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Slot Army might not be re-inventing the wheel with their YouTube channel, but they’ve built a community of fans based around exciting gameplay footage and content that cuts right to the chase. Having launched his channel in 2012, Slot Army is no stranger to the high-limit room.
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Slot Army keeps things simple with his slots footage, but he leads an army of 16.3k subscribers at the time of writing. Since 2012, he’s been hard at work recording his casino adventures in Sin City, Atlantic City, and other popular locations. To date, he’s uploaded 463 videos and counting.  

Over the years, Slot Army has earned 10.5+ million views as he rakes in jackpot handpay after jackpot handpay. Even though he likes to bet big in the high-limit room, he’s never a sore loser. If he doesn’t walk away with a huge prize, he uploads bonus footage instead of jackpot footage. 

His down-to-earth demeanor, authentic personality, and risk-taking behaviors have earned Slot Army a growing fan base.

Slot Army Quick Facts

  • Personally, Slot Army likes to skip the live-play. Instead, he pans right to the juicy stuff. He only likes to watch the action for big wins, free spins, and bonus rounds. Slot Army also claims that most of his videos show bonus games, free spins, and sizable prizes.
  • Slot Army doesn’t have any other form of social media aside from YouTube. However, if you see a random Facebook or Instagram page using his likeness, the chances are high that he’s being impersonated. If you ever want to chat directly, you can go through email.
  • Slot Army has spent plenty of time prowling the Las Vegas strip in search of his next big win, but he spends most of his time playing in Minnesota casinos. He mostly plays slots at Treasure Island and Mystic Lake. Sometimes, he’ll visit the Grand Casino Hinckley.
  • Even though Slot Army launched his YouTube channel in 2012, his first available video wasn’t published until five years later, in May 2017. There’s a high chance that some of his best content is either lost or archived. However, it’s never a bad time to start anew.
  • Slot Army hasn’t posted anything in YouTube’s “Community” section since 2019, and he’s never done any giveaways or meet-and-greets to our knowledge. If you’re still hoping Slot Army will change his mind, he’ll update his subscribers first. 

Where to Slot Army 

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: ***885 FREE GAMES*** 1000x BIG WIN BONUS – Fun Night in Grand Casino

Slot Army’s most popular video was published seven years ago on June 6th, 2017. Since then, he’s earned 367,652+ views and counting! He started off in Grand Casino with a $400 budget. Although he was a first-time player at that casino, he got $10 in free play and $10 at the kiosk. 

He would go on to play Fiery Sun Burst, Golden Power Ingots, Pride of Egypt, Great Moai, and Silver Wolf. Slot Army recorded his experiences playing five slots in twelve minutes of exciting footage. Unfortunately, his first $200 disappeared so fast it didn’t make the cut during edits. His luck changed for the better once he’d dropped $300 into Fiery Sun Burst playing $1.30 per spin. 

At the 3-minute mark, Slot Army is lucky enough to score 665 free games on a bonus round. He then scored another 70 bonus spins, bringing his total up to 735 free games. Finally, he tacks on another 50 spins during a big bonus round. This keeps going until he’s left with 885 free games.

We’re guessing those didn’t lead anywhere special, and neither did Great Moai (on which he won a total of $130.50). Next on the itinerary was Silver Wolf, where he won another $148.90. Eventually, he was caught filming by security and promptly asked to leave the establishment. 

Facing a 90-minute road trip there and back, Slot Army wrapped up the night with $50 in profits.

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, Slot Army ranks 65 out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve earned 1,700+ new subscribers since October 2023.

Schedule: New Videos 

At the time of writing, Slot Army posts new videos once per week. If you want to be among the first viewers to watch his latest content, you should check his channel between 11 AM – 4 PM EST. However, he hasn’t done any live streams in the past couple of years since the pandemic. 

Prior to February 20th, 2024, Slot Army took nearly half a year away from uploading new slots content. He didn’t try to explain what happened, but his online presence was severely missed. 

Even though his videos normally cut the fluff, his YouTube “Shorts” condense his biggest wins into bite-sized clips. When he posts these, he always adds the full video link in the description. 

Origin Story

Slot Army launched his YouTube channel in 2012, making him one of the “original” influencers to dominate YouTube with exciting slots footage. Still, his first video wouldn’t go public until 5 years later in 2017. Nonetheless, he earned 15k views for a full screen bonus on the Country Girl slot. 

His second video, which was filmed on Golden Power Ingots at the Treasure Island Casino, did even better. He broke the six-figure views mark with an unexpected, 7,500x jackpot win across 6 paylines. From 2017 until the first half of 2018, Slot Army averaged 5k – 10k views per upload. 

Even though his most popular videos were filmed in 2017 and 2018, his channel peaked in 2019 until the COVID pandemic brought Vegas casinos to a grinding halt. Slot Army’s popularity also began to decline once other influencers began creating YouTube channels, but he never lost his initial community of fans. He bounced back from lockdown rather quickly to create new content.  

It took Slot Army a year and some change to crawl back to where he used to be pre-pandemic, but he’s finally making some headway in terms of popularity. Fast-forwarding to 2024, he pulls in between 3k to 7k views per video on average. Not as good as he can do, but good nonetheless!  

Given his current trajectory, his YouTube slots channel is poised for growth on a massive scale. 

Biggest Wins

April 17th, 2018: $12,100 on Dancing Drums Diamond Eternity (Casino Unknown) 

Slot Army’s most impressive jackpot win came on the heels of a particularly lucky bonus round. After hitting the minor jackpot, he struck gold with a $140 bankroll while betting $8.80 per spin.  The camera pans to the aftermath, but he didn’t record himself hitting this jackpot live. Bummer! 

March 26th, 2021: $2,318.96 on Quick Fire Jackpots (Casino Unknown) 

Slot Army never puts his eggs in one basket, and that’s why he tends to play five slots in every video. His strategy paid off brilliantly once again after Diamond Eternity and Thunder Cash fell through. He was betting $7.50/spin on Quick Fire when he landed a huge, 1,932x jackpot prize. 

June 4th, 2019: $1,851.97 on Lock It Link: Huff N’ Puff (Casino Unknown) 

Last but certainly not least, Slot Army’s third-largest jackpot was filmed on a $3.75 bet. He was playing the new Huff N’ Puff addition at Treasure Island Casino in Minnesota when he landed a screen full of mansions. Once the wolf blew down each house, he revealed a major jackpot win. 

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through Slot Army’s YouTube “Community” Section, we can safely conclude that he doesn’t host any giveaways or meet-and-greets. If you have any questions or concerns, he’s fairly interactive with commenters. However, you won’t find him on any other social media sites. 

He last posted on YouTube’s “Community” section in December 2018 to announce his Top 10 Jackpots video for the year. In his defense, that compilation video includes some sizable prizes. 

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