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Heroic Spins Slot Spotlight: The Hero We Need?

McLuck and Pulsz are the biggest social casinos offering Pragmatic Play’s newest flagship slot machine. If you’ve watched the classic film series “How to Train Your Dragon,” Heroic Spins offers a similar setting and theme.

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Pragmatic Play’s newest fantasy-inspired slot machine is immediately reminiscent of the “How To Train Your Dragon” series, which made $1.641 billion at the box office over its nine-year run. Our team heard news of its release and wanted to give it a try at McLuck!

Our team has more than a few avid HTTD fans, so this slot hit SlotsFan close to home. It’s currently available at McLuck and Pulsz Casino. You’re given the opportunity to play in Gold Coin (GC) Mode or Sweeps Coin (SC) Mode, depending on your preferences. 

GC Mode is 100% free-to-play, but toggling “Sweeps Mode” offers a unique opportunity to win real prizes. No matter what, you’re guaranteed hours of childlike excitement that delivers a stand-out continuation of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third’s legacy. 

How Does Heroic Spins Work? 

Pragmatic Play is one of the best-known game developers dominating the American market with a laundry list of stand-out slots and first-of-their-kind progressive jackpots. They’ve brought 200 top machines to the eager, slot-clicking fingers of online gamers. 

Heroic Spins captures the essence of its inspiration with a few twists and turns along the way. Listening to the game’s soundtrack for a little while made us want to pull out a fire-engulfed sword, and the immersive graphics sucked our team into Hiccup’s world. 

Basic Layout & Volatility 

The basic game runs on a 3 x 5 grid, and you can unlock the bonus buy feature for GC 77,000 or 200 SC at McLuck. 

Our main protagonist (we’ll call him Hiccup) is decked out in a full set of knight’s armor underneath the game’s logo on the right side of the screen, and the backdrop mimics a civilization from centuries ago. Hiccup also serves as the game’s bonus scatter symbol. 

In tandem with the slot’s soundtrack, we felt as though we had a mission to accomplish. For our readers, that mission could be winning the Grand Jackpot at McLuck. Based on your preferred in-game currency, you’ll earn a staggering 5.1 billion GC or 340,706 SC. 

This high-volatility slot doesn’t pay out on every spin, but when it finally cracks open like Toothless’ egg, it spills huge amounts of GC and SC. According to Pragmatic Play, the base game features a 96% RTP excluding any bonus features. 

Slot Features & Bonuses 

Getting three or more Hiccup symbols on one spin triggers the Free Spins round, which comes with a double-multiplier wheel to create wins worth up to 100x. With the jackpot, this figure flies up to 10,000x. The game features twenty paylines and expanding wilds.  

Your lower-paying symbols here are green diamonds, ocean-blue spades, purple-pink hearts, and teal clubs. Matching five-of-a-kind pays between 0.5x and 0.75x the bet. 

The infamous red dragon, a treasure chest, a red glass, an owl, a one-eyed monster, and a princess who vaguely resembles Astrid with brown hair pay between 1x and 5x. Finally, the Wild symbol (“WILD”) lands on the second, third, and fourth slot columns.

Wilds substitute for all symbols excluding Hiccup, and getting one of them before the game’s expansion offers a 2x win multiplier. Getting two offers 4x, and getting three on the same reel offers 6x. 

JuicyFruityyy Spent 13 Minutes Doing 5k Buys On Heroic Spins 

JuicyFruityyy isn’t as popular as some of the more well-known sweepstakes casino players on YouTube, but he decided to take a swing at Heroic Spins using his own money. Remember that you can play Heroic Spins on Pulsz or McLuck without having to risk any cash whatsoever thanks to the Gold Coins.

Even he commented about how the graphics-laden artwork looks like something that was ripped out of a (very specific) Disney movie. He started with $27,015.30, and he began playing for $16 per spin after purchasing $1,600 in bonus bets. 

He immediately triggered three scatter symbols to unlock the game’s bonus feature and promptly won 15 free spins with a 100x win multiplier.  

He was sinking money into bonus spins by the thousands, and he was still going strong seven minutes into his 13-minute session. 

Still, he ends the video $7,000 down from where he started. Tough loss, but not as bad as it could’ve been!

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