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Spotlight: Jackpot Judo

There are very few slots streamers as entertaining as Jackpot Judo. He’s certainly the only one with a tattoo of the Pinball Wizard slot machine. From making one of the best crypto investments ever to high-stakes slots streaming, it’s been quite a journey for Jackpot Judo.

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Jackpot Judo burst onto the YouTube slots content creator scene with a video of himself hitting back-to-back $250 max bet jackpots on a dragon link machine worth a total of over $30,000 on May 3, 2023. 

Since then, Jackpot Judo has built up a community he calls the Jackpot Judo Family including over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube. This channel has been growing steadily in popularity due to the high-stakes slot play and the creator’s extremely positive and uplifting personality.

In addition to posting high roller slot wins, Jackpot Judo has also posted some non-gambling videos with some stories from his fascinating life. In this streamer spotlight, we’ll take a closer look at the creator behind the new Jackpot Judo slots channel on YouTube.

Jackpot Judo Once Made Over $1 Million on a Cryptocurrency Investment

In a 30-minute video he posted on September 16 (now taken down) titled “How I Turned $7,000 into $1.2 Million Dollars in 90 Days!”, Jackpot Judo took the time to dive into his philosophies on investing and give his viewers some insight into how he invests his money. He made it a point throughout the video to highlight the risks that all investments carry, encouraging everyone to invest and gamble responsibly using only money they can afford to lose.

Jackpot Judo also shared the story of the biggest investment win of his life in this video. Back in September of 2021, he purchased about $7,000 worth of a relatively unknown crypto coin called DeHub when it was selling for fractions of a penny. DeHub hit an all-time high of $0.062 on November 20, bringing the worth of Jackpot Judo’s initial investment to over $1.2 million. He shares the screenshots he took of his crypto wallet during this rise at the end of the video.

He Recently Got a Tattoo Centered Around the Pinball Slot Machine

Jackpot Judo deposited $1,000 into a $100 Pinball slot machine in a slot video he posted on August 11, 2023. He stated before he started spinning that he would do only five $200 spins on this machine, so the Pinball bonus would need to come quick. Sure enough, with $300 remaining in the spin leaving him with only one $200 spin left, the Pinball bonus was triggered.

Prior to hitting the start button on his bonus, Jackpot Judo declared that he would get a tattoo of the Pinball logo if this bonus went over $10,000. The very first of four pinballs released in the bonus scored 100 credits, matching the $10,000 bar that Jackpot Judo had set. He wound up winning $14,500 in total in this bonus.

Just over two weeks after posting the original video, Jackpot Judo posted a follow-up video of himself getting the tattoo. He wound up getting a much more intricate design than just the logo, taking a viewer’s suggestion to get a “pinball wizard” and letting the tattoo artist run with that concept. The finished design has a wizard looking into a crystal ball with the Pinball logo inside of it.

Having a Positive Outlook on Life Is Important to Jackpot Judo

Jackpot Judo uploaded a video called “Story Time! Get to Know me Better!” on August 21 to provide some additional insight into the man behind the slots channel. His parents were married in the Coast Guard and he was born in the Oakland Naval Hospital. Jackpot Judo spent his early life as a self-proclaimed “army brat”, constantly moving across the country, which he said he never minded.

He has lived and worked in 14 different countries as a contractor including most of the countries in the Middle East. It is through this experience that he developed his positive attitude and optimism about life. Jackpot Judo points out that when you have spent as much time as he has in countries that have so much less than we do here in America, it is impossible to take all of the modern amenities available to us for granted.

His father always told him growing up that “you never know what tomorrow is going to bring.” Jackpot Judo agrees with this sentiment and believes that life is far too short for drama and negativity. He considers every day to be a great day, and that positive outlook shines through in his personality across all of his videos. Join the Jackpot Judo Family over at @JackpotJudo on YouTube.

Author: Dave Consolazio
Dave has been writing about slots for just about as long as he's been playing them. He’s an accomplished writer who has written countless articles on slots, poker, and sports betting for various publications over the past 15 years.
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