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LuckyLand Slots is the kind of social casino that gives you the feel of being in the high-stakes slots area… without spending any money. With more than 90 different games to play, there are more than enough options for excitement that social casinos bring. What they lack in game selection is made up in other areas.

Get started at LuckyLand Slots by claiming up to 10,000 Gold Coins, plus from free Sweeps Coins. Learn more about what makes LuckyLand Slots so awesome.

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Slots Available Great
Support Good
Payments Good
Bonuses Good
Ease of Use Good
Mobile Experience Good

What we like:

  • Tons of welcome promotions
  • Great variety of slots

What we don’t like:

  • Not available outside the United States.
  • No dedicated mobile app or live chat.

Latest LuckyLand Slots Bonuses

Bonus CodeNone – sign up here
Free Gold Coins (Signup)7,777
Free Sweeps Coins (Signup)10
Daily Bonus400 GC and 0.30 SC for logging in
Minimum Purchase$0.99 for 100,000 GC (+500 free SC)
Other PromosRefer friends for up to 90,000 coins and 2,500 tournament entries.
Win a share of 3 million coins every two hours by competing in races.

Our Experience @ LuckyLand Slots

Luckyland Slots is the kind of social casino that gives us the feel of being at a high-stakes table or slot machine without spending any money. With more than 90 different games to play, there are more than enough options to pursue the excitement that social casinos bring.

We found out that we could filter games by how often we could win. The best part is the filters that make the casino easy to use. We will talk more about that lower down in this review.

Just by getting started at Luckyland Slots, we instantly claimed 400 Gold Coins. We started off with close to 10,000 Gold Coins as soon as we started playing.

Let’s learn more about what makes Luckyland Slots so awesome.

Sign Up Process

Signing up for LuckyLand  Slots is a straightforward process. We only needed to provide a few basic credentials to get started, and the sign-up form is fairly standard. One option we had was to connect a Facebook account to LuckyLand  Slots. That allowed us to have the basic details filled out for us without having to type them out.

The other option we had was to fill out a standard sign-up form. We provided the following details:

  • Email
  • Password
  • Password confirmation
  • Date of birth

We also needed to click a button to confirm we were at least 18 years of age. That’s the cool thing about many social casinos; we’ve realized that the legal age isn’t necessarily 21 years of age.

We got over 8,000 Gold Coins and 10 Sweeps Coins just for signing up. That’s a pretty good start.


There was one small issue when signing onto LuckyLand  Slots for the first time. The screenshot says it all. Three was a JavaScript error related to the video embedded on the homepage:

It’s hard to say if this error will pop up for every user, but it briefly interrupted us. Once we clicked past that, we saw that the homepage had a video explaining how the social casino works and it promotes the idea of playing for fun and playing for prizes.

The good news is apart from that, LuckyLand  Slots is one of the easiest to use. Why? The website stretches four games across each row. When we scrolled down, we noticed there were more than 20 rows and a total of 96 games.

In our opinion, the best part is the filters on the top left of the rectangular menu. Notice the available filters.

We were able to filter by whether we wanted to win more coins for each successful outcome or experience the thrill of having more successful outcomes.

We can’t remember the last time we used a social casino that basically asked us how often we would want to experience joy. That’s pretty cool.

Notice that to the left of the image above, we were able to filter by

  • Our own favorites
  • All games
  • Jackpot games
  • Tournaments, and
  • Instant win

LuckyLand  Slots makes it easy to filter games in so many ways that we almost didn’t have to think about it. We took the time to find a few favorites, experiment with games we’d never tried before, and if a losing streak got us down, we filtered by games that let us win more often and just enjoy the good feelings. LuckyLand  Slots literally told us that those games exist.

Buying GC & Free SC

LuckyLand  Slots offers tangible rewards. It is a social gaming platform. Traditional currency isn’t used. Gold Coins can be purchased for games. Major US financial institutions make transactions easy. Various payment options are supported, including Skrill, Paysafecard, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Trustly.

It’s different from conventional casinos or sportsbooks. Redeeming prizes is similar, though. We provided our information for rewards at LuckyLand  Slots, and the prize processing took about 3 to 5 business days.

Buying coins at LuckyLand  Slots can cost as little as $1.98 USD for 4,000 Gold Coins.

Starting at that price point, we also got two Sweeps Coins included. Here’s a rundown of the rest of the packages available:

  • 17,000 Gold Coins and five Sweeps Coins for $5.49
  • 37,000 Gold Coins and five Sweeps Coins for $9.99
  • 80,000 Gold Coins for $19.99, including 21 Sweeps Coins
  • 230,000 Gold Coins $49.99 USD, including 52 Social Coins
  • Gold Coins and 104 Social Coins for 99.99 USD

It’s very easy to buy coins as far as the website interface is concerned. The buy button appears pink across the top of any page we click next to where our balances were displayed.

Slots Available

We mentioned earlier that there are approximately 96 games available at LuckyLand  Slots. 80+ are slots, and the rest are table games. Let’s get to games that are not slots in the next section.

Atlantis is one prominently displayed game that appears near the top of the menu before we even scroll down. The title itself advertises that there are 10 different ways to win coins.

We noticed at the bottom right that we can hold the spin button for automatic spins. Other social casinos don’t necessarily make the automatic feature so obvious, so this casino might be the right one for players who desire to have that easier aspect of the gameplay.

The icons themselves look cool. We particularly enjoyed the backgrounds and the highlights around each character or letter. They really pop and draw the eyes into the excitement.

Another game we tried is called Aztec Quest. The grand jackpot is impressive. The screenshot was sitting at more than 721 million coins when we took it. Winning that many coins made us feel like the richest player in the casino. Who doesn’t want that feeling?

It really gave us that Aztec feeling, and that made it easy for us to get caught up in the excitement.  We played one spin of the slot for as little as 200 coins, and the maximum spin allowed us to play for 100,000 coins.

This makes it really easy to ramp things up and get the adrenaline going.

Other Casino-Style Games Available

As noted, LuckyLand  Slots does a good job of giving us lots of different game filtering options. We’ve already mentioned Atlantis as one of our favorite options, and it is easy to add any games to the favorites section. But that’s a slot game. So are the Jackpot games.

So realistically, the other casino-style games come down to a blackjack game and an instant scratch game.

The above screenshot comes from the game Game of Wins. We saw at least 10 instant-win games we could play. In the above game, we scratched squares to see if we won anything. Since it’s an instant-win game, we didn’t have to do much clicking other than clicking the option to Play on the bottom right.

We noticed that the farm-themed graphics looked funny and entertaining, and we were on the lookout for cooked turkeys to win prizes. Uncovering live turkeys means that they are escaping. In other words, that instant win play is unsuccessful.

Santa’s Stash is another example of an instant-win game we wanted to try. Match any winning numbers, and that’s a victory. The odds of winning are one in 2.86, which means we knew we would win more than 30% of the time.

The gameplay involved unwrapping presents and finding Santa behind any of the opened boxes resulted in a win. The process was straightforward and enjoyable, and the odds of winning frequently were clearly outlined beforehand. We thought that was a friendly approach to an instant-win game.

The Casino App

Many social casinos don’t have apps that players can use for mobile devices. LuckyLand  Slots used a mobile responsive website to present games to us. Since the regular website already displays four games across the screen in a box, we ventured to guess that the mobile screen was very similar. We were right.

The best news is we only needed to worry about that on an iOS device. There is an Android app that people can use at LuckyLand  Slots. It’s easy to navigate through games using only one thumb, and we could also use that same thumb to click on the play button for any game we wanted to spend our time on.

Mobile vs Desktop Experience

We noticed when using LuckyLand  Slots on a desktop, we experienced JavaScript errors, and that gave us a compelling reason to experience the mobile version of the platform to see if it was any better.

The truth is that we experienced subsequent errors on different browsers throughout our journey. Games can sometimes freeze up. Maybe that’s why there’s a malfunction guarantee on the Santa’s Stash game.

All of this is to say that 95% of the time, the games work as they should on the website. But one way to avoid potential issues is to play on the mobile app. It’s smooth, and those JavaScript errors and freezing problems don’t happen nearly as often.


In our experience, when it comes to social casino websites, it’s oftentimes possible to get support on any page by clicking a button that features a headset. When it comes to LuckyLand  Slots, however, we needed to click on the hamburger icon first, and then we saw a pop-up window that featured access to our basic personal profile where we could find a blue support button.

We clicked the button that said, “Need Help?”.Then we got taken to a different screen within the same window that displayed our user information.

We noticed two options when we clicked the support button. We could click to report an issue which opened up an email client on our desktop. We could then send a message. The other option was to click a button that said FAQ and be taken to a separate page where we saw a list of questions.

An email we sent out got answered in just two hours. It’s not instant, but then again, most social casinos don’t have live chat support anyway, so getting an answer in two hours is pretty fast.

Redeeming Sweeps Coins

Redeeming Coins at LuckyLand  Slots is as simple as clicking the green Redeem button at the top right of any page. Once we clicked there, we learned how many Sweeps Coins were in our wallet, and then we realized we needed a minimum of 50 in order to redeem the balance for prizes.

We also noticed that one Sweeps Coin can be redeemed for a single US dollar.

Once we were ready to redeem our coins, we needed to keep a few things in mind. Before we considered redeeming SC coins, we realized they couldn’t be bought; they could only be earned. Gold Coins, on the other hand, can be easily purchased, but the Sweeps Coins are the only ones that get redeemed for prizes.

We had to identify ourselves in order to complete redemption, which means providing the following information:

  • Government-issued ID.
  • A bank statement from the last six months that matches a home address and provides account information.
  • Complete verification of our phone number.

Final Thoughts

LuckyLand  Slots has one of the best website layouts we’ve ever seen. The filter allowed us to look for games where we could win more frequently, and the website promotes that feature on the splash page whenever we clicked to redeem coins.

They treated us as if they wanted us to win more often, and they told us of the variety of ways that coins can be redeemed. Some social casinos make that more challenging because they want the user to use more of the coins rather than redeem them.

Unfortunately, the website experience does need some work from the standpoint that it freezes from time to time. But we did learn it’s possible to get around this simply by refreshing the browser or trying a different one.

We also noticed that LuckyLand  Slots has a malfunction policy that protected us whenever there was an issue so that we didn’t lose coins for nothing.

The first time we logged in, we got rewarded with 400 Gold Coins. Every four hours, we could log in again to get another 400 coins.

Needless to say, they reward frequent players and keep things fun in the way they promote getting more coins.

Overall that shows that LuckyLand  Slots cares about their users and wants them to have a good time, and that’s what social casinos are supposed to be about.