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Watch VegasLowRoller Save a Session with a Miracle Hit on Rising Rockets

VegasLowRoller made an exception to his username this time around – we watched him feed the Rising Rockets slot game with Benjamin after Benjamin until a lucky bonus round spit back $1,482 and saved his session.

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Unlike most of the slot influencers on YouTube boasting hundreds of thousands of subscribers, VegasLowRoller spends reasonable amounts at the casino – his audience primarily consists of casual players. He’s racked up 341k subscribers and 325.3 million views over the past decade.

Still, he made a notable exception to his usual low-rolling strategies when he decided to play the Rising Rockets slot on April 26, 2024. This 33-minute roller coaster of a video shows Dan going all-in on Luxury Line, Piggy Bankin’, Dancing Drums: Prosperity, and (finally) Rising Rockets. 

In the video, he says that he once won $18,000 on the exact same machine. Luck came his way once more after a losing streak that left him in the negatives, and winning big on Rising Rockets gave VegasLowRoller the opportunity to break even. 

Let’s take a look at what led up to his big win.  

VegasLowRoller Had Zero Luck On Dancing Drums: Prosperity

VegasLowRoller decided to move from Piggy Bankin’ to the Dancing Drums: Prosperity machine at the 15:27 mark of this video. After he fed the slot a hundred-dollar bill, it was game on. Daniel selected the $0.10 bet denomination to start, which left him betting $8.80 (88 credits) per spin. 

It wouldn’t take long before he whittled his bankroll down to nothing, forcing him to add another Benjamin to the machine. Aside from a handful of $2.50 or $5.00 wins, the session was looking bleak. Finally, two lucky $40 and $50 wins put him back at square one with $98.60 left to spend. 

Unfortunately, he found himself $300 in the hole about a minute later. Not one to accept defeat, VegasLowRoller peeled another Benjamin from his bankroll and reluctantly fed it to the game. That last hundred bucks went fast, and Dancing Drums showed no mercy for VegasLowRoller. 

VegasLowRoller Rose to Victory on the Rising Rockets Machine 

That’s when he decided to escape the high-limit room and camp out at the Rising Rockets slot. He parted with $100 once again, and he chose the maximum allowable bet of $5.28 per spin. 

VegasLowRoller lamented a $300 win that passed him by, but the orb appeared on-screen as a telltale sign of what was to come. Unfortunately, he would have to blow another hundred bucks to see the session through. Finally, he got down to $50.84 when his luck changed for the better. 

The winning bell rang at the 20:43 mark of this video, indicating that VegasLowRoller unlocked the “Spin Boost” bonus round. This gave him four free spins on a 3 x 5 grid, where he managed to secure a $74.40 win. 

Two minutes later, he watched the blue and green dragon symbols fly away to their respective rockets, giving VegasLowRoller a double bonus with “Prize Boost” and “Spin Boost” multipliers. 

A 2x multiplier then appeared, doubling his credits for three of the bonus symbols he collected.

This gave him close to $600 in wins, but he wasn’t finished yet. After securing another $415 win, he decided it was worth it to add another $100 to the slot in hopes of getting more money. This strategy paid off when he landed a triple bonus with “Prize Boost”, “Spin Boost”, and “Big Bang.” 

At the 31:18 mark of this video, he noticed a 12,000-credit orb appear on the screen. The final bonus round saw him fill 11 out of the 15 positions needed to win the Grand Jackpot, but it gave him a respectable $1,482.00 handpay to cap things off. 

VegasLowRoller Proves That You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Win

Even though VegasLowRoller found himself spending big bucks and chasing down losses, his videos prove that you don’t have to be made of money to win respectable sums at the casino. For example, he won $783.00 from a $4.50 spin on Makin’ Cash: that’s 174x his original stake. 

Check out where VegasLowRoller currently stands in our SlotsFan Streamer Rankings and be sure to read this profile story if you want to learn more about Sin City’s most reckless low roller! 

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