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Lady Luck HQ Snags $8k Win On Huff N’ Even More Puff

It’s been a rollercoaster for Lady Luck HQ when it comes to Huff N’ Even More Puff but it’s safe to say her latest session on the machine was a positive one. She won over $8,000 on the slot in Las Vegas last week.

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Lady Luck HQ snapped out of her recent losing streak by booking a massive $8,000 win on a Huff N’ Even More Puff machine over the weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After trying out the brand new Huff N’ Even More Puff machine at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida last week, Lady Luck HQ was back on the classic Huff N’ More Puff slot in this recent slots session at the Venetian Hotel. Here’s a look at how both of these exciting sessions played out.

Huff N’ Even More Puff Debuts In Florida

We did a feature on the Huff N’ Even More Puff slot last year when the game was first announced. It finally made its debut on a casino floor at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Monday, March 4.

Lady Luck HQ became one of the first slots influencers to feature the new game on her channel with some exciting videos last week.

1st PERSON on Planet Earth to Play Huff n EVEN More Puff! (Live Stream)

Lady Luck HQ took part in the first-ever live play of Huff n’ Even More Puff at the Seminole Hard Rock in early March. Over 8,000 viewers tuned in live to see Lady Luck take down multiple jackpots on the brand-new machine

World’s 1st Mind-Blowing Golden Saw Bonus on Huff n’ EVEN MORE Puff!

It didn’t take Lady Luck HQ long to get back on the Huff n’ Even More Puff Train. She was the first slots content creator to record a rare golden saw bonus on the new machine. The bonus lived up to its hype when it delivered a hand pay win worth over $20,000.

Is NEW Huff n’ Even More Puff The Best Slot Machine EVER?

Lady Luck HQ continued her coverage of the new Huff N’ Even More Puff in this third session on the new machine. She and the player on the machine next to her collected multiple bonuses, showing off some of the slot’s new features.

The highlight of this collection of videos came at the 14:50 mark of the second video when Lady Luck HQ hit the new Golden Saw Bonus on a $120 spin. The bonus feature eventually paid out $24,112, which helped to offset all of the money she had lost on the new slot prior to this big win.

Back In Las Vegas For An Epic Huff N’ More Puff Win

In the description of her “I DEFEATED Huff n More Puff In Vegas After 3 Days Of Whoopings!” video released on March 10, Lady Luck HQ explained that she was on a three-day cold streak in the high limit room at the Venetian. That cold streak continued at the start of this video when she lost $6,000 playing $200 spins on Stinkin’ Rich.

Fortunately, things turned around when she deposited $10,000 into a Huff N’ More Puff slot. Lady Luck HQ triggered a bonus on a $75 spin within the first at the 6:35 mark within the first minute of play on the new machine. The buzz saw feature that ensued produced four straw houses, one wooden house and eight mansions. When all the prizes were revealed, Lady Luck HQ was the happy recipient of a $9,532.50 hand pay.

She went on to hit the bonus wheel feature two more times during this session, collecting a disappointing $1,580 win on a $100 spin before bouncing back with a $5,650 win on a $150 spin.

Win or Lose, Lady Luck HQ Makes Great Content

That $5,650 win brought Lady Luck HQ up to $22,185 on the session. She stayed on the Huff N’ More Puff machine a bit longer before eventually cashing out $18,000, locking up an impressive $8,000 profit.

Whether she’s winning or losing, Lady Luck HQ and her husband always have great energy and a positive attitude during their slot videos. The combination of that positivity and the high-stakes slot action on display have contributed to her massive success as a slots content creator.

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