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Vegas Matt Takes Firm Control of #2 in May Power Rankings

In the first-ever SlotsFan Power Rankings we break down the biggest movers and shakers on YouTube over the last month.

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Can anyone keep up with Vegas Matt?

Matt has only been actively posting slots videos to his YouTube channel for a little over a year but he’s seen incredible subscriber growth over the last six months.

In our most recent rankings, Matt passed two more giants in the slots world to take firm control of second place overall.

For now, Brian Christopher appears safe in the #1 spot with a 100,000+ subscriber lead on Vegas Matt, but it’s hard to say if that will be the case in a few months.

Here’s a look at everything else that happened over the last month of slots on YouTube.

No Channel is Experiencing Growth Like Vegas Matt

The wildly popular Vegas Matt YouTube channel attracted roughly 55,000 new subscribers over the last month.

It’s not exactly a new trend for Vegas Matt as the channel has picked up a staggering 259,000 subscribers over the last six months. Vegas Matt’s incredible crossover appeal and high-stakes betting has made him a magnet for slots fans around the globe. Over the last month he passed Mr. Hand Pay and NG Slot to take over second place overall.

No other channel is even close to that level of growth although Lady Luck HQ (+27,000 subs) and Mr. Hand Pay (+26,000 subs) both had extremely good months. Mr Hand Pay is up 185,000 over the last six months so he’s arguably the closest to following Matt’s incredible run in 2024 but he’s still trailing significantly.

We also wanted to draw special attention to rising star Jackpot Joe, who has more than doubled his number of subs in the last few months and is getting close to the magic 10,000 sub number. He’s still way outside the top 10 but gaining fast.

Here’s a look at how the rest of the top 10 looks this month.

1.Brian Christopher Slots679,000
2.Vegas Matt575,000↑ 2
3.Mr. Hand Pay549,000
4.NG Slot540,000↓ 2
5.Lady Luck HQ513,000↑ 1
6.TheBigJackpot498,000↓ 1
7.Vegas Low Roller347,000
8.Cowboy Slots244,000
9.Pompsie Slots212,000↑ 1
10.The Jackpot Gents202,000↓ 1

Most Popular Video in May: Vegas Matt Cracks a Million Views

It should come as no surprise that Vegas Matt posted the most popular video of the month.

In the video Vegas Matt put tens of thousands on the line playing Regal Riches for $750 a spin. He brought a staggering $80,000 in cash to the casino just in case the session went sour. It just so happened that Vegas Matt would drop $72,000 in the machine before going on an insane win streak that has to be seen to be believed.

We covered the video in more detail in our weekly Respin feature last week.

Of the top 10 most-viewed slots videos last month, Vegas Matt had the lion’s share but Lady Luck HQ also recorded some $750 a spin action. That video has earned over 250,000 views for Lady Luck and counting.

May Channel Spotlight: Pompsie Slots

Is Pompsie Slots ready for the big time?

The popular slots channel, which features Chris Pomparelli and wife Greta, is currently sitting ninth on the top 10 and is poised to climb even higher.

Over the last month the channel recorded several videos with views over 100,000 including some memorable sessions on Dragon Link and Ocean Spin. In total the channel attracted over 15,000 new subscribers.

The last four months have been particularly good as the channel started 2024 with around 154,000 subs and is now up to just shy of 200,000.

You can learn more in our complete Pompsie Channel profile.

Author: Arthur Crowson
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