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VegasLowRoller might focus on low to mid-stakes games but the channel offers high-stakes excitement. VegasLowRoller is also one of the OG slots influencers and has been posting videos since 2011.
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VegasLowRoller has amassed over 298,000 subscribers and 277+ million views since its humble beginnings on YouTube in October, 2011. The channel is now home to over 3,200 slot videos with big wins, even bigger jackpots and everything in between.

Standing out from the crowd, the VegasLowRoller shows their genuine passion for slot machines through each spin. This makes the channel a must-watch for any slot fan.

VegasLowRoller Quick Facts

  • The VegasLowRoller YouTube channel has acquired over 298,000 subscribers and over 277 million video views. The channel showcases low to medium-stake gambling in Las Vegas.
  • Encouraging his viewers to gamble within their means, VegasLowRoller is a strong advocate for responsible gambling.
  • The VegasLowRoller merchandise store includes a range of apparel. The merch features phrases such as “Get The Manager”, “I Make Executive Decisions” and “Jerky Face”.
  • As VegasLowRoller is a strong believer in luck, throughout his videos, he often attributes his wins to his “lucky streak”.
  • Although VegasLowRoller started with slot machines, he has now expanded to showcase table games, sports betting and other gambling-related topics to the channel.

Where to Find VegasLowRoller:

Channel Highlights 


In the beginning, VegasLowRoller bets just $3, and through a range of free spins and winnings, the video concludes with a winning total of $3,910.


Whilst at Alicante Casino, VegasLowRoller plays a range of slots. This includes ‘The Amazing Money Machine Sapphire, Life of Luxury Fast East Fortunes and Cash Fortune Deluxe. Towards the end of the stream, VegasLowRoller wins $2,300 across two bonus rounds!

SlotsFan Ranking

VegasLowRoller is not only one of the longest running slots influencers on YouTube but he’s also one of the most successful. He continually ranks in the top 10 in terms of overall views and regularly attracts hundreds of thousands of views on a monthly basis. Learn more in our SlotsFan slots streamer rankings.

Schedule: New Videos 

The VegasLowRoller channels upload new video content to YouTube every day, consistently at 9 AM PST and 1 PM PST. Additionally, on the VegasLowRoller shorts channel, there are consistent uploads of at least two videos daily.

Origin Story

Daniel, the host of the channel VegasLowRoller, is a professional slot machine player who has been playing for over 20 years. Across his channels, he shares his tips, strategies, and experiences with his viewers. As he grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, he was surrounded by the glitz of the casino industry. He became fascinated and started playing them for fun at local casinos.

Going back to 2011, this is when the VegasLowRoller channel started. The channel quickly gained a following for its entertaining and informative videos. Known for his big wins and ability to find loose slot machines, he has won over $1 million and shares tips with his viewers to win big too.

VegasLowRoller has become one of the most respected people in the slot machine community. He is known for his knowledge, experience, and entertaining personality — whilst becoming a resource for anyone who wants to learn more about slot machines.

Biggest Wins

February 1st 2022: MY LOST LEGENDARY WIN!!!


November 19th 2023: 5 DIGIT JACKPOT OMG! And Back to Back Handpay by VegasLowRoller!! (VegasLowRollerClips

Community & Giveaways

For all the people who have a passion for slot machines, VegasLowRoller has grown a community of people who showcase their passions across social media and in real life. In the Las Vegas casinos, there have been moments where the community members have interacted and met in person. While interacting with VegasLowRoller, the community often posts comments across social media to share tips to help each other and learn.

Across the VegasLowRoller channel, there has been a variety of giveaways that have been for his audience. Starting in 2013, he gave away $20 on a slot and the winner the potential winnings from the spin on a machine of the winner’s choice. When giveaways are showcased on the VegasLowRoller channel, the most popular ones have been for the channel audience to win gift cards for a range of different casinos.

Author: Rael Colley
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