. However, he updates his Facebook with all the latest details for upcoming events. Plus, he always has an audience at the casino. 

He’s sponsoring cruises on his website, but the link is broken and we can’t see exactly when the cruises are happening. Either way, signing up for his email newsletter will keep you in the know.