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The Slot Bandits have been making out like bandits with unbelievable jackpot wins, and they’re routinely spending between $250 to $500 per spin. If you like high-limit gameplay that chugs along at full speed ahead, their energy and risk tolerance are similarly unmatched.
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Thievery has never been so profitable – The Slot Bandits jumped onto the scene in November 2020, and they began swashbuckling their way to mainstream success not long afterwards. In just over four years, they’ve uploaded 1,048 videos with 10+ million views at the time of writing. 

As of right now, they also boast 48.6k+ subscribers. The Slot Bandits are stealing the attention of die-hard high rollers, casual players, and everyone in between. The formula to success looks different for everyone, but The Slot Bandits have cracked the code with their endless bankroll

They’re posting wins, wins, and more wins for your viewing pleasure. Before you live vicariously through The Slot Bandits, let’s take a closer look at their current status in the slots community. 

Quick Facts About The Slot Bandits

  • Most slots influencers work alone, but The Slot Bandits have teamed up to take over the industry. Their real names are Rick & Cory. Their faces are recognized by casino staff all over the country. They’ve won five-figure jackpots in Las Vegas, Florida and Cleveland.
  • The Slot Bandits have a dedicated Patreon that you can join for free, but subscribing for $10/month unlocks quite a few perks: you’ll enjoy early access to upcoming trips, receive a free Slot Bandits shirt, watch exclusive live-streams, and participate in Q&A sessions.
  • The Slot Bandits have leveraged their once-in-a-lifetime luck to collaborate with some of the smaller influencers trying to get their channels off the ground. They’ve made content with YouTubers like @BDSlots, @ElvisEnterprises, and @Hyltonslots1 among others. 
  • Back in January 2022, The Slot Bandits stumbled across a couple playing Dragon Link: Golden Century at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, FL. After winning a few four-figure jackpots, the lucky couple lands a $1,034,153.63 “last-call” win at the 23-minute mark.
  • As of right now, The Slot Bandits have taken a hiatus from uploading new content online. Their last YouTube video, which received just 2.6k+ views, was published on November 5th, 2023. It showed a $1,300 win on the Dollar Storm progressive jackpot slot machine.

All the Places You Can Find The Slot Bandits Online! 

Channel Highlights 


The Slot Bandits’ most popular video was published to YouTube on March 27th, 2022. It’s gotten 10,000+ likes and received 1.45 million views at the time of writing. They filmed Gloria’s exciting session as she tried to crack Dragon Link’s seven-figure jackpot with a starting bankroll of $13k. 

She started off comparatively low at $125 per spin, whittling her bankroll down to $9,890 before stumbling across a $20,750 jackpot win at the 4-minute mark. Feeling lucky, she ramped up her bets to $250 per spin and won another $7,000 just one minute later. Since she was on fire, she upped the ante to $500 per spin before going to $750 and, finally, a staggering $1,250 per spin. 

Her bold strategy of throwing as much cash as humanly possible into the slot machine ended up paying off with a $62,000 jackpot win just before the 7-minute mark. Gloria also won $8,000 just 3 minutes later. Fast-forwarding to the end, she raked in another $8,500 before calling it quits.

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of writing, The Slot Bandits ranks 37th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. To see where The Slot Bandits ranks now, check out the latest version of the SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings

Schedule: New Videos 

The Slot Bandits have put their YouTube channel on pause for the moment, but they’re still posting casino updates & jackpot wins on their Facebook page. They have 79k+ Facebook followers, making it their most popular channel. Even so, they don’t post every single day. 

Their last post was on Christmas Day, where they wished everyone a very happy holiday and apologized for not being very active. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel – they’re planning some trips (and content) in the very near future. Check their FB for the latest updates. 

Origin Story

The Slot Bandits faced steep competition when they launched their YouTube channel in Nov. of 2020. Their first-ever “High Limit 88 Fortunes Handpay Jackpot” video received just 1.5k views. After a month or two of posting duds, they earned their first 10k+ view count in January of 2021. 

From then on, The Slot Bandits started averaging between 5k and 10k views per upload. They mixed things up with old-school slots, flashy progressive jackpot machines, and bonus footage. In the very beginning of 2023, The Slot Bandits gained more traction with 61k views on a video. 

There’s a lot of hype screaming in every video they upload, so be sure to keep the volume low if you’re using headphones. Even so, their positive energy is electric whether they win big or not. Fast-forwarding to Feb. 2024, they’re shifting most of their new content to their Facebook page. 

Whenever they decide to come back to YouTube, they’ll have thousands of fans waiting for them. 

The Slot Bandits’ Biggest Wins

March 3rd, 2022: $49,410 on Golden Buffalo (Seminole Hard Rock)

August 22nd, 2022: $40,588.75 on Lightning Link (Las Vegas) 

August 8th, 2022: $17,873.85 on Eureka Blast (Jack Cleveland) 

Community and Giveaways 

The Slot Bandits have done giveaways before, and their last high-profile event was a $10,000 giveaway on December 25th, 2021. However, they’re not planning any more giveaways at the moment. They are going live soon, but there’s no official date announced for their next stream. 

They’ve built more of a fans community on Facebook than anywhere else, so if they decide to change their mind, their Facebook followers will be the first to know. However, The Slot Bandits still encourage their viewers to get in touch with them via email

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