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Brian Christopher, Vegas Matt Bet $100,000+ to Celebrate Recent Milestones

Slots streaming is blowing up with Brian Christopher and Vegas Matt hitting new milestones nearly every month. BCSlots and Vegas Matt celebrated over the last month by recording separate sessions with tens of thousands of dollars on the line.

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Brian Christopher Slots (@BCSlots) and Vegas Matt (@VegasMatt) are two of the top five most popular slots content creators in the world. Both of them hit major channel milestones in April and put out videos with big high roller spins to celebrate.

Brian Christopher celebrated eight years on YouTube with $88,888 in spins on a live stream, and Vegas Matt celebrated 500,000 YouTube subscribers with $50,000 in $500 spins. We’ve got a recap on how these exciting sessions played out.

Brian Christopher’s $88,888 8 Year Anniversary

Brian Christopher celebrates his eight year YouTube anniversary with $88,888 in spins.

At the beginning of this two-hour live stream from the Brian Christopher Slots room at Plaza in downtown Las Vegas, Brian Christopher explained the rules for this eight year anniversary stream. He would play 80 spins per slot on a bunch of different games, starting at $36 per spin and working his way up to $200 per spin.

The stream got off to a slow start with no big wins on the first four machines, which were $36 spins on Huff N’ Even More Puff, $45 spins on Rich Little Piggies: Hog Wild, $75 spins on Brian Christopher’s Pop’n Pays More, and $76 Coin Combo Hurricane Horse. But once he started playing at higher stakes, the hand pays started pouring in. Here’s a list of the big bonus wins in the stream, along with time stamps if you want to see them for yourself:

Machine$ Per SpinSpin NumberResultTime Stamp
Pharaoh’s Fortune$9078$1,30242:14
Neptune’s Realm Money Link$10040$2,0251:05:50
Neptune’s Realm Money Link$10057$1,9601:10:30
Ultimate Fire Link Explosion$15040$5,5001:21:38
Chica Bonita Lightning Link$15027$7,3501:33:06
Thunder Cash Lightning Link$20080$5,4001:54:02

In true dramatic fashion, Brian Christopher hit the final bonus of the night on the very last spin of the session.

Vegas Matt’s $50,000 in $500 Spins for 500K Subscribers

Vegas Matt plays $500 per spin on slots and video poker to celebrate 500,000 subscribers on YouTube

Vegas Matt and his son EJ chose an astronaut-themed Dragon Link game called Moon Race to make their 100 $500 spins on to celebrate surpassing 500,000 YouTube subscribers.

The biggest hit of the session came at the 11:06 mark of the 31-minute video. Vegas Matt hit a hold-and-spin bonus with seven impressive balls: two worth $500, one $1,500, one $2,000, one $10,000, one MINI jackpot worth $1,000 and one MAJOR jackpot worth just under $7,000. The feature re-spins disappointingly didn’t bring in any more balls, but the result was still a massive $22,499.42 win.

Despite that big hit, Vegas Matt wound up losing $18,600 on the 100 spins. He then continued the video with a video poker session, playing $500 per hand and losing another $10,000. After the big loss, Vegas Matt ended the video on a positive note, thanking his subscribers for their support and jokingly encouraging everyone to watch him lose money gambling instead of losing it yourself.

Brian Christopher and Vegas Matt Are Two of the Best

Brian Christopher became one of the first slots content creators to reach superstar status on his YouTube channel @BCSlots, and he is still the biggest slots streamer on the platform with over 670,000 subscribers. Vegas Matt has been on a steady rise since his YouTube debut in October of 2022 with over 535,000 subscribers to date. These two have earned their spots as two of the best in the business with their friendly personalities and incredible communities.

Slots content overall has never been hotter than it is today. NGSlot, Vegas Matt and Mr. Hand Pay all hit the 500,000 subscriber milestone in 2024, and both The Big Jackpot and Lady Luck HQ are under 10,000 subscribers away from reaching 500,000 as well. You can keep up with all of the latest trends and rapid risers with our SlotsFan Streamer Rankings

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