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Slot Machine Wins By Chico tells you exactly what to expect in the name. Not wanting to kill the mood with any losses he might incur, he sticks to posting what audiences really crave: exciting video footage of huge bets, big wins, jackpot handpays & never-ending bonus streaks.
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Slot Machine Wins By Chico threw his hat in the arena six years ago and, slowly but surely, built a profile that competes with the richest slot influencers on the market. Plenty of viewers are only interested in seeing high-limit bets turn out wonderfully. Even though Chico’s lost plenty of money at the slots, he prefers to show his wins

In fact, he’s built an entire community of fans by posting nothing but his wins and bonus rounds at various casinos in Las Vegas. With 1,022+ prize-winning videos in Chico’s archived collection, he’s enjoyed the kind of luck most Vegas gamblers chase for years (or even decades) on end. 

Unsurprisingly, Chico’s earned 60.7k+ subscribers and 29+ million views at the time of writing.

One thing’s certain: whenever he posts on his channel, he’s beaten the house with a jackpot win. If you’re looking for YouTube’s most earth-shattering prizes in one place, check him out! 

Slot Machine Wins By Chico Quick Facts

  • When he’s not busy raking Sin City’s most popular casinos for all they’re worth, Chico is focused on building a strong social media presence. He’s very communicative with fans on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He also runs a TikTok page with 37.5k+ followers.
  • If you want to support Slot Machine Wins By Chico, you can become a member of his channel for $0.99/month. In return, you’ll gain access to exclusive videos, live streams, and custom emojis. You might also get a shout-out in one of Chico’s upcoming videos!
  • Chico’s gambling career isn’t all peaches and cream. He was permanently banned from Sandia Casino in Albuquerque, NM for winning too much money on a Buffalo Gold slot machine. Chico was technically banned for recording his gameplay.
  • Chico is one of the only newer slots influencers to forgo having a Patreon or PayPal. He never asks his fans for money, but he seems to have a lot of it! On his Facebook, you’ll get a glimpse of his lavish lifestyle with delicious food pictures.
  • Back in November, Chico’s father suffered through a stroke that landed him in the ICU. He updated his community of fans on YouTube and received an outpouring of support. As per Chico’s latest report, his father is in good health and asking for cheeseburgers. 

Where You Can Find Slot Machine Wins By Chico

Channel Highlights

Most Popular Video: ONE OF THE BIGGEST JACKPOTS EVER on Buffalo Gold

Slot Machine Wins by Chico’s most popular video received a staggering 3.03+ million views since it was uploaded on November 19th, 2020. He began his record-breaking slot session on Buffalo Gold with $1,246.89 in bet credits. At first he started off slow, wagering just $6 per spin. 

At the 1-minute mark, Chico won 5 free games and scored a $300 win right before he earned 15 more free games. He racked up a series of smaller prizes and nearly 100 free games before the climactic jackpot wins flooded his bankroll. In total, Chico won a rather impressive $16,832.70. 

Is it any wonder that 54,000+ people gave this video a thumbs up? 

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of writing, Slot Machine Wins By Chico ranks 30th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. To see where Slot Machine Wins By Chico ranks now, check the latest version of the SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings

Schedule: New Videos 

Because he’s committed to posting jackpot wins and nothing else, it would be impossible for him to produce brand-new content every single day. Still, he uploads new videos once or twice per week. When he does have something fantastic to share with his fans, it’ll premiere at 8 PM EST. 

Chico will always update his Facebook page to announce his latest YouTube uploads, and he’ll sometimes post slots videos that didn’t make it to his main channel. His Twitter (X) isn’t active, but he’s going the distance for his TikTok fans with highlight reels of his most insane jackpots. 

Origin Story

There’s not a whole bunch of information surrounding the catalyst for Chico’s ultra-successful YouTube channel, but he found his niche and went full-tilt from the word go. Other influencers were showing losses, but Chico was more focused on filming the highs of the high-limit room. 

His oldest video was published on September 23rd, 2018. Chico recorded a double-decker clip that showed his exciting bonus win on Fu Nan Fu Nu before cutting to an $800 win made from an $8.88 spin on Power Xtreme. It received just 8.4k+ views and 84 likes, but he didn’t give up. 

Instead, he followed the winning formula with his second video, which received 68k+ views. At that point, Chico’s never-ending luck at the slots started to pay more than just jackpot prizes. 

By the end of 2022, he was averaging between 15k-20k views per upload with the occasional 80k+ video. Chico’s not letting his foot off the gas pedal in 2024, and his tireless work laid the foundation for his slot channel to get more popular with each win. All eyes are focused on him!

Slot Machine Wins By Chico: Largest Wins Recorded on YouTube

February 21st, 2022: $26,608 on Buffalo Gold (The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas) 

August 5th, 2022: $23,350 on Lightning Link (Resorts World Las Vegas) 

October 22nd, 2023: $16,832.70 on Buffalo Gold (Harrah’s Ak-Chin Hotel and Casino)

Community and Giveaways 

After scrolling through 100+ Facebook posts and scouring the “Community” section of his main YouTube channel, we couldn’t find any giveaways for Chico’s fans. However, he goes live and hosts mini group pulls a few times a year. His fanbase is thriving on socials with an estimated 146.5k subscribers across his main YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok pages! 

Finally, he’s more than happy to chat with his fans and handle business inquiries through email

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