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Brian Christopher Slots is a legend in the slots streaming space. The world’s most popular slots streamer has been uploading videos since 2016 and has recorded some of the most memorable slots videos of all time.
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There is no name more famous among slots-based content creators than Brian Christopher. Christopher has been uploading videos of himself playing slot machines on YouTube since 2016 and has built up a massive fan base that includes over 629,000 subscribers on YouTube, over 715,000 followers on Facebook, and over 3,800 members on his Patreon. 

The high production value on his videos along with his magnetic personality make the Brian Christopher Slots channel one of the absolute best on the platform.

BCSlots Quick Facts:

  • The Brian Christopher Slots YouTube channel has over 629,000 subscribers and over 474 million lifetime views, making it the world’s most popular slots channel on the platform.
  • Brian Christopher’s Pop’N Pays More slot machine debuted in casinos around the United States in 2022 and was the first slot ever branded around a social influencer.
  • Brian Christopher has an extremely passionate fan base nicknamed “Rudies”.
  • Christopher is an advocate for smokefree gaming, and since 2023 has exclusively promoted smoke-free casinos and gaming spaces.
  • Brian Christopher’s merchandise store includes apparel highlighting some of his most popular phrases including “Rude”, “Winning Group Pull”, “I’d Rather Be Gambling”, and “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

Where to Find Brian Christopher Slots:

Channel Highlights

Most Popular Video: ✋💰 Betting $4,000 on 2 HIGH LIMIT Slot Machines 🎰🎰 Fruit Machine Pokies w Brian Christopher

This $4,000 group pull only resulted in a profit of around $45 for all of the participants. But even when Brian Christopher and his “Rudies” are just breaking even, the energy and fun is off the charts.

Most Popular Live Stream: BIGGEST JACKPOT OF MY LIFE!! 🔥😳🔥 Filmed LIVE with Brian Christopher at Seneca Niagara

After over an hour of playing slots in front of a bunch of excited fans, Christopher hit the biggest jackpot of his life to that point at the one hour and 15 minute mark. The excitement of the “Rudies” and the emotion overtaking Christopher makes this one of the great moments in the Brian Christopher Slots channel’s history.

Schedule: New Videos

The Brian Christopher Slots channel uploads new content on YouTube every day on a consistent schedule:

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays – New videos published at 10am EST and 8pm EST
  • Wednesday and Thursdays – New video published at 10am EST and live stream at 8pm EST
  • Saturdays and Sundays – New video published at 1pm EST

He also posts daily videos to his Brian Christopher Online channel at 7pm EST including a live stream every Monday.

Origin Story

Brian Christopher’s first handful of videos on YouTube include a commercial spot he did in 2009, some skits and an acting reel. The channel took its fateful first step into slot play with a series of double-or-nothing slot videos released on April 19, 2016. 

The premise behind the series was that Christopher had written down his ride share earnings every day for the weeks leading up to this series, and in each video he planned to try to double those earnings or play it down to zero.

The series performed well on YouTube and prompted Christopher to continue making slot play videos. His background in acting and editing made the transition into success as a content creator an easy one. Just one month after posting his first slots video, Brian Christopher went viral for the first time with “20 MINUTE “Lightning Link” with **BIG WIN** – LIVE PLAY!!” on May 20, 2016. That video had over 295,000 views at the time this article was published.

To celebrate hitting 1,000 subscribers on June 24, 2016, Christopher held a subscriber giveaway contest in which the winner got to select the charity the potential winnings he earned would go to. This proved to be the first of many contests, promotions and giveaways that would be hosted on the Brian Christopher slots channel.

Christopher’s knack for including the community in his journey from the very beginning helped grow the “Rudies” into the dedicated fan base that they are today. Many of the most popular videos on the channel including the most viewed video in the channel’s history are group pull videos with Christopher playing slots alongside his fans.

BC Slots’ Biggest Wins

December 20, 2021: $207,284 on Tsai Shen’s Gift (Chumba Casino)

May 5, 2023: $29,250 on Dragon Link: Golden Century

February 15, 2023: $29,089.74 on Dragon Link: Golden Century

Community and Giveaways

As mentioned numerous times throughout this profile, Brian Christopher’s connection with his community of “Rudies” is second to none. Members of his Patreon page have access to exclusive perks including private live streams, private live chats and even postcards signed by Christopher.

Christopher hosts regular group pulls, meet and greets, and slots cruises around the country. Here is a list of all of his upcoming community events.

Author: Dave Consolazio
Dave has been writing about slots for just about as long as he's been playing them. He’s an accomplished writer who has written countless articles on slots, poker, and sports betting for various publications over the past 15 years.
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