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We always have a great time playing at Funrize. It’s a social casino that gives us plenty of opportunities to participate in tournaments and have a great time without spending any money. They make their promotional offers very clear and a lot of them are very easy to redeem. It’s one of the more unique social casinos to play slots at. Create your Funrize account and join a slots tournament!

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Slots Available Good
Support Good
Payments Good
Bonuses Good
Ease of Use Good
Mobile Experience Good

What we like:

  • Free slot tournaments available.
  • 24/7 live chat support.
  • Prize redemption completes in 48 hours.

What we don’t like:

  • Not available in Idaho, Washington, and Wisconsin.
  • Not as many slot games as other sites.

Latest Funrize Bonuses

Bonus CodeNone – sign up here
Free Gold Coins (Signup)85,000
Free Promotional Entries0
Daily BonusSpin of the wheel for up to 250,000 coins
GC Purchase50,000 coins for $4.99
Other PromosRefer friends for up to 90,000 coins and 2,500 tournament entries.
Win a share of 3 million coins every two hours by competing in races.

Our Experience @ Funrize

We always have an amazing time playing at Funrize. It’s a social play site that gave us plenty of opportunities to participate in tournaments and have a great time without spending any money. They make their promotional offers very clear and a lot of them are very easy to take advantage of. That’s part of what makes it hard to resist playing there. Just for signing up and verifying an email address, we found ourselves with 85,000 coins and were ready to play relatively quickly. Once we decided to get into playing for cash prizes, we learned that the deals available for more coins are highly beneficial and heavily discounted. Funrize’s associate casino site that is on our short list as one that showed us a good time and made the gameplay a breeze.

Sign Up Process

Some social casinos will make it easy to initially sign up and then ask for more details on a subsequent screen. Funrize allowed us to start with our first and last name, email address, and password. We were also given the option to sign up using your Facebook or Google account. 

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Password

Once we signed up, we were ready to play with 75,000 coins. Then, as soon as we confirmed our email address, we were sitting on an extra 10,000 coins just like that. We decided to follow through with liking the Facebook page and following Funrize on their Twitter account just to take a look at some promotions and sweepstakes that might pop up once in a while.

Other than that, we just had to confirm that we were at least 18 years of age and accept the privacy policy, and we were on our way.


The lobby at Funrize makes it really easy to see everything that’s going on with the platform. We noticed that there are five games in each row of games and there are 13 rows total. The very last row features only three games, so that makes a total of 68 games available at Funrize.

The above image shows that you have a navigation bar on the left that displays promotions, races, account information, an explanation of how everything works, an option to invite friends, an option to contact support, and access to the Funrize Wheel, which we used every day to get some free coins.

When we played a game called Fortune Skulls for the first time, it immediately showed up under a new menu at the top left of the screen as Recently Played. That makes it really easy to go back and play games we like. There is also an option to click a little heart in the corner of each thumbnail to mark a game as a favorite.

The best part of the ease of use of gameplay at Funrize is the fact that a little preview window pops up whenever we play a new game before we actually start loading it. Here’s that window:

This window is more convenient than what most social casinos will offer. It displays the maximum amount of coins that can be won, the playing limits, information on the prize multipliers, bonus features, and the overall volatility of the game selected. That made it really easy for us to choose a customized gaming experience.

For that reason, playing at Funrize is strongly recommended.

It should also be noted the gameplay of the slots is really smooth, particularly when using the auto spin function. It’s also nice that we get a countdown to a treasure hunt to the right of every game. It’s possible to participate in the hunt every time the clock strikes zero.

The only thing we didn’t like is that the word Spin isn’t anywhere on the gaming interface, which means it takes a bit of time to figure out which spin button is auto and which is manual, but that’s a small concern.

fortune skulls slot game play

Funrize uses a software provider called NetGame, which is known for creating simple interfaces, and we can attest that they are indeed easy to use with the exception of the fact that we would’ve liked it if slots were properly labeled with words as far as the available actions.

Buying GC & Free SC

When it comes to enjoying social casinos, Gold Coins allow us to play for free, and Sweeps Coins allow us to redeem points for prizes. Funrize doesn’t use those terms. Instead, the site let us purchase what it calls coins ( which is the currency a user gets without having to make any purchases off the start) and free entries ( identified by a logo featuring a stack of cash that are actually redeemable for prizes.)

Nevertheless, when it comes to buying coins, one thing we liked is that Funrize highlights the best deal available right off the bat. That’s featured in the first bullet point below. The remaining bullet points display all of the options we had for making a purchase:

  • 700,000 coins for $19.99 (including 3,000 free entries redeemable for prizes)
  • 50,000 coins for $4.99 (including 500 free entries redeemable for prizes)
  • 360,000 coins for $11.99 (including 1,680 free entries redeemable for prizes)
  • 500,000 coins $49.99 (including 5000 free entries redeemable for prizes)
  • 1 million coins for $99.99 (including 10,000 free entries redeemable for prizes)
  • 2 million coins for $199.99 (including 20,000 free entries redeemable for prizes)

The largest most all-encompassing package features 2 million coins for $199.99 and includes 20,000 free entries redeemable for prizes. That’s a pretty good deal considering we could spin a wheel for as little as 10 coins, and there are daily opportunities to get more coins for free through Funrize’s Spin The Wheel promotion and its Treasure Hunt countdown. 

Once it was time to go down the rabbit hole and actually spend money, we noticed that Funrize only provides four main options (none of which include online wallets like Paypal, Skrill or Neteller):

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover card
  • Trustly

Trustly enables users to access more than 3,000 banks. It’s a third-party service so to take advantage of it, users must sign up with their personal information directly through Trustly.

Going a step further through the process, Funrize is obligated to ask for more personal information, including:

  • Date of birth
  • Home address
  • Telephone number
  • Full name
  • Personal identification

The good news is, once we provided this, we were rewarded with another 15,000 coins for playing slots.

Slots Available

There are approximately 60 slot games available at Funrize. The remaining 8 to 10 games are different casino-style games that wouldn’t qualify as slots. Since we already tried Fortune Skulls when testing the ease of use of the website overall, let’s talk about another fun game, Fu Yin Yang.

Fu Yin Yang features a cute little baby holding a fish in the left corner of the screen, which made us laugh. It features a Koi Pond-style theme at the very bottom of the slot machine and serene mandolin music to go with it. It genuinely made us feel like we were exploring Asia.

Across the top of any slot game, it’s easy to see the grand, major, minor, and mini prizes for getting several lines in a row or lining up bonuses on a spin. That’s a very common thing we see in social casinos, and Funrize is no exception here.
To find out what kind of jackpots Funrize offers, we had to scroll down past the free games to find this counter:

The fine print to the top left points out that 99% of the time, someone hits a daily Jackpot. That was incentive enough for us to get excited and check into Funrize more than once.

It’s noted in the screenshot that the silver Jackpot winds approximately 426 times per month. That’s well over 10 times a day, which is awesome.

Other Casino-Style Games Available

Whereas some social casinos offer card games like poker and other non-slot games like Keno, Funrize sticks to fishing games as its alternative to slot machines. We have previously reviewed websites that only offer a single fish game or maybe two. Funrize offers two: Thunder Fishing and Fishing Kingdom.

We particularly liked Thunder Fishing.

It features a godlike figure swimming around, and it looks like he’s standing inside of a tornado. It’s a nice way to turn a man into a merman without giving them fish friends in our opinion. The animations of the fish are pretty eye-popping, and the bottom of the screen lets the player use different controls like a laser or a boost function to try to shoot more fish, score more points, and ultimately earn more coins.

We found it easy to play and a lot of fun. We legitimately lost track of time while testing it out. That’s a good sign.

The Casino App

Most social casinos that we reviewed in the past don’t have a mobile app. Funrize features mobile apps on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Here’s what Funrize looks like on the Android app:

It’s easy to see that they use a widescreen approach to the actual gameplay. Since we know not everybody has an Android device, we went ahead and looked at the mobile responsive version of the website on an iPhone, and we noticed that the gaming lobby shows two games in one row.

We reviewed other social casinos that jam up to six or seven games in one row, but having just two makes the thumbnails bigger and more attractive to the eye.

The website is easy to use on a phone the only downside is that having just two games in one row means you constantly have to scroll down to see more and more games.

Still, it should be known that the mobile app for Android has a 4.1 rating out of five stars and 970 reviews which is a lot. That speaks pretty well to the experience we had at Funrize. The app still offers the same simple yet engaging design that comes from a software provider like NetGame.

Mobile vs Desktop Experience

Most social casinos that do offer a mobile app understand that passionate players have to be able to play their favorite games and a widescreen format. Funrize does this really well as we displayed in the image above.

The music also has to be on point, but part of hearing that well is having a good phone. Nevertheless, the sound and music selection at Funrize pops as we mentioned when reviewing the Fu Yin Yang game.

we find that with most social casinos playing for extended periods of time is better done on a desktop platform. With Funrize, we have to follow that logic as well. It’s just a lot easier to sit back and an office chair and click the mouse to us than it is to sit on a phone. Nevertheless, playing slots on a phone when looking to pass the time is a great hobby, and given that there are so many opportunities at Funrize to win free coins without spending any money, playing passively is definitely a welcome idea that we thoroughly enjoyed using the mobile responsive website.


Funrize customer support is top-notch. How do we know this? They are one of the few social casinos that offer a live chat window in the bottom right corner of any screen. Not only that, when we quarried them and said hello just to test how fast they would answer, a customer service representative replied in less than 30 seconds.

That was with two people listed in the queue. If not for that, we probably would’ve received an answer instantly. That’s impressive! It shows that Funrize is really committed to growing its brand. Ultimately people sign up to use social casinos to have a good time, but they are not all created equally.

Many other sites have sent us to a knowledge base or Frequently Asked Questions page on their website with no human interaction. Funrize didn’t do that.

The live chat window appears on the bottom right of any page. In the left-hand menu, there is a support link we were able to click, but it just let us back to the live chat window.

On the one hand, that’s a bit redundant, but on the other, it’s another way to get to the same place.

Redeeming Sweeps Coins

We wanted to participate in tournaments that could allow us to redeem entries in exchange for prizes and as noted, that’s where purchases come in.

Once we completed our purchase, exchanging the free entries for real prizes was a simple as clicking the “exchange” button on any screen, and we were able to make our redemption that way. To withdraw currency, we noticed it was possible to withdraw using the same deposit method we chose.

This makes the withdrawal process very easy. On top of that, Funrize guarantees a 48-hour withdrawal process, which is much faster than most social casinos. 

Final Thoughts

We love NetGame’s approach to designing slot games, so we, therefore, have to say we love playing at Funrize. The only downside is they don’t have nearly as many games to offer as other social casinos, but we found a few that we liked, and we wanted to play them over and over again. That’s what matters most.

At the end of the day, people tend to stick to their favorites and most of us don’t go out on a limb to try 300 different games anyway.

The glaring positives of Funrize certainly outweigh any negatives. The customer support the site offers to live chat is insanely fast, and the website is easy to navigate. The Android app is user-friendly, and there seemed to be a plethora of ways to earn free coins.

Funrize makes it totally easy to get lost in the moment and enjoy playing without spending any money.

Once it’s time to get into redeeming coins for prizes, while we do wish there was more written information about the redemption process, we did find it easy to complete once we figured it out, and the packages the site offers for sale are reasonably priced.

It’s clear to us that Funrize is poised to become one of the best social casinos out there, and pursuing that idea works to our benefit as players. We love it, and strongly recommend giving Funrize a shot.