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The married couple behind TL Slots has been frequenting popular casinos around the country for years, but they decided to share their gambling victories with the public in December 2020. In this feature story, we’ll take a closer look at what Tom and Laura have been up to lately.
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Tom and Laura embarked on a husband-and-wife journey to document their casino expeditions on YouTube in December 2020. Still, the couple couldn’t have expected to reach soaring levels of popularity. Their authenticity and friendliness got them 2.95k+ subscribers at the time of writing. 

They’ve also collected north of 375,000 views across 348+ long-form videos that show Tom and Laura playing everything from old-school, three-reel games to flashy progressive jackpot slots. Look no further if you’re up for the chance to live vicariously through a relatable influencer couple. 

This profile story discusses the content TL Slots usually posts and contextualizes their largest-ever jackpot handpays. But first, we’ve compiled five quick facts about Tom and Laura. 

Quick Facts About TL Slots 

  • Tom and Laura hail from La Porte, Indiana. They also welcome snail mail, and you’ll find their residential address listed in their YouTube bio.
  • Unlike some high-rolling slot influencers on YouTube, TL Slots clarifies that they’re not endorsed by real money casinos. They also attempt to showcase the reality of playing slots with a transparent disclaimer: “YES, we do lose money as well.” 
  • Even though Tom and Laura promote responsible gambling before big wins, they’re not immune to chasing down losses. They routinely bet anywhere between $18.75 and $100 per spin. They’ve played slots from IGT, Aristocrat, Bally, Konami, Ainsworth, and more.
  • TL Slots’ website is simply a redirect to their YouTube page, which may or may not be a glitch. Still, they do have a hidden merch website. Tom and Laura are self-described as proud members of Slots Across America.
  • If you want to support TL Slots’ next casino adventure, consider becoming one of their valued channel members. They’ve set up 3 membership tiers starting from $2.99 per month. The perks include early access to videos, members-only live streams and more.

Where to Find TL Slots

Channel Highlights 


Tom and Laura uploaded their most popular video to YouTube on February 24, 2021. They’ve since received 16,654 views and counting. The influencer couple documented their experience hitting bonus after bonus with Dragon Link: Peacock Princess at Blue Chip Casino in Indiana. 

As they explain at the very beginning of this 10-minute video, TL Slots started their journey with $680.71 loaded in the machine. They selected an $0.05 bet denomination and kept their wagers low at just $1.25/spin. After getting three peacock symbols, Tom received six free bonus games. 

He only won $7.50 for his efforts on the first game, but the night was still young. Realizing that you have to play big to win big, Tom bumped up to the $1 denomination and boosted his bets to $10 per spin. He whittled his bankroll to $625.76 before landing a second bonus game.

This round proved more forgiving as he collected nine of the fifteen bonus orbs to win the Grand. Still, he won a respectable $390 and saw his bankroll shoot up to $989.76. If you thought he was finished, think again. TL Slots’ third bonus round was similarly impressive.

They collected 12 of the 15 orbs he’d need to win the Grand, pocketing $330 on a lucky break. Tom and Laura wrapped up their exciting Dragon Link gaming session with $1,319.76 in profits

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, TL Slots ranks 110th out of more than 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve been treading water with a similar number of subscribers for the past 6 months.

Schedule: New Videos 

Although Tom and Laura don’t usually adhere to a specific posting schedule, they tend to upload new content twice a month. If you want to be among the first viewers to see their latest videos, check their channel between 10 AM and 5 PM EST – that’s when they’re most active. 

Unfortunately, you won’t find many new content updates from TL Slots on their Instagram page. 

Origin Story 

TL Slots launched their YouTube channel on December 18, 2020, and posted their first video just nine days later, on Dec. 27th. They started off averaging just 50 – 100 views per upload, but Tom and Laura knew better than to give up. Instead, they kept going and got the hang of it over time.

The influencer couple quickly discovered their assets, and fans immediately fell in love with their transparency. They also discovered areas where they could improve with the same degree of enthusiasm, eventually switching from short-form to long-form content in January 2021. 

Their strategy paid dividends just a month later, and they finally cracked the algorithm with their most popular video to date on February 24, 2021. After breaking the five-figure views barrier once, it became that much easier to earn recognition from a larger base of viewers by default. 

By July 2021, TL Slots was averaging a respectable 3.5k to 5k views per video. They maintained this degree of popularity into the beginning of 2023, at which point their popularity began to peter off. Still, Tom and Laura didn’t lose much traction in 2024.

Currently, they’re averaging 2k-3k views per video. This benchmark becomes even more impressive since they only post twice a month. Based on their current routine, we can confidently predict that TL Slots will reach 5,000 subscribers well before the year ends. 

TL Slots’ Biggest Wins

Tom and Laura haven’t been lucky enough to win five or six figures yet, but they’ve hit some pretty impressive handpays in their own right. Here, we’ve highlighted and contextualized three of their largest jackpot wins. First up: an exciting progressive win from their favorite local venue! 

March 29, 2021: $6,552 on All Aboard Piggy Pennies (Blue Chip Casino, Michigan City IN) 

TL Slots was betting $5 per spin when they unlocked a bonus round that went full-steam ahead. Tom and Laura collected eleven of the fifteen coins required to win the Grand Jackpot, but luck was on their side – they got a Mini, Major, and Mega Bonus at the same time for a $6,552 win

April 22, 2021: $6,250 on Magic Pearl (Four Winds Casino, New Buffalo MI) 

Tom and Laura found themselves a bit further from home when they landed their second-largest handpay on Magic Pearl at the Four Winds Casino in Buffalo City, Michigan. A $500 orb popped up during the bonus game, foreshadowing the $6,250 jackpot coming from a $50 bet.

May 16, 2021: $1,700 on Magic Pearl (Four Winds Casino, New Buffalo MI)

Just a month after they’d taken the casino for just over $6,000, TL Slots got lucky on the same machine at the same venue. They were spending $25 per spin in the high-limit room when an unexpected $1,000 orb appeared on the screen. They pocketed another $700 during the bonus. 

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through 50+ posts on TL Slots’ Instagram page and YouTube “Community” page, we can safely assume that Tom and Laura don’t host giveaways. However, they encourage the fans to drop by and say hello by updating their YouTube status whenever they visit the casino. 

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