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Looking Back at The Big Jackpot’s Stunning $1m Score on Dragon Link Slot

What’s the biggest score ever recorded on YouTube? The Big Jackpot’s grand jackpot for over $1 million is certainly up there.

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What’s the biggest slot jackpot ever posted to YouTube? It’s a somewhat controversial topic but no matter how you slice it, The Big Jackpot (aka Rajaslots) shook the slots landscape to its core when he hit big on a Dragon Link machine in December.

The Big Jackpot video featured a remarkable Dragon Link grand jackpot win worth over $1 million. The massive win was just one of the many sensational jackpots posted by slot influencers in recent months. We thought it was a good time to highlight three of the biggest jackpots from the last 12 months (including Raja Slots momentous win) below.

3. Mr. Hand Pay Wins $100,000 on Red Hottie

Mr. Hand Pay wins $100,000 for the biggest hand pay jackpot of his life on a high-limit Red Hottie machine.

Mr. Hand Pay sat down at a $100 Red Hottie machine at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel on October 29, 2023. He was playing two credits per spin, which activates the bonus feature any time the “Bonus” symbol lands on the third reel.

The bonus feature works the same way that the one on the popular Top Dollar slot does. One or more cash icons with different credit amounts light up, and you can either “take offer” to accept that cash prize or “try again” to receive another offer. If you pass on the first three offers, you will be awarded the last one no matter what it is.

The session was an exciting one with plenty of ups and downs, but the big moment came when Mr. Hand Pay triggered the bonus feature at the 38-minute mark. After declining the first offer and second offer of 30 credits each, the maximum 1,000 credit cash icon lit up on the third offer. At a $100 denomination, 1,000 credits worked out to a cool $100,000 on a single spin.

2. Beth Loves Vegas Wins $138,025.60 on Eureka Reel Blast Lock It Link

Beth Loves Vegas hits a massive $138,025.60 grand jackpot on a bet of only $2.50.

When progressive slot machines in Nevada are taken out of service, the progressive money collected must be moved into a different progressive slot. This created a situation in which a penny machine at the Green Valley Ranch Casino in Henderson had an uncharacteristically large grand jackpot of $138,025.60.

Beth Loves Vegas does not play super high-stakes slots like the other slot influencers on this list. On her fateful spin at the 6:26 mark of her video, she activated the lock it link dynamite spin bonus betting just $2.50 per spin. She started off with eight dynamite symbols and managed to fill the entire board with 15 dynamite symbols, making her eligible for the grand jackpot on her prize spin.

The grand jackpot is extremely unlikely to be awarded at these lower stakes and didn’t even show up on the prize wheel as it was spinning. Beth Loves Vegas was rooting for the major jackpot, which appeared to be the biggest prize available at $3,046.51. But after a bunch of numerical values passed by and the major jackpot symbol passed three times, the GRAND came out of nowhere to create this incredible moment.

1. The Big Jackpot Wins $1,081,105.15 on Dragon Link Autumn Moon

The Big Jackpot’s slot win of over $1,000,000 is one of the biggest in YouTube history.

As his channel name suggests, The Big Jackpot is no stranger to massive wins and high stakes. He has played hundreds of thousands of dollars on Dragon Link machines. So even when 14 out of 15 balls were collected and he was just one ball away from a grand jackpot worth over $1 million, his mood was pretty even keel.

That even keel mood wouldn’t last for long. The $250 spin that triggered the bonus feature came at the 44:42 mark of a long session and started with seven balls on the screen, including a $12,500 ball. The 14th ball collected in the bottom right corner was worth $3,750, leaving The Big Jackpot with three spins to collect one more ball in the top right corner.

The first two spins came up empty, but a $250 ball landed on the final spin, eliciting a scream of joy from The Big Jackpot and his fans who were watching in person. The grand jackpot of $1,059,355.15 combined with the $21,750 in total prizes added up to a history-making win.

Learn more about the legend in our Raja Slots profile.

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