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Contributors: SlotsFan Staff

Fortune Coins is a social casino where you can play casino-style games online for free. Slots are easily the biggest reason to play on the site, which we love. There are more than 100 different games on the menu. With great promos and lot’s of slots, Fortune Coins is a clear winner.

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Slots Available Outstanding
Support Outstanding
Payments Great
Bonuses Outstanding
Ease of Use Great
Mobile Experience Good

What we like:

  • Tons of welcome promotions
  • Clear terms and conditions
  • Great coin packages in the store

What we don’t like:

  • Site logs out automatically too quickly
  • No PayPal option

Latest Fortune Coins Bonuses

Bonus CodeNone – sign up here
Free Gold Coins (Signup)110,000
Free Fortune Coins (Signup)300
Daily Bonus30,000 GC and 100 FC
GC Purchase$0.99 for 100,000 GC & 500 free FC, One-time offer.
Other PromosVerify your email and phone number for more coins.
Allow promotional emails and get even more coins.

Our Experience @ Fortune Coins Casino

Fortune Coins is a social casino where you can play casino-style games online for free. Slots are easily the biggest reason to play on the site, which we love. There are more than 100 different games on the menu. There are also a handful of classic games like video poker and War.

The bonuses are plenty; you can get them just by following certain steps when you register to play on the website. The mobile website is responsive, just as expected, and there is a robust knowledgebase and frequently asked questions section.

Overall, there is plenty to like about Fortune Coins, and we’re going in-depth on it in this review.

Sign-Up Process

As mentioned, signing up for Fortune Coins is straightforward but involves multiple steps –  including the possibility of claiming several promotions. Options to login include  using a Facebook account or registering traditionally using a name and email address. A pretty basic list of details are all that’s need to get started:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

One annoying detail when signing up using the Facebook button is that the sign-up button can’t be clicked initially. First the checkbox at the bottom of the opt-in form to accept the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of playing on the site must be clicked. Once we spent a few minutes figuring that out and were finally able to click the Facebook button, a pop-up opens up and informs that to continue, a first and last name and basic profile information will be shared with Fortune Coins.

Once past that hurdle,  we were hit with the abovementioned promotions. After taking the added step of verifying our email (or phone number if signing up via Facebook), our account was credited with an initial 100,000 Gold Coins plus 200 Fortune Coins. We also had the option of going further and opting in to promotional emails and confirming our  phone number by SMS message to get even more coins. Needless to say we were impressed that Fortune Coins gives a few ways to add free GC and FC to accounts on sign up.


As far as gameplay goes, Fortune Coins slot games are easy to use. We have, on occasion, experienced sudden errors in trying to see the main page where a pop-up appears and reads: “We are experiencing errors with the site. Please try again later.”

That’s not an experience you want when you’re getting started. That said, it only happened for a brief period, and you’ll have a better experience once you get past that point.

Fortune Coins offers more than 120 different slot games, so if you love being whisked into a land far away while you pull on the handle and try to win some more coins, this particular social casino might be the one for you.

Fortune Coins promotes the most popular games in the header image, splashing some of the best it offers right in front of your face. Just below that, in the navigation bar, you can filter by the following categories:

  • All Games
  • Slots
  • Fish Games
  • Other Genres.

You can also search for a specific game by typing in the text box next to the magnifying glass icon. Not every social casino offers you the opportunity to explore that way, which we consider a big plus. At first, trying to use the search bar might seem challenging, but once you have a few favorite games in mind, you can pull them up with no problem.

The cool thing about the Other Genres category is that it features video-style classic games like War, Keno, and Poker.

Aside from picking games to play, the website shows you four different progressive jackpot values as they increase, and you can use the hamburger menu to the top right to change your settings and personalize your profile.

We are a big fans of promos, which Fortune Coins has plenty, but we’ve found joining a current one to be a bit glitchy.

Clicking the “Join Now” button from a promo page launches a new tab with a logged out account (in both Chrome and Firefox). A work around if you experience this, which has been verified with customer support, is once on an individual promo, instead of clicking join now, click your browsers back button until you get to the casino lobby where the promo should be activated. To verify you are participating in the promo, you will see this cup

added to the top navigation bar just to the left of the hamburger menu.

Buying GC & Free FC

Buying Gold Coins at Fortune Coins can be done for as little as $0.99. One factor that makes it challenging is that you must click the yellow button next to your profile icon on the top right of the home screen that says Free Coins. The word “Buy” doesn’t appear anywhere, so if you don’t know where to look and it’s your first time on the site; you may not figure that out for a while. Nevertheless, you can click on the following screen that pops up to claim free coins, and there are also several packages you can purchase. Other than the $0.99 promotion mentioned earlier, here are some of the alternatives for buying Gold Coins:

  • 500,000 coins for $2
  • 1,000,000 coins for $5 (including 515 Fortune Coins)
  • 5,000,000 coins for $20 (including 2,060 Fortune Coins)
  • 20,000,000 coins for $50 (including 5,170 Fortune Coins)
  • 50,000,000 coins for $100 (including 10,400 Fortune Coins)
  • 200,000,000 coins for $200 (including 20,750 Fortune Coins)

The most you can spend on a package is $1,200, and that will get you a whopping 1.2 billion coins. That includes an amazing bonus of 48,000 Fortune Coins for free.

When you click to buy the coins, you get taken to a form that asks you for even more information about yourself, including

  • Date of birth
  • Street address
  • City
  • Country
  • ZIP Code
  • State

It’s common for social casino sites to do things. Lots of sites do what Fortune Coins do: make it really easy for you to get started and then comes after you for more information once you go through five other promotions.

The drop-down menu for selecting your country lists the United States and Canada as options. Even though we had trouble initially logging in from Canada, you should be able to log in for most provinces not named Ontario. You can access the payment options only after filling out this information.

The payment options include:

  • Trustly (A third-party online banking service that allows you to connect to thousands of different banks across the United States and Canada)
  • Skrill (A PayPal competitor that’s promoted heavily on social casinos)
  • Debit cards and credit cards (Fortune Coins offers this but your bank might reject the transactions depending on where you live or what the bank’s rules are)

Slots Available

Fortune Coins offers 120+ different slot games. It’s enough to whet your appetite, but it pales compared to other casino sites we reviewed. Some social casinos offer you more than 300 different slots to play on, so 120 isn’t a lot by comparison. Still, the games we played exhibited awesome graphics and a great variety of fast-paced action, something we’ve come to expect from game providers like Barcrest and Endorphina, two of the most respected and well-known software companies in the industry.

As you can see, Fortune Coins offers four different types of progressive jackpots that build over time. Every jackpot is up for grabs when you’re playing any of the games on the site, which is a nice touch that helps Fortune Coins stand out from other social casinos.

Just take one look at this game called Golden Dragon.

Look at the bright colors and how much action is packed into a widescreen. We scored points left, right, and center and see fish and stingrays and coins flying around everywhere with bright light flashing and rich sound. This is the kind of gaming experience Fortune Coins provides.

One thing to keep in mind while playing on the site is that it only launched in April 2022, so relative to other social casino sites that have a greater market share, Fortune Coins has a lot of potential, and it looks like they aim to be competitive. That likely means continuing to grow their roster of games over time. Chariots Of Gold is another game we like. The graphics feature wild cards, fruits, chalices, and guitars, all in an old-school Roman times fashion. The pillars frame the gameplay nicely. We easily got a sense of how many coins we had to play with, how to trigger a spin, and with the prize pools and scores are currently displaying.

Other Casino-Style Games Available

In reviewing ease-of-use earlier, we discovered that Fortune Coins offers fishing games and classic video-style casino games like video poker and Keno.

There are five different casino-style games that are not slots, including Emily’s Treasure, a game where we went fishing for octopus, and all kinds of other things using bullets. It’s a different twist on social casino gaming that many other social casinos don’t offer.

More traditional table games are in the image below.

WAR! It is an absolute classic that we all know and love. We simply flipped the top card, and the higher card wins. End up with the most cards at the end, and the player wins. The minimum wager is 40 GC in chips, and players can play three different hands against the dealer simultaneously. The higher cards win, and the lower cards lose. Remember, the minimum bet is measured in coins and not dollars. When wagering $100 in coins, the redeemable value is one real dollar.

Players who don’t want to play WAR! Can take a look at the Wheel of Luck. We spun the wheel just like at a brick and mortar casino to try and win big time.

If that seems too mundane, try Joker Poker. Choose a wager amount and click a button to deal five cards. Then click on any individual cards to discard and those cards get replaced with new ones to consider.

Build a hand and win coins; it’s as simple as that. It only takes 3 to 4 clicks to play every hand. We played fast and loose and we had a great time.

The Casino App

Social casinos are a fascinating entertainment experiment. They are just as competitive in getting us to play on their platform as any traditional online casino. One area where most social casinos lack is that they usually don’t have a mobile app. Fortune Coins falls into that bucket.

That doesn’t mean we couldn’’t use a mobile device to play. Fortune Coins is mobile responsive, meaning that the website adjusts to fit the browser on a smartphone.

We could scroll down and click around just as we did on the website.

Fortune Coins does a relatively good job of making the actual slot interfaces playable with just two thumbs, but sitting down for a long time is probably more fun on a laptop.

Mobile vs Desktop Experience

It makes sense to compare Fortune Coin’s mobile experience to the desktop environment because once feeling the excitement made us want to explore every possible way to play.

The mobile responsive version of the website will suit us just fine. Playing on it does mean scrolling up and down more thoroughly because fewer games fit on one horizontal line than when we were playing on the website using a device like a laptop or a PC.

The conventional desktop experience puts five slot games on one horizontal line and there are 26 lines worth of games to choose from.

The mobile version of the website can only fit three games on one line, meaning that scrolling down twice as much to look at all the games. Plus we still had to click on the thumbnails and wait for the games to load to play them.

Still, we had the excitement at our fingertips using a mobile phone which is a big advantage.

We found both the mobile and desktop experience at fortune coins to be satisfactory. Whether we think about being hard-core loyal to the website or just a casual user, we developed the expectation that playing at fortune coins is a great time.


Accessing customer support with Fortune Coins is easy. We just clicked on the hamburger icon at the top right corner of any screen on the website and then scroll down to where it said.

On the next page, we saw a search bar to type in an inquiry and get quick access to Frequently Asked Questions.We clicked on one of the two images below the search bar, And were able to filter through all the different resources.

The first image to the left points to the Knowledge Base. The second points to Support Tickets. The layout of this page means it’s easy to go through all of that, plus the main Frequently Asked Questions are listed right in the middle of the page before scrolling down and seeing a button to the right that allows for the submission of a support ticket.

This is a strategic design for Fortune Coins because, ideally. It’s obvious they wanted us to find our own answers. We wanted to see if we could hear from a human being immediately so we just clicked the submit button immediately and just moved past all the content.

Like most social casinos, Fortune Coins doesn’t offer instant live chat. Unlike much larger casino brands, social casinos are more likely to direct customers to detailed content where they can find their own answers.

Not to worry. Fortune Casinos answered our inquiries within 12-24 hours of ticket submission.

This means while we were playing in the evening after work and a question popped up, by the time we logged in the next day, we already had the answer and were able to jump straight back into the excitement.

Redeeming Fortune Coins

Redeeming Fortune Coins is a pretty simple process, albeit one felt a little more complicated the first time we did it. That’s because We needed to verify our identity before processing our redemption. Here’s the information we had to provide:

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Proof of Address
  • Bank Statement

Once our documents were approved, we were able to choose how we wanted to receive our cash prize redemption. Since we already made a choice for how to purchase coins in the first place, the website simply used the same method to fulfill our redemption.

Final Thoughts

Fortune Coins looks poised to compete with all social casinos. That’s particularly true regarding promotions, as we’ve covered. There are many great ways to get free coins, but we had to part ways with a fair amount of personal information to get those coins.

As far as buying Gold Coins is concerned, Fortune Coins offers great value considering we only needed to wager no more than 4 or 5 coins on one spin of a slot machine.

Purchasing coins is simple and intuitive, and we got some free Fortune Coins when we did.

Even without a mobile app, we were impressed with the software on both mobile and desktop. The gaming menu isn’t the biggest in the world, but there is still plenty of fun in there.

Such is the beauty of a small social casino, a relatively new arrival to the social gaming sector. Fortune Coins might be a force to be reckoned with in the future.